Information Assurance SSO Navy, Background Investigation Backlog with Security Clearance

Washington, DC
Feb 22, 2021
Feb 24, 2021
Full Time
Information Assurance SSO Navy, Background Investigation Backlog (BIB) Minimum Qualifications Summary Required Experience * 5 Years Minimum Experience. Preferred Experience * Contract Program Management Professional certification courses will be at Government cost; however, travel costs (ex: Per Diem, lodging, mileage) will not be at Government cost. Administrative skills in database management and data tool development, as well as policy development, systems engineering and analysis, clearance process and project management is desired. Organization Supported: The Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Information Warfare (DCNO N2N6I SI) requires management support services to facilitate Warfighting, Manpower and Business transformation initiatives. The services are for strategic, operational & tactical level support regarding current and future Requirements Generation/Capability Development: Programmatic, Budgeting, Cost-Control: Strategic Governance and, Policy initiatives. Lukos is recruiting for personnel to support the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (DCNO) N2N6I organization with subject matter expertise to The Insider Threat Program (InTP) and the Navy's Insider Threat (InT) mission to prevent, detect, deter and mitigate the risk to Navy personnel and damage to Navy resources, information, and systems from potential malicious witting or unwitting insiders. Job Objective The purpose of this requirement is to study, analyze, advise, research and develop deliverables to advance the detection, deterrence and mitigation of insider threat activity in the Department of the Navy (DoN), while safeguarding National Security, service information and data on both Navy and civilian contractor's information systems through the application of knowledge and resources in achieving the Navy's mission requirements defined herein. The focus of the services required under this task order is divided into two types: Executive Level including short-term projects, special studies, strategic analyses support, and high-level briefings; and Basic Level including analytical, technical, financial management support, programmatic support, data collection, policy review, process research and adhoc task as applicable Responsibilities Information Assurance/ SSO Navy, Background Investigation Backlog (BIB) - * Apply developed critical thinking expertise in and knowledge of communications capabilities and channels to design and implement strategies that advance the goals and objectives of a broad range of BIB initiatives. * Produce BIB briefings and analysis reports to provide an evaluation of current or planned capabilities or policies and impacts to the Navy program. * Implement Continuous Evaluation (CE) activities for all naval personnel in support of Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), DOD, Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV), and Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) activities. * Develop effective strategic communications, education plans, and associated products designed for Navy workforce awareness of BIB and how the Navy is working to reduce the backlog. * Develop and update BIB Implementation Plans, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and various strategy documents, metrics, instructions, directives, policy documents, program briefings, white papers, information papers, reports, and staffing packages. * Attend and participate in Government and contractor meetings, providing subject matter expertise in support of BIB related briefings, program working group meetings, seminars, symposiums, technical exchanges, and workshops. * Provide administrative support for the coordination, facilitation, and execution of BIB related meetings and conferences. * Provide support to develop, implement, and assess compliance of Navy's background investigation program. * Provide administrative, information technology, and database support to implement the Navy's background investigation program. * Develop enterprise architecture alignment reports to highlight challenges or concerns with current or planned initiatives and recommend associated mitigation solutions. * Document recommendations and develop analytic and mission support products. * Develop various briefs, presentations, data drills, processes, metrics, and technical data based on technical knowledge or subject matter expertise. * Meet with the customer on a weekly basis to highlight planned and ongoing tasks, as well as any concerns that may negatively impact Navy programs. * Meet with the customer on a monthly basis to hold discussions to ensure mission assurance and review personnel assigned to the program, status of potential impacts (ie, upcoming leave, training, or departures), replacement personnel and overlap, and deliverable status. Minimum Job Requirements/Technical Requirements Required Experience: 5 Years Minimum Experience. Preferred Experience: Contract Program Management Professional certifications. Administrative skills in database management and data tool development, as well as policy development, systems engineering and analysis, clearance process and project management is desired. Security Clearance The highest level of security required for this requirement is TOP SECRET/SCI and SI/TK/G/HCS//as necessary to work within a SCIF. Access to Joint World-Wide Intelligence Communication System (JWICS) is required. Work Location The place of performance will primarily be at the Government's facilities in the Washington DC metropolitan (National Capital Region/NCR) area to include Northern Virginia (Pentagon) and Southern Maryland (Office of Naval Intelligence/ONI). About Lukos Lukos delivers professional services to the Department of Defense. Lukos has been one of the most successful and most diversified support companies for US Special Operations Command and its components for over a decade. Since our founding, we have grown to support all military services and multiple federal civilian agencies. About Our Name: Lukos is ancient Greek for "wolf". The characteristics of the wolf match our approach to national security. The wolf is known for cunning, aggression, patience, and teamwork. An individual wolf is smart, strong, and resilient, but the true strength of wolves is their ability to work together as a wolfpack. Kipling said it best in The Law of the Jungle. "For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack." Lukos is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or national origin.

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