Montessori Head of School

Washington, DC
Jan 21, 2021
Jan 26, 2021
Accountant, IT
Full Time
Located in Washington, DC, FMS was founded as a for-profit Limited Liability Company in 2002 by a group of Montessori educators looking to expand the limited options for Montessori education in the District of Columbia. Part of the Metro Montessori family of schools, FMS is accredited by the American Montessori Society and Serves approximately 190 children, ages 3 months - 6 years across nine classrooms. The school is supported by more than 40 dedicated staff members. An operating budget of over $2 million provides for the successful operation of a comprehensive, early childhood Montessori education following the standards set forth by the American Montessori Society (AMS). The culture at FMS is built around the collaborative partnership between and among administration, teachers, and parents in support of the development and well-being of the child. A deep belief in the school's mission and the value of Montessori education is manifested in the enthusiasm of staff and families. The pride and commitment found in the greater FMS community are illustrated by the many generations of children that have attended the school.Nestled in the heart of a vibrant urban neighborhood, yet backing onto a national park, the FMS campus is comprised of a 19,000 sf, three story commercial building that accommodate the school's Infant/Toddler and Preschool Programs. The school's location allows for a robust outdoor program as well as the ability to access the cultural offerings of the nation's capital. FMS leases the property on a long-term basis. The school's Montessori program is enhanced by the "Beyond the Walls" outdoor program, a world class art program with two dedicated art teachers, a kindergarten enrichment program as well as unique extracurricular offerings. The Infant/Toddler and Early Childhood programs are offered year-round or for 10 months. Extended care programs are also offered.FMS's Mission FMS is a partnership of its teaching staff, parents, and administration:Providing the highest quality Montessori education for all children enrolled;Supporting the development of a professional, skilled, and nurturing staff;Encouraging the involvement and participation of its families.About Metro MontessoriMetro Montessori is a family of six Montessori schools, five Accredited AMS schools and one Recognized AMI school, in the Washington, DC region. Metro Montessori is dedicated to making quality Montessori education accessible to more children around the world. Metro actively creates beautiful schools, trains future Montessori teachers, advocates for policies that support Montessori education, and advises others who share our goals.Metro Montessori supplies human resources, budgeting, accounting, bookkeeping professional development and strategic support to each of its member schools. The leadership team at Metro Montessori acts as a Board to hire and support the Head of School. The Heads of all Metro Montessori schools meet monthly to collaborate on common issues and offer professional support to each other. Head of School ProfileMontessori Leader * Tactical & Strategic Thinker * Community Builder * CommunicatorThe next Head of School (HOS) at FMS will be joining an established, successful school with a stable organizational environment and strong culture of collaboration and participation. They must be skilled at building trust andrelationships in order to cultivate a strong and respected voice in decision making processes. This individual must be committed to first observing and gaining credibility in order to effectively apply their experience, expertise, and people skills to guide needed improvements and create a vision for the school's future. Commitment to continuous improvement is key. The next HOS will have the opportunity to build on the historical accomplishments of the school, the dedication of the veteran faculty, and the passionate engagement of long-time families. Skillful talent development and the ability to delegate wisely will serve the new HOS well.The ideal candidate is an experienced Montessorian who is also well-versed in the educational and organizational aspects of running a school. The ability to balance the implementation of a high-quality Montessori education with good management and parent relations is essential. Fundraising does not play a large part in the school's ability to achieve strategic and tactical goals. The new HOS will be not be asked to spend time fundraising. FMS's new HOS will have autonomy to implement the Montessori curriculum and will be responsible for day-to-day running of the program. They must be able to be a collaborative leader who can work seamlessly with the Metro Montessori team and interact cooperatively with the other Metro Heads of School. Tactically, they will need to observe current structures and systems in order to design solutions to improve and bolster operational efficiency and sustainability. Fresh perspectives and motivating improvements will be appreciated. Most importantly, the new HOS must continue the legacy of deep love of children and demonstrate passion and leadership for early childhood and Montessori education.Personality traits that will serve the new HOS well include approachable, warm, compassionate, tenacious, open-minded, flexible, energetic, inspiring, organized, collaborative and fair.The profile below indicates traits, skills, roles, and responsibilities that would align with success for the next HOS at FMS. A Montessori Leader, dedicated to Demonstrating passion, leadership and expertise in early childhood and Montessori educationWorking collaboratively, as a colleague, partner and mentor to Montessori teachers and staff across all programsDeveloping the talent, knowledge, and abilities of everyone in the community, through a commitment to high-quality professional development, parent education, and recruitment and retention of excellent employeesModeling Montessori philosophy and values through words, actions, and behaviorEnsuring that FMS maintains its reputation for high quality early childhood Montessori education in the greater Lafayette communityTactical and Strategic Thinker, skilled at Developing, in partnership with the Metro Montessori team, strategic planning with a focus on enrollment management and administrative functionsGuiding stakeholders towards the goal of an ideal Montessori education, aligning various perspectives, and leading to consensus, all while understanding the financial implications of decisionsManaging personnel, hiring, evaluations, and staffing in order to attract and retain excellent faculty and staffPossessing the business acumen to understand, lead, execute and hold accountable an operational budget to support school operation and management Community Builder, gifted at Creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where children and adults feel encouraged and welcomed to engage, participate, contribute, and express their voicesBuilding rapport, managing stakeholders' relationships and expectations, and staying true to the mission and vision of FMSBeing a "people person" - parents and employees expect an open-door policy, a welcoming smile and great listening skills from the new HOSRespecting, representing and embracing all stakeholders, while fostering a culture of diversity and inclusivityEngaging, encouraging, supporting, and educating parents as partners so they feel integrated into the school community and can better support their children at homeA Compassionate Communicator, skilled atNegotiating difficult discussions in a compassionate wayMessaging with calmness and transparency to inspire a sense of security in the school's present and futureEnsuring relevant communications happen in a timely and effective manner, both internally with the staff and externally with parents and the broader school communityClearly articulating the mission and vision of FMS, differentiating it from local area Montessori programs, as well as the highly regarded public school systemInteracting with a high degree of emotional intelligence, diplomacy and tact, while respecting and strengthening relationships among administration, staff, teachers, and parentsOpportunityThe next HOS of FMS will be leading a school that is deeply rooted in Montessori and early childhood education and firmly grounded by its long history, success, well-established culture and parent engagement. This is an amazing opportunity for a compassionate, tenacious school leader who can honor the school's legacy while re-envisioning its mission and goals for the future. FMS's excellent reputation in the community and strong demand from the surrounding area for high-quality Montessori and early childhood education offer the prospect for exciting possibilities for a new HOS.The extremely dedicated administration and faculty are looking for a leader to join them, meet them where they are, support them, and inspire them. There is an amazing opportunity to take the school to the next phase of its development. The engaged parent community is excited to embrace and support the new HOS. The HOS is responsible for the execution of the mission, vision and strategic goals of FMS to produce the highest level of education consistent with the educational standards set forth by the AMS. The new HOS must possess both Montessori and early childhood expertise as well as the acumen to understand, lead, and execute many aspects of the school operation and management. The HOS is under the supervision of the Metro Montessori leadership team, which is responsible for the HOS's hiring and annual evaluation. The HOS works closely with the team, which has oversight responsibility for the school. The HOS has day to day autonomy to implement the program and Metro offers significant support where needed.

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