Residency Verification Specialist

Alexandria, Virginia
Nov 16, 2020
Mar 28, 2021
Full Time
Job Description:

The Residency Verification Specialist reviews and helps resolve residency issues/disputes using a tiered system to help ensure that enrolled students are eligible for education in Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) and performs related duties as required or assigned; Works with central office and school administrators and, as necessary, Homeless Liaison, Truancy Outreach Specialist, Social Workers, parents, social service agencies, and law enforcement officials to receive, review and report on cases in support of final eligibility determinations; Prepares/maintains case files and reports with findings; Prepares and files juvenile court petitions and/or adult warrants and appears in court to testify about facts in the case.

This position reports to the Chief Officer of the Department of Student Services & Equity.

This position works 12 months/240 days


Education: Bachelor's degree required. A master's degree in social work sociology, psychology, criminal justice, or a related field preferred.

Certificates & Licenses:
  • Valid driver's license.

  • Two years of progressive experience in counseling, law enforcement, juvenile/adolescent behavior management, or related field, and experience in investigative work that includes building and bringing to closure fact-based cases that have legal implications and require testifying in court are required.
  • Experience working with people of diverse backgrounds and tailoring and delivering work products and services to meet the needs of diverse groups is required.
  • Experience using knowledge of the City of Alexandria road networks, neighborhoods, school boundaries and other local information directly pertinent to development of facts related to residency issues involving K-12 students in ACPS is desired at the time of placement into this position.

Key Competencies:
  • Bilingual in Spanish preferred.
  • Knowledge of pertinent laws, investigative techniques, case management processes and rules of evidence sufficient to lawfully build, and come to closure on, a school residency case, and authoritatively testify in court about it if necessary.
  • Knowledge of, or ability to rapidly acquire knowledge of, neighborhoods, road networks, traffic patterns, locations of public schools (and detailed school boundary information) and related geographic and demographic information pertinent to residency requirements and case investigation.
  • Skill in problem solving to select, organize and logically process relevant information (verbal, numerical or abstract) to solve a problem. This includes ability to recognize subtle aspects of problems, identify relevant information and make balanced recommendations and decisions.
  • Interpersonal skills to interact with contacts in a businesslike, customer service-oriented manner.
  • Skill in using a computer, modern office suite software (such as MS Office), and radio and telecommunications devices.
  • Ability and willingness to work throughout school division, however needed in a case, which regularly includes work during evenings/nights/weekends.
  • Ability to refine, establish and /or implement procedural guidelines.
  • Ability to deal effectively with juveniles, adolescents, parents, school administrators, social services, and court officials.
  • Must possess skill in interviewing
  • Ability to prepare accurate and concise reports for presentation in a court of law

Essential Functions:
  • Receives case referrals and obtains initial case information from school administrators; as necessary, coordinates with homeless liaison, truancy outreach specialist, and others.
  • Prepares and maintains case files; follows established case review processes and procedures, such as direct observation of the home under review, check of property ownership, rental, utility and other records and interview of pertinent persons to obtain case information.
  • Prepares case reports with findings.
  • Cooperates with, and serves an information resource, to school administrators, law enforcement personnel, social workers, parents and others, as needed.
  • Collaborates with Department of Finance to establish practices and procedures to secure reimbursement of fees for reviewed cases determined in which enrolled students are found ineligible for education in ACPS.
  • Maintains all records on cases handled and prepares periodic reports as directed by supervisor; cooperates with representatives from social services and law enforcement agencies in cases of mutual interests.
  • When required, prepares and files juvenile court petitions and/or adult warrants; and appears in court to testify about facts in the case.
  • Identifies and reports on trends (if any) having school-wide or school district-wide implications.
  • Stays abreast of developments directly affecting ACPS residency cases, ranging from court rulings to regulatory and school boundary changes.
  • Regularly operates a sedan to get to and from field locations and as a base for fact finding, including observation of the home under review. Prepares and submits associated records, including traffic accident report forms (if any).
  • Uses observation equipment. Interviews people.
  • Uses a computer, radio and telecommunications devices for various operational functions - planning, scheduling, communicating, word processing, researching (Internet), etc.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

  • Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance.
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test.


Primary Location:
Central Office
Salary Range:
$55,226.00 - $68,006.40 / Support SUP-29
Shift Type:

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