Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack Specialist

Washington D.C
Oct 11, 2019
Oct 27, 2019
Full Time
As the Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack (CCTA) Specialist you will work to ensure a safe environment for the travelling public and employees at the Airports Authority.

Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack (CCTA) Specialist

This is a non-career, temporary job (24 month limit).

Serves in the Office of the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Headquarters Office, but will conduct classroom instruction, exercises and attend meetings throughout the NCR.

Adheres to the Department of Homeland Security CCTA Grant and meets regularly with the Project Manager (Emergency Management and Preparedness Manager).

Develops the Airports Authority CCTA Plan as well as regional training and exercising that addresses the necessary processes and capabilities needed to ensure clear communication, coordination, and cooperation among Federal agencies at the Airport (i.e. Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI], Transportation Security Administration [TSA], Federal Aviation Administration [FAA], and Customs and Border Protection [CBP]), regional partners (i.e. local and state agencies) and the whole community (i.e. Airlines, tenants, and American Red Cross).


Conducts a plan review and gap analysis of CCTA capabilities of the Airports Authority, to include reviewing Airports Authority Plans, NCR THIRA, and partner jurisdiction active shooter or CCTA response plans.

Utilizes the planning process to develop an Airports Authority CCTA Plan that includes response and recovery as well as integration of response partners from the local, state, federal, non-profit, and whole community.

Develops, coordinates, and facilitates training for public safety and emergency management partner agencies and jurisdictions (Federal, State, local) using current and accepted emergency management, public safety, and CCTA practices, theory, and methodologies, and conducts appropriate levels of exercises (e.g. tabletop and drills) to reinforce and validate capabilities. Includes development of instructional plans, training materials, scheduling of classes, field instruction, and drills.

Integrates lessons learned and best practices into the CCTA Plan and on-going training to ensure continued capacity building. Develops formal After Action Reports for dissemination.

Develops an "Airport 101" curriculum that includes familiarization and indoctrination with the Airport(s) and our public safety departments, staging and rally points during an emergency, how MWAA public safety departments respond to a CCTA, an understanding of Airport Operations, expectations of partner agencies during a response and recovery, and other pertinent information to familiarize participants with a response on Airports Authority property.

Meets with Project Manager (PM) on a bi-monthly basis for status reports and updates.

Provides the PM written monthly status reports delineating progress of the schedule and deliverables.

Meets quarterly with the PM, Vice President of Public Safety, and Police and Fire Chiefs, or designees, to provide quarterly updates and project status.

Works with the PM and Airports Authority Grants Administrator to develop and complete required grant documentation for submission to DHS on a timely basis.

Makes recommendations to the PM to address deficiencies, further training needs, and improvement preparedness from a CCTA.


Six years of progressively responsible experience in emergency preparedness, law enforcement/public safety, and disaster planning that required coordination with local, state and Federal emergency management and law enforcement/fire entities.

Knowledge of the theories, principles, and practices of emergency management and law enforcement to develop and conduct CCTA training programs, materials, exercises and drills

Knowledge of the Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Incident Management System (ICS).

Ability to speak and write effectively, with emphasis on conducting training and briefings.

Skilled in using a computer and modern office software, to include Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project.


Experience in emergency management, law enforcement, and disaster planning for a large organization with multiple locations.

Knowledgeable about NCR, emergency management and public safety agencies.


A Bachelor's degree in Emergency Management, Public Policy, Public Administration, Criminal Justice, Administration of Justice, or related field.


A state driver's license in good standing.


Operates vehicle airside and landside (requires AOA permit).

Work is reviewed in progress and upon completion for quality, quantity, timeliness, teamwork, customer service, and other factors, and will be regulated by the DHS CCTA Grant requirements, Airports Authority DHS CCTA Grant Proposal, and/or allowable costs.

Work may require some moderate physical exertion. May wear personal protective equipment as appropriate and as required.


A background security investigation will be required for all new hires.

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer.| Follow us on Twitter @MWAAcareers.

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