Regulatory Consultant

Arlington, Virginia
Nov 19, 2020
Dec 24, 2020
Analyst, Research
Full Time

Enhesa, Inc. (“Enhesa”), seeks two Regulatory Consultants for Arlington, Virginia.  Requirements: Master’s degree in Law or a related field and 1-year experience in the job offered or a related legal field. Position also requires the following: expertise with primary, secondary and tertiary sources of information concerning laws and regulations and how they are implemented and enforced, knowledge of the legal systems of The Republic of China or Taiwan, demonstrated ability to write well and express complex regulatory information to a diverse readership including technical, legal, financial and managerial disciplines in client organizations, demonstrated ability in oral delivery of client reports and other presentations, demonstrated ability to quickly and accurately determine legal requirements relevant to specific client activities, knowledge of how policies and laws are implemented in practice, demonstrated experience in compliance matters, including who the competent governmental authorities are and how they operate, experience in project management and delegating tasks to ensure on-time deliveries, and demonstrated good public speaking skills and oral communication of client reports and other presentations. Duties include the following:

  • Based on the screening, update the existing list of legislation of the assigned jurisdiction. Summarize EHS regulations for clients and keep them up to date.
  • Regularly update the requirements database based on the identified changes in the EHS regulations. Continuously improve the database. Draft regulatory requirements in a specific format to provide a compliance checklist to clients. Update the compliance checklist monthly.
  • Regularly update regulatory guides based on the identified changes in EHS regulations, to provide to clients the general regulatory EHS framework in the jurisdiction. Draft a comprehensive overview of the EHS framework in the jurisdiction and update the overview monthly.
  • Based on a ticketing system that is fed by the company’s Client Services department, address client inquiries providing additional information or addressing perceived gaps or issues with the existing information. Answer client-specific questions and provide detailed analysis of the regulatory requirements, such as applicability of the requirements.
  • Participate in forecaster review calls where certain clients look for more in-depth analyses of regulatory developments and where they ask consultants questions directly. Draft presentation slides and present regulatory compliance issues specific to a client in monthly conference meetings. Organize and summarize the regulatory compliance issues for clients before the conference meetings. Answer clients’ questions with further legal research and analysis.
  • Handle special client requests addressing client-specific needs or a topic that is outside of the generic scope. Address EHS issues and questions specific to a client which require detailed and lengthy legal research and analysis.
  • Review other consultants’ work to ensure compliance with internal quality criteria and provide feedback.
  • Assist with projects of the Content and other departments. Provide content training to clients regarding the EHS regulatory compliance in specific countries. Communicate to clients regarding their expectations from the compliance services provided by Enhesa.

Applicants should report or send resumes to