Occupational Health Nurse

Architect of the Capitol
Washington D.C.
86335.00 to 112240.00
Sep 30, 2020
Nov 04, 2020
Full Time

The Architect of the Capitol (AOC), Office of Attending Physician is recruiting for an Occupational Health Nurse. The employee provides nursing services to Members of Congress, staff and visitors to the buildings under the jurisdiction of the AOC. This includes providing emergency assessment, diagnosis and initial treatment of injuries or illnesses. The nurse also administers life-saving procedures including cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other first aid procedures and provides information on health related issues. Must be reliable, adaptable, able to prioritize patient privacy, and capable to work independently and/or with a group.

Major Duties Include:

  • Providing health care maintenance, diagnostic and therapeutic services, education and counseling while performing Occupational Health Nurse duties.
  • Performing emergency assessment, diagnosis and initial treatment of injury or illness. Notifies the Attending Physician in cases where initial treatment is beyond the competence or scope of the incumbent for advice and assistance, and based on the circumstances, to expedite the conveyance of the patient to a physician or suitable medical facility at the request of or on behalf of the patient.
  • Administering lifesaving procedures including cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other emergency first aid procedures to stabilize a patient. Must be fully knowledgeable in the areas of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other lifesaving procedures.
  • Performing routine diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, monitoring stress levels and evaluating the treatment. Provides emotional support to the patient and family by providing information on the treatment. Performs electrocardiograms for patients to diagnose abnormalities of a heart condition. Refers patients to their personal physicians as necessary.
  • Dispensing or performing first aid or palliative treatment for conditions to enable the employee to complete the current work shift before consulting with their personal physician. Administers certain treatments such as allergens, vaccines, vitamins and similar treatments requested by the employee's private physician and in accordance with instruction of the OAP. Administers required immunizations as requested.
  • Providing standard healthcare maintenance, diagnostic/therapeutic services, education and counseling to patients.
  • Encouraging and informing patients of ways to maintain or improve their health status through education and counseling and performs other routine general nurse duties. 
  • Serving as a health informational resource to Members of Congress, Staff and visitors for specialized information related to a particular patient population, health issue or clinical protocol. Maintains accurate, complete and confidential medical records on all patients diagnosed or treated and ensures proper security of these records.
  • Maintains a supply of emergency drugs in an Emergency Drug Box and ensures all drugs and supplies are current and maintains proper security of the Emergency Drug Box and Supplies.

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