Medical Contracting Officer's Representative/Alternate Representative

US Dept of State - NEA-SCA/EX
Washington, DC
Nov 27, 2020
Dec 01, 2020
Full Time
Personal Services Contractor Statement of Work Medical Contracting Officer's Representative/Alternate Representative FS-03 - 02 Equivalent Introduction and General Purpose of the Contract This temporary position is established to perform a specific project supporting executive departments and agencies in facilitating the strategic partnership between the US Government and the Republic of Iraq, in further securing and stabilizing the country, and continuing an effective diplomatic presence in Iraq. The incumbent of the position will be under the Chief of Mission (COM) authority. This Personal Services Contractor (PSC) position is located in the Management section of the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center (BDSC), Iraq, reporting to the Director of the Contract Management Office (CMO) in the CMO section at Embassy Baghdad. This position serves as the Contracting Officer's Representative/Alternate (COR) for the Medical Services Support Iraq (MSSI) contract, and any successor medical contracts. The MSSI COR oversees the Medical Support program and support contracts essential to the current and future personnel and operations in Iraq. These contracts are worth 300 million dollars over five years and are administered by the Department of State. The MSSI contract is expected to close during calendar year 2021, to be replaced by the MSSI-2 contract, currently undergoing solicitation and award. The contract will be similarly valued. There are currently four MSSI contract locations in Iraq and they provide a full range of medical services including but not limited to: preventive food and sanitation inspections; dental; general practice; emergency care; medical laundry services; and oxygen generation services. Property management of Government Furnished Property (GFE) is also required. This position's responsibility includes monitoring the contractor operations of the Diplomatic Support Hospital (DiSH), which is adjacent to, and works closely with, the Combat Support Hospital (CaSH). This position also oversees and monitors contractors working in health clinics at the US embassy compound and the Department of Defense (DOD) Union III compound in Baghdad, and a health clinic in the US Consulate in Erbil, Iraq. The health clinic at the US Consulate in Basrah, Iraq is currently closed. The incumbent supervises up to four Government Technical Monitors on the MSSI contract. The incumbent is responsible for management and oversight of the MSSI contract for provision of medical care for current and future diplomatic locations in Iraq. The incumbent is assigned to the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center in Baghdad, Iraq and reports to the Contract Management Office Director. The incumbent will perform quality assurance at designated locations; provide technical guidance to the contractor regarding the execution and administration of task orders to ensure on-time delivery of services; and evaluate contractor performance in accordance with established performance measures. The incumbent will conduct oversight of the MSSI contract so as to ensure contract deliverables are met and documented. Contract oversight responsibilities include but are not limited to the conducting of audits and other contract oversight actions associated with all contracted operations and property administration and conducting quality assurance checks and documenting audit results as required. As needed, the incumbent develops standard performance measures that provide a quantifiable basis for monitoring and evaluating contractor performance and for ensuring contractor accountability for the delivery of services according to the contract. The operating environment in Iraq remains a uniquely difficult challenge in terms of managing the embassy. The Government of Iraq (GOI) may change laws, regulations, policies and procedures with little or no advance warning, negatively affecting Embassy operations. Unlike almost any other mission in the world, Mission Iraq continues to provide full life support to a population of up to 5,000 persons involving contracts in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Principal Duties and Responsibilities The incumbent performs duties and responsibilities that include, but are not necessarily limited to the following: Performs quality assurance at designated MSSI locations. Provide advice and guidance to the MSSI contractor regarding the execution and administration of task orders to ensure on-time delivery of medical care and related services. Evaluates contractor performance in accordance with established performance measures. Provides the leadership and management oversight for all MSSI Task Orders, ensuring all contractual requirements are met; Oversees the MSSI contract and all technical and administrative work conducted within the MSSI. Evaluates and monitors the contractor's technical progress and performance for delivery of: medical logistics and medical equipment; medical facilities management and clinical operations; blood supply management; medical evacuation coordination and programs; emergency medical response and services; hazardous medical waste disposal; public health services and preventive medicine programs and other related medical services and support at designated Mission locations in Iraq; Provides guidance and direction to the MSSI Program Management Office (PMO) as they monitor the execution and administration of the medical contract, ensuring on-time delivery of medical care and related services as well as the evaluation of the contractor's performance in accordance with established performance measures; As needed, develops standard performance measures that provide a quantifiable basis for monitoring and evaluating contractor performance and for ensuring contractor accountability for the delivery of medical care and related services according to requirements; Oversees the transitioning and closure of the MSSI Task Orders in coordination with Mission Iraq's Regional Medical Officer(s) (RMO), State's Bureau of Medical Services (MED), State Office of Acquisitions Management (AQM) and the US Embassy Baghdad's Management Office; Provides expert advice and guidance to Embassy officials on a wide range of highly complex contracting issues related to the transition and post-transition management process for medical services contracts; Conducts quarterly and annual contract reviews as well as the review of ended contacts and initiates the close out procedures and documentation with the contractor. Oversees the initiation of the MSSI-2 contract, or other successor medical contracts, in coordination with all relevant parties; Works closely with Contracting Officers in AQM to ensure that the medical services essential to the US Mission Iraq are acquired in the most efficient and effective manner possible; As required, coordinates activities with the US CENTCOM, US ARCENT, US Army Medical Materiel Command and with US military hospitals in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA; Develops and briefs program strategies and plans, formulates required budgets, and identifies and ensures proper accounting for and leveraging of resources provided by various USG agencies in support of medical care services; Prepares weekly status updates on all assigned program management and contract oversight activities, ensuring that communications are clear and concise, in proper format, fully coordinated, timely, and complete; Responsible for informing the Contracting Officer, in writing, of any performance or schedule failure by the contractor; May prepare performance work statements. Ensures that work statements clearly, accurately, and concisely define deliverables, timelines, and performance requirements; Acts proactively to resolve any problems that may interfere with contract progress or with the completion of assigned projects. Identifies, investigates, and takes corrective actions on a wide range of contract problems. Makes recommendations to the CMO and CO on appropriate corrective action for problems that exceed the incumbent's scope of authority, and implements approved actions; Performs audits of government furnished property (GFP) held under the MSSI contract, including but not limited to verification of receipt, review of maintenance records and compliance with maintenance schedules, and oversight of the disposal process; Prepares a variety of program documentation, including monthly contractor assessment reports to the CO and input to the annual Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS), related to the specific area(s) of assignment, that ensure a regular flow of management information among all concerned parties, including contractors, program offices/officers, and senior management; Reviews any claim documents or requests for deviations from original scopes of work, cost estimates, or schedules; Briefs leadership and other Embassy officials on the status of planned and ongoing programs in the subject area, including emerging issues and developments affecting these programs; May conduct market surveys to locate reliable sources for the products and services needed to meet contract requirements. Surveys both domestic and international markets to determine the availability of products or services to meet specialized requirements, eg, scarce materials and labor resources or advanced design services peculiar to specific projects; May sign packages and requests from contractors on behalf of the US government with appropriate FAC-COR III certification; Helps to ensure the US Government meets its contractual obligations to the contractor, eg, providing US Government-furnished equipment and services and timely US Government review and approval of documents if such reviews are required by the contract; May perform audits of payments, review invoices against contract amounts and reconcile disbursements against obligated amounts for appropriate contract modification; May review and approve the contractor's vouchers or invoices; Ensures files are maintained in accordance with instructions from the CMO office at the US Embassy in Baghdad, as well as the Office of Acquisitions Management (AQM) in Washington, DC, and the Regional Contracts Services Office (RCSO) at Consulate General Frankfurt and established office procedures; Performs regular Trafficking In Persons (TIP) inspections and drafts TIP reports as required by Department of State regulations and per the terms of the contract; Maintains security awareness and properly handles classified and controlled items and information; May serve as COR for other contracts based out of the CMO office at the US Embassy Baghdad; Performs other related duties as assigned. Factor Level Descriptions FACTOR 1: Knowledge Required by the Position Intermediate level knowledge in Federal and Department of State Acquisition Regulations and other Agencies' Acquisition Regulations, procedures and practices to ensure contractor compliance with applicable regulations and policies in executing and administering the MSSI contract. Must possess a FAC-COR III level certification or have sufficient experience to obtain this level of certification after taking the required online training of approximately 60 hours upon entering duty. This normally requires initiating, managing, overseeing, or supervising contractors and/or contracting of multi-year, multi-million dollar operations. Must possess an understanding of quality assurance concepts necessary to perform oversight of high dollar volume task orders. Must have an intermediate level of knowledge in business management principles, concepts, and practices to provide advice and guidance to the CO and Embassy officials when making decisions on key contract management issues. Must be a critical thinker who has the ability to work capably and confidently in a high-threat overseas environment with minimal supervision and under conditions that may involve limited resources, rapidly developing events, and conflicting priorities. Must have the ability to interact effectively with individuals at all levels, including senior management officials, in order to provide accurate and timely information to AQM and CMO. Must have the ability to work effectively and cooperatively in a team environment under considerable stress and tight deadlines in order to meet the demands associated with a high volume, results-driven contracting program. Must have a familiarity with property management principles, methods, and practices to advice on and/or effectively and efficiently manage the acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization and disposition of property assets. Must have the ability to effectively plan, organize, oversee, and exercise responsibility for the operation and outcome of multiple, simultaneous in-country projects while keeping the overall program and bureau goals in perspective. Must have knowledge of the development, writing, limitations, and utilization of statements of work used when soliciting proposals, at a level sufficient to write clear and concise statements of work with limited assistance from subject matter specialists. Must have general knowledge of workplace safety practices and procedures to ensure contractor compliance in and around hospital and medical clinic settings. SPECIFIC SKILLS: Proficiency in use of the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access). Skill in oral and written communication to plan and coordinate activities, reconcile conflict-ing view-points, present and defend recommendations, provide advice and guidance, prepare and present senior level briefings and reports, lead negotiations, and represent the program in a wide variety of forums and articulate USG policy in a wide variety of forums. FACTOR 2: Supervisory Controls The incumbent will be under Chief of Mission authority and reports to the Director of CMO in Baghdad, who provides broad policy guidance and direction as needed. The incumbent operates with a high degree of autonomy in planning, organizing, and coordinating efforts of the contractor. The incumbent's professional judgment is relied upon by senior leadership. FACTOR 3: Guidelines Guidelines consist of overall USG foreign policy mission statements for Iraq, the Foreign Affairs Manual and Handbook, acquisition requirements in the Federal Acquisition Regulations and policies, and DOSAR, Mission directives and Management Section policies, operations management theories and practices, and ongoing assessments of Mission and Management Section operational requirements, Embassy Baghdad Management Section goals, plans and priorities, relevant provisions of existing contracts and program management concepts and practices. The very broad nature of these guidelines requires the incumbent to exercise considerable judgment and discretion in adapting, extending, and modifying available guidance to meet the organization's need for sound and effective strategic and operational management advice and direction under extremely challenging conditions. FACTOR 4: Complexity The work involves providing oversight of the MSSI contract so that vital medical support services are provided in an uninterrupted manner. The work involves technical and administrative management of high dollar volume task orders to acquire highly specialized supplies and services required on an urgent basis that are subject to intense scrutiny from regulatory and oversight entities. The environment is complex, with delivery of critical health care services impacted by a dynamic operating environment, unpredictable logistics challenges, frequently changing Government of Iraq policies that impacts logistics, the lack of relevant scarcity of local suppliers of health care services and supplies. The work involves providing substantive expertise in the planning, development, implementation, and coordination of medical operations in Iraq. Decisions on the most effective approaches for planning and coordinating assigned projects are complicated by the intricacy of contracts to acquire products and services needed to support post-conflict programs; the unique nature of programs and initiatives in Iraq; the fluid nature of the operational environment at post that requires the incumbent to make on-the-spot decisions within their authority, without consulting senior management, involving large amounts of money and having significant strategic and/or geopolitical ramifications; the need to coordinate and work closely with a large number of government and organizations; the need to individually, or in concert with a variety of other stakeholders, resolve critical problems; and the continuing insurgency activities in the region that require frequent adjustments to plans and operations. A high degree of resourcefulness and flexibility is needed to develop and implement new methods and approaches to meet constantly changing operational requirements. FACTOR 5: Scope and Effect The purpose of the work is to act as the technical liaison between the contractor and CMO and AQM, and is responsible for monitoring contractor performance and delivery, as set forth in the contract, in support of programs in Iraq, particularly at the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center. The work involves evaluating and reporting on the short and long-term results of these programs. The contract is among the largest in the State Department and directly affects readiness and ability of the entire US Mission Iraq to perform its vital mission. FACTOR 6/7: Personal Contacts/Purpose of Contacts Contacts include US Mission in Iraq including Section Chiefs, Office of Medical Services and MED staff; AQM contracting officers and Bureau employees at all levels including senior program and policy officials; counterparts in other USG agencies at posts and contractors representing major private companies. Incumbent provides advice and assistance; promotes cooperation among USG agencies; prepares and presents reports; shares information across program and organizational lines; and, resolves problems. A high degree of tact and diplomacy is required to achieve consensus on which cooperation among the many involved is imperative. Contacts take place in meetings and conferences and also in ad hoc situations where the incumbent must exercise a high level of diplomacy and tact at all times. FACTOR 8: Physical Demands The position requires deployment to a physically challenging and stressful environment. It may require unusual physical exertion under unfavorable conditions including extremely hot, dusty conditions and air pollution, uneven and rocky terrain. Incumbent must be able to respond to duck-and-cover alarms and run to seek cover in a protected bunker in five seconds or less. Living conditions are basic, with somewhat limited medical care available. Employees are sometimes required to wear a helmet and body armor that together weigh a minimum of 30 pounds. In some areas, and depending on security conditions, these may have to be worn throughout the workday. In addition, there is sometimes the need to walk significant distances through rough and uneven terrain wearing protective armor and/or carrying equipment and work materials. Transportation may be in off-road vehicles, armored commercial or military vehicles, helicopters, cargo aircraft or other transportation with confined seating. Living conditions can be challenging, with sparse amenities, little opportunity for recreation and virtually no opportunity to go off-compound for any non-work related or recreational purposes. FACTOR 9: Work Environment The work is usually performed in a basic office setting. However, the external work environment may be arduous and potentially dangerous with long work hours. In a conflict zone, there may be threats requiring rapid evacuation to safety. Employees should be prepared for the risk of terrorist or insurgent attacks, kidnapping, and intrusive surveillance. Minimum Requirements: Minimum of a BA/BS degree required; MS in related field preferred 3-5-years of work experience as a Contracting Officer's Representative (COR); Must be a US Federal Government certified level III FAC-COR or Federal Acquisition Certified - Contractor Officer's Representative (FAC-COR) with 24 months of COR experience and have completed 60 hours of COR training. This normally requires initiating, managing, overseeing, or supervising contractors and/or contracting of multi-year, multi-million dollar operations. Experience in complex high-dollar value contracts. The incumbent must possess US citizenship and be able to obtain a valid US passport. The incumbent must have or be able to obtain and maintain a secret security clearance. The incumbent must be able to obtain a medical clearance to work in Iraq. Experience working with the Department of State and/or US Embassies preferred. Familiarity with the operating environment in Iraq preferred. Preference will be given to candidates who have specialized experience in one or more of the following:Contract oversight Hospital/clinic administration Medical logistics or service delivery field Physician's Assistant Military medic Nurse Practitioner Other similar medical experience and certifications

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