Securiguard, Inc. Security Project Manager

John F Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.
Nov 12, 2020
Dec 17, 2020
Full Time

The Project Manager shall be a United States of America citizen, speak fluent English, and shall have a minimum of seven (7) years-experience in law enforcement or security or a combination of both plus two (2) years-experience as a Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager or Alternate Project Manager on contracts with a minimum of fifty (50) security or guard personnel. A Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, or Security Management is highly desirable.

The Project Manager shall carry a current SPO license issued by the District of Colombia (DC) Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Security Officers Management Branch (SOMB). The Project Manager shall carry a current “Glock 19 Gen4, 9mm Caliber Semiautomatic Pistol, Qualified” card signed and dated by a certified fire arms instructor. In the normal course of duty the Project Manager shall be unarmed. The Project Manager shall be certified to carry Pepper Spray (Oleoresin Capsicum) but shall not in the normal course of duty. The Project Manager shall carry a current “CPR/First Aid” card issued by the American Red Cross (or equivalent).

The Project Manager shall demonstrate the capability to manage an efficient work force capable of meeting the Security and EMT Service requirements of the Contract. The Project Manager shall be articulate and demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills so as to be able to maintain a continuous liaison relationship with the COR.

The Project Manager shall dress in appropriate business attire unless a specific event or activity dictates otherwise (i.e. business casual attire).

The Project Manager (Key Person) who shall be responsible for the management and performance of the Contractor’s on-site personnel providing shift supervision, security and EMT services. The Project Manager shall be responsible for on-site compliance with all requirements of the Contract but shall not be responsible for administrative functions performed by the Corporate Business Office.

The Project Manager shall be responsible for ensuring that all Security Posts are supervised and fully manned in accordance with the Security Posts Schedule, Location and Manning document. The Project Manager shall be on-site Shift II (0700 – 1530), Monday through Friday. The Project Manager schedule may be adjusted, with prior COR coordination and approval, to ensure on-site presence during special or unusual events.

Specific duties and responsibilities of the Project Manager are detailed in Government provided Project Manager Post Orders.

The COR shall be the primary point of contact for the Project Manager. The Project Manager shall communicate on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, with the COR to present the Daily Report and to keep him apprised of any issue which has or might impact the security or safety of staff, patrons, visitors, or property. The Project Manager shall be responsive to direction from the Contracting Officer involving performance requirements.

The Project Manager shall carry a Government provided cell phone at all times both on and off duty. The Government provided cell phone shall be used for job related communication purposes only.

When the Project Manager is not available for duty, the Assistant Project Manager, or the Alternate Project Manager (with COR approval) shall assume the Project Manager position.