Mgr Comm Ctr & Welcome Desk

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Feb 04, 2021
Mar 11, 2021
Full Time
The Manager of the Communications Center and the Welcome Desks, leads the operation, supervision, management, and assessment of a 24/7 high volume call center and the Welcome Desks, which serve as first point of contact for the Children's National Health System. Manager Responsibilities: • Supervises, coaches, engages, leads, and inspires a team of 12 to 15 Communications Operators. • Ensures the highest level of customer service within the communications department, which appropriately reflects a premier healthcare system with 30 locations and 6,500 employees. Responds to customer service issues and complaints Escalates issues when appropriate. • Leads safe and efficient operations. • Continuously develops and updates department policies, procedures, and training material. Provides continuous training for staff. • Continuously reviews/analyzes call volume data and trending to ensure adequate staffing. • Develops staff work schedules and manages payroll. • Holds staff accountable. Performs real-time monitoring of agent/queue performance, and takes corrective action when appropriate. Maintains performance, time, and attendance records. • Continuously assess areas for improvement in the department, and escalates issues to manager. • Attends and represents the communications department in weekly and monthly management meetings. Builds relationships with stakeholders. • May function as a communications operator when needed • Manages call-outs and makes appropriate staffing adjustments. Financial Management/Budget & productivity monitoring.


Minimum Education
Bachelor's Degree

Minimum Work Experience
5 years
2 years

Specific Requirements and Preferences
Related experience in customer service environment and team building (Required)
Supervisory experience (Required)
High volume call center and Lean Management experience (Preferred)

Required Skills/Knowledge
Must be flexible with a can-do attitude and have the ability to remain professional under high-pressure situations.
Demonstrated ability to coordinate, coach, and develop the efforts of others.
Ability to analyze and understand call volume and visit data.
Ability to read and comprehend detailed instructions.
Excellent customer service skills, accompanied by high energy, action oriented, professional, enthusiastic, and positive behavior.
Excellent verbal and written communication.
Candidate must be detail oriented, organized individual with demonstrated ability to prioritize, multi-task, troubleshoot and resolves problems.
Expert computer skills, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
Typing speed of 50 words per minute.

Functional Accountabilities

Supervision & Training
1. Lead safe and efficient operations.
2. Ensure the highest level of customer service within the departments.
3. Effectively supervise, coach, engage, lead, and inspire a team of 12 to 15 Communications Operators and 10-12 Welcome Desk Staff.
4. Coordinate daily activities of staff with regard to workload requirements and staff level; set goals and targets.
5. Hold staff accountable; perform real-time monitoring of agent/queue performance, and take corrective action when appropriate.
6. Monitor staff performance and progress and assess strengths and weaknesses.
7. Motivate and encourage operators through positive communication and coaching.
8. Determine training needs based on performance measurement and assessment.
9. Provide continuous training to staff.

Customer Service
1. Rapidly respond to customer service issues, complaints, etc.
2. Effectively manage conflict and assist others to understand their behavior and their effect on the work environment.
3. Demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication.
4. Monitor departments alarm systems; rapidly notify appropriate personnel in the case of an emergency; maintain and record all actions taken.
5. Accountable for establishing collaborative relationships with members of the healthcare team.
6. Efficiently operate and maintain the Xtend Computerized Phone Systems and other applications consistent with an advancing Communications Center.
7. Efficiently operation a security and bading system at the Welcome Desk and other applications that advance the Welcome Desk Operations.

Analysis & Quality Control
1. Monitor and analyze call center and welcome desk statistics to ensure that service level and call response time objectives are met.
2. Perform quality control of incoming calls; monitor live calls and provide timely feedback.
3. Perform real-time monitoring of agent/queue performance, and take corrective action when appropriate.
4. Perform root cause analysis for customer service issues and complaints; escalate issues to Director when necessary.
5. Continuously assess effectiveness of technology infrastructure; escalate issues to Director when necessary .
6. Continuously assess areas for improvement in the department; escalate issues to Director.
7. Utilize and implement lean principles.
8. Participate in the implementation and evaluation of performance standards and protocols to achieve departmental goals.
9. Maintain and adhere to a set of standards in the department.

1. Continuously develop, update, and maintain department policies, procedures, and training material.
2. Develop equitable and efficient staff work schedules.
3. Manage call-outs and make appropriate staffing adjustments.
4. Manage Kronos/Payroll.
5. Maintain performance, time, and attendance records for all operators; follow all relevant hospital policies and procedures.
6. Maintain personnel files.
7. Develop new training material and techniques when necessary .
8. Maintain/update administrator on-call schedules.
9. Hire new staff by following workforce management procedures and conducting interviews.
1. Maintain/update communications directory .

Budget & Financial Management
1. Continuously monitor the financial performance of 1 1 strategic operations departments.
2. Report, escalate, and resolve variances.
3. Explore areas for improvement and provide recommendations.

Staff Management
1. Analyze multiple variables to assure staffing is sufficient to adequately serve the volume of calls and the complexity of needs.
2. Contribute to retention and recruitment efforts by effectively role modeling and participate in recruitment and retention processes.
3. Utilize a planned orientation program guided by measurable competencies to verify the new employee is capable of safe, independent performance.
4. Develop and direct assigned staff to meet departmental objectives.
5. Employ varied performance measures to analyze and enhance staff/organization effectiveness.
6. Participate in the hiring of staff by conducting interviews and making recommendations for hire.
7. Effectively manage ~30 staff members.

Organizational Accountabilities
Organizational Accountabilities (Leader)
Deliver 1. Set and clearly communicate team goals and priorities in alignment with departmental goals and budgets
2. Develop the budget and assign resources to meet the team goals
3. Provide the resources and guidance required for employees to perform effectively
4. Develop procedures to ensure high safety and quality, and course-correct as needed
5. Identify customers' needs and ensure service excellence in meeting those needs
Engage 1. Be the link between the department and the team in defining the strategies to meet team goals
2. Provide prompt and clear feedback to staff and support their performance
3. Ensure team adherence to organizational regulations
4. Manage the working environment to promote productivity and motivation
5. Represent the team in clearing obstacles to high performance
6. Hire staff and develop their capabilities
7. Monitor and promote strong employee engagement

Grow 1. Encourage and share new ways of making the right work easier to do
2. Recognize and share incremental improvements in operations
3. Promote the success of organizational and department initiatives by clearly aligning programs to the mission

Childrens National Hospital is an equal opportunity employer that evaluates qualified applicants without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, identity, or other characteristics protected by law.

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