Quality Assurance Info Coord

Washington, District of Columbia-Washington
Nov 19, 2020
Dec 19, 2020
Full Time
Under the direction of the Chief of Pharmacy, Director of Pharmacy Operations, and the Manager of Pharmacy Informatics, the Pharmacy Quality Assurance Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the delivery of quality pharmacy services by providing leadership, direction, and technical expertise in the planning, development, coordination, implementation, and evaluation of software and automation systems. The Pharmacy Quality Assurance Coordinator oversees the Electronic Medical Record [EMR] software at all levels of services, utilizes clinical knowledge and professional judgment to ensure that hospital systems, automation technology, and procedures are up to date and maintain the established patient and medication standard of safety, as described by departmental and institutional policies, as well as, by regulatory bodies (i.e. Federal and State regulations, The Joint Commission, Drug Enforcement Administration). The Pharmacy Quality Assurance Coordinator is responsible for recording, organizing, and analyzing data in the effort to minimize medication errors, maximize patient safety, and provide overall performance improvement. Quality assurance duties shall be departmental in scope and serve to develop outcome measures, establish standards of care and services in collaboration with department stall at all levels. The Pharmacy Quality Assurance Coordinator is also responsible in maintaining and updating all of pharmacy department's medication-related software and technology. Position requires coordinating quality services, with Clinical Services of the Pharmacy Department, in efforts to integrate, implement, and develop information technology procedures, policies, and protocols. The Pharmacy Quality Assurance Coordinator is responsible for meeting with other hospital departments to assist with decision support analysis, as well as, the creation and maintenance of the pharmacy technology plan, to ultimately provide high quality comprehensive pharmaceutical care appropriate to the patient population. The Pharmacy Quality Assurance Coordinator must comply with current departmental and institutional policies, as well as, regulations set aside by regulatory bodies (i.e. The Food and Drug Administration, Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Health, The Joint Commission). The Pharmacy Quality Assurance Coordinator is responsible for attending regular committee meetings and mandatory staff meetings.


Minimum Education
Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

Specific Requirements and Preferences
B.S in Pharmacy or PharmD (Required)
Licensed and Registered Pharmacist in DC
In compliance with DC CE Credit requirements (Required)

Minimum Work Experience
1 year

Specific Requirements and Preferences
1 year minimum experience preferred in hospital pharmacy services and/or pharmaceutical services related therapies .

Required Skills/Knowledge
Decision making and judgment. Professional competence and common
Equipment and basic knowledge of computer applications, i.e., MS Word, email, etc.)

Required Licenses and Certifications
Pharmacist Registered and Licensed in DC Req

Functional Accountabilities

Technical Expertise and Leadership
1. Responsible for the direct supervision of pharmacy staff, including staff pharmacist, pharmacy interns, pharmacy students, pharmacy assistants and pharmacy technicians within Sterile IV Production Areas.
2. In coordination with Pharmacy Management directs and maintains effective workflow of pharmacy staff in coordinating proper staffing coverage as needed.
3. Works with and assists staff in completing assignments and other related duties timely.
4. Reviews medication orders comprehensively and thoroughly assessing/validating appropriate dosing, appropriate medication indications, incompatibilities, stability and review or critical data/results as needed.
5. Clinical Interventions must be executed as appropriate and documented per Pharmacy procedures.
6. Weigh, measure and/or mixes ingredients or prepares medications in filling medication orders through such processes as filtering, distilling and/ or emulsifying. Prepare capsules or other dosage forms with measured amount of medication[s] as specified per medication order.
7. Prepares and validates /verifies/dispenses medication orders pursuant to the institution's policies/procedures and also pursuant to state and federal regulations.
8. Dispenses medications according to standard formulas and established hospital protocols.
9. Analyzes practice and scope of services in the general and specialty settings of the Pharmacy Department in order to develop outcome measures, set standards of care and practice, and identify critical indicators for each clinical area, in collaboration with clinical and administrative staff at all levels.
1. On an ongoing and current basis, must be fully versed in City, State and Federal laws governing the practice of Pharmacy.
1. Generates and affixes labels to dispensed containers, bearing required identification data, labeling requirements and directions for use per department policies and New York State regulations.
1. Verbally counsels with patients on the appropriate use of medications as needed.
1. Prepares extemporaneous compounds per standards of practice and department protocols/guidelines; including preparation of suspensions, emulsions, liquids, powders and ointments according to physician orders.
1. Outpatient Services: Comply with department guidelines, policies and procedures. [i.e. Social Services]
1. Maintains inventory of pharmaceuticals and supplies, ensuring storage under proper conditions and security. Handles stock rotation and expiration dating checking of inventory and on dispense.
1. Provides drug information [i.e. compatibilities, contraindications, administration guidelines, infusion rates,] on request and when clinical judgment precludes and appropriate.
1. Participates in performance review and competency feedback of Pharmacy Interns, Externs, Technicians or Assistants, Residents, Volunteers and Messengers in Sterile IV Compounding Areas.
1. Participates in Education programs/services as assigned.
1. Partakes in the Continuing education Program established in the Pharmacy department.
2. Provides educational lectures, in-services and programs as assigned. Attendance to Educational Sessions is mandatory when such sessions occur during scheduled staffing hours.
2. Continues to establish and to build good working relationships with nursing and medical personnel.
2. Responds to emergency needs of nursing and medical staffs appropriately and effectively.
2. Maintains proficiency and compliance to department policies and procedures and protocols related to dispensing.
2. Maintains in-patient and out-patient medication profiles resolving any problems that may arise. Performs all computer functions required to implement and maintain patient profiles.
2. Prepare chemotherapeutic, hyper alimentation solutions and other sterile solutions proficiently.
2. Proficient in controlled substance dispensing policies and procedures and record keeping
2. Conducts Medication Safety Inspections as assigned reporting timely and per guidelines.
2. Execute billing activities as applicable. Handle patient billing when necessary.
2. Assists in maintenance of monitoring and electronic backup systems as required and/or assigned.
3. Oversees all Sterile IV Admixture QA Procedures are executed accurately and timely per procedures.
3. Complies with all Medication Safety practices in place [i.e. AUC, check systems, validation procedures…]
3. Assists the pharmacy technicians and assistants according to daily tasks to include, but not limited to, stocking and maintaining inventory levels in all work areas, IV batch preparation production.
3. Assists with delivering, packaging and labeling medication doses to patient care areas.
3. Participates in Pharmacy and/or Hospital Committees, and QA assignments as assigned.
3. Oversees/performs various functions in dispensing, product formulations, and unit dose distribution.
3. Gathers and compiles workload and other statistics as assigned.
3. Demonstrated competency in IV Admixtures, stability data, IV compatibility, beyond use dating, concentration gradients, hyper- alimentation production [for adult, neonate and pediatric populations], and chemotherapy preparation.
3. Maintains knowledge of active Research Studies and understands department procedures.
3. Maintains work area in clean and organized condition.
4. Remains abreast of and is responsive to department communications via e-mails, staff meeting attendance [monthly meetings are mandatory with absence requiring management notice/approval], mailings and distributed literature.
4. Complies with all pharmacy regulatory requirements pursuant to New York State pharmacy licensure, including DEA and FDA; including compliance TJC [The Joint Commission] standards/ Patient Safety Goals, Pharmacy Department Policies and Procedures and Hospital Policy and Procedures

1. Serves as intermediary between patient care units and pharmacy
2. Monitors preventive maintenance of all equipment in the assigned area
3. Takes suitable action(s) or provides answers to questions of routine pharmacy procedures.
4. Interacts with physicians, nurses, and other hospital personnel and must be able to refer questions concerns to the proper authorities.
5. Coordinates the orientation of trainees and new employees to the technical functions of the assigned areas.
6. Maintain all licensures and registrations as viable and current; and on file with the Pharmacy Department.
7. Maintain all Continuing Education Credits on file with the Pharmacy Department.
8. Serves as intermediary between patient care units and pharmacy
9. Monitors preventive maintenance of all equipment in the assigned area
1. Takes suitable action(s) or provides answers to questions of routine pharmacy procedures.
1. Interacts with physicians, nurses, and other hospital personnel and must be able to refer questions concerns to the proper authorities.
1. Coordinates the orientation of trainees and new employees to the technical functions of the assigned areas.
1. Maintain all licensures and registrations as viable and current; and on file with the Pharmacy Department.
1. Maintain all Continuing Education credits on file with the Pharmacy Department

Customer Service
1. Interacts with patients, families, visitors, and fellow employee in a considerate, helpful, and courteous manner.
2. Demonstrates sensitivity to cultural differences.
3. Displays a positive attitude within the department and across lines in support of the hospital's programs and mission.
4. Promotes effective working relations and works effectively as part of a department/unit team to
5. Maintains confidentiality of all hospital and patient information.
6. Presents neat appearance in proper attire and identification as required by position and hospital policy
7. Fosters mature professional relationships with fellow employees

Organizational Accountabilities
Organizational Accountabilities (Staff)
Organizational Commitment/Identification
1. Anticipate and responds to customer needs; follows up until needs are met
Teamwork/Communication 1. Demonstrate collaborative and respectful behavior
2. Partner with all team members to achieve goals
3. Receptive to others' ideas and opinions
Performance Improvement/Problem-solving 1. Contribute to a positive work environment
2. Demonstrate flexibility and willingness to change
3. Identify opportunities to improve clinical and administrative processes
4. Make appropriate decisions, using sound judgment
Cost Management/Financial Responsibility 1. Use resources efficiently
2. Search for less costly ways of doing things
Safety 1. Speak up when team members appear to exhibit unsafe behavior or performance
2. Continuously validate and verify information needed for decision making or documentation
3. Stop in the face of uncertainty and takes time to resolve the situation
4. Demonstrate accurate, clear and timely verbal and written communication
5. Actively promote safety for patients, families, visitors and co-workers
6. Attend carefully to important details - practicing Stop, Think, Act and Review in order to self-check behavior and performance

Children's National Health System is an equal opportunity employer that evaluates qualified applicants without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, identity, or other characteristics protected by law.

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