Director - Patient & Family Experience

Washington, District of Columbia-Washington
Dec 11, 2020
Jan 15, 2021
Executive, Director
Full Time
Children's National Hospital is committed to providing the best in care and services for its patients. Through the Patient and Family Experience Department, Children's will continue its mission in Care, Advocacy, Research and Education to meet the unique needs of children, adolescents and their families. The Director of Patient and Family Experience will plan, implement, direct and evaluate new programs to enhance patient and staff satisfaction and experience in accordance with accepted national standards and administrative policies. This leader will serve as a change agent to promote a culture of innovation and service excellence in collaboration with leaders from Nursing, Medical Practice, Safety, Quality, Human Resources and Strategic Planning. The patient experience leader will utilize data and analytics to advance patient and family experience improvement across the continuum of care and throughout the healthcare system. Advancing patient and family experience will include a focus on the use of digital platforms for engagement. The leader will advance and support an enterprise approach to service recovery, and resolution of patient and family issues regarding their experience. The use of social media and its impact on performance will be embedded in patient experience and a partnership with Human Resources for supporting staff engagement will be expected.


Minimum Education
Master's Degree in a related field preferred (Required)

Minimum Work Experience
7 years - at least 7 years of management and supervisory experience required. (Required)

5 years of patient experience work is preferred. (Preferred)

Required Skills/Knowledge
At least 7 years of management and supervisory experience required with at least 5 years of patient experience preferred. PXP Certification is desirable.

Functional Accountabilities

Core Responsibilities
1. Create the vision and mission of Patient and Family Experience at Children's.
2. Develop a communication plan to foster and build involvement throughout the organization.
3. Develop patient satisfaction best practice guidelines, including the patient complaint process and the use of current and innovative digital platform practices.
4. Design Service Excellence training programs for medical and non-medical staff.
5. Oversee the implementation and evaluation of training.
6. Provide consultation and guidance to staff on patient and family experience processes.
7. Oversee to track and identify areas requiring service enhancements through evidence based research and analysis.
8. Work closely with senior leaders, executives, management, physicians and Children's staff to implement training and dissemination of information.
9. Design and implement hospital wide strategic initiatives related to service excellence.
10. Contribute to the development of annual and long-term strategies and tactics that increase employee engagement and satisfaction.
11. Design annual patient experience dashboard and key communication documents for senior management.
12. Direct supervision of staff members.

1. Communicate with exemplary skill, including clear evidence of an understanding of data and outcomes, in order to promote interdepartmental collaboration, planning and achievement of patient and family experience goals
2. Facilitate complex problem solving throughout the organization by collaborating with other departments through development of staff to initiate problem solving behavior.

Strategic Planning
1. Contribute to the mission and vision of CNMC and the department/service goals through creative thinking and planning.
2. Coordinate service excellence outreach efforts and marketing efforts of the Division.
3. Identify trends and areas for systems improvement through critical analysis, expert planning and collaborative interdepartmental initiatives.

Human Resources
1. Supervise teams assigned to the initiative/department.
2. Assure new employees are oriented to their job responsibilities in accordance with established orientation protocol.
3. Responsible to ensure personnel hours are utilized effectively and in accordance with established budgetary guidelines.
4. Ensure service excellence initiative is carried out in accordance with established policy and procedure.
5. Identify opportunities for managers, supervisors, and/or educators within the department/service to enhance manager/staff development.
6. Identify opportunities to develop departmental/unit staff to enhance professional/technical development for increased job satisfaction.
7. Schedule staff meetings, in-service and other education programs to maintain staff competency in safety and clinical procedures as applicable to emergency transport programs.
8. Ensure staff evaluations are completed on time.

Fiscal Planning
1. Work with management to prepare department/service budget in keeping with CNH mission and vision and implements based on department/service goals and objectives.
2. Evaluate financial performance reports, develop financial plans accordingly with the department/service managers and supervisors; assist managers/supervisors in execution of the financial plan.
3. Monitor changes and trends in health care delivery services and analyze impact on the department/service financial outcomes; respond to trends in a fiscally responsible manner.

Organizational Accountabilities
Organizational Accountabilities (Leader)
1. Set and clearly communicate team goals and priorities in alignment with departmental goals and budgets
2. Develop the budget and assign resources to meet the team goals
3. Provide the resources and guidance required for employees to perform effectively
4. Develop procedures to ensure high safety and quality, and course-correct as needed
5. Identify customers' needs and ensure service excellence in meeting those needs


1. Be the link between the department and the team in defining the strategies to meet team goals
2. Provide prompt and clear feedback to staff and support their performance
3. Ensure team adherence to organizational regulations
4. Manage the working environment to promote productivity and motivation
5. Represent the team in clearing obstacles to high performance
6. Hire staff and develop their capabilities
7. Monitor and promote strong employee engagement


1. Encourage and share new ways of making the right work easier to do
2. Recognize and share incremental improvements in operations
3. Promote the success of organizational and department initiatives by clearly aligning programs to the mission

Childrens National Hospital is an equal opportunity employer that evaluates qualified applicants without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, identity, or other characteristics protected by law.

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