Quality Control Construction Manager

MSS Services, Inc.
Washington, DC
Oct 19, 2019
Oct 23, 2019
Specialty Trades
Full Time
Quality Control Manager required Experience and Qualifications: QCM and AQCM qualifications. Individuals shall have a minimum of 10 years of progressive experience as an inspector, superintendent, QC Manager, project manager, or construction manager, on similar size and type construction contracts which included the major trades that are part of this contract. The individual must be familiar with OSHA requirements and have experience in the areas of hazard identification and safety compliance. In addition to the above experience, the QCM shall have a current certificate showing completion of the United States Army Corps of Engineer (USACE) "Construction Quality Management for Contractors" course. A certificate is considered current for 5 years from the date of training completion. In addition to the QCM, the following contractor and subcontractor personnel shall have a current USACE Quality Management for Contractors certification: Project Managers, Site Superintendents, Foremen, and Safety Officers. Provide copies of certifications. Quality Control Manager Duties A. General: Establish and maintain a Quality Control (QC) program as specified in this section which incorporates the three phases of control, Preparatory, Initial and Follow-Up. The QC program consists of a QC Plan, an appointed QC Manager (QCM) and Alternate QC Manager (AQCM), QC Meetings, QC Submittals, QC Reports, QC certifications, Submittal preview and approval, testing, and documentation necessary to provide materials, equipment, workmanship, fabrication, construction and operations which comply with the requirements of this contract. B. The QC program shall cover on-site and off-site work. The program shall be coordinated with and sequenced with the work of this project. C. The only duties and responsibility the Quality Control Manager and Alternate Quality Control Manager shall have on this Contract is managing and implementing the Quality Control program. The Quality Control Manager (QCM) (and the Alternate Quality Control Manager (AQCM)) are referred to collectively as the QCM throughout this section. No work or testing may be performed on the work site unless the QCM is present. The QCM has complete authority to take any action necessary to insure compliance with the project contract requirements. D. Quality control services include inspections and tests and related actions including reports, performed by independent agencies, governing authorities and the Contractor. They do not include Contract enforcement activities performed by the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR). E. Inspection and testing services are required to verify compliance with requirements specified or indicated. These services do not relieve the Contractor of responsibility for compliance with Contract Document requirements. F. Ensure completion of Appointment Letters. DRAFT and provide letters signed appointing the QCM and AQCM, stating their responsibilities, and giving them authority to implement the QC Program. Include in this letter the QCM's authority to direct the removal and replacement of non-conforming work. G. Submittal Review Procedures. Provide a narrative describing procedures and workflows for reviewing, approving, and managing submittals. Provide the name(s) of the person(s) in the QC organization authorized to certify submittals prior to transmission to the AOC. H. Create Quality Control Plan based on AOC requirements and certifications for firms, laboratories. Testing. List all testing laboratories to be used to fulfill requirements of these contract documents. Include the testing plan, and log for all tests required. The log must reference the specification paragraph number, testing frequency, and the person(s) responsible for each test. Testing Laboratories must be accredited by a laboratory accreditation authority. Certificates and scopes of accreditation must be submitted with the QC Plan. I. Assist with creating and maintaining the List of Definable Features of Work. A Definable Feature of Work (DFOW) is an element of the overall work, which is separate and distinct from other elements. Each DFOW has the same control requirements and work crews. The list shall be cross-referenced to the Contractor's Construction Schedule and the specification sections. For projects requiring a Progress Chart, the list of definable features of work shall include but not be limited to all items of work on the schedule. For projects requiring a Network Analysis Schedule, the list of definable features of work shall include but not be limited to all critical path activities. Strong communication skills ability to handle projects in a timely manner with accurate results Bachelor Degree in Construction Management, Project Management or other relevant disciplines