CADD Operator

Orion Management, LLC.
Springfield, VA
Sep 20, 2019
Sep 26, 2019
Accountant, IT
Full Time
. Performing a variety of moderately difficult to extremely difficult assignments that require the application of standard drafting techniques and frequent use of engineering formulas in accordance with established industry standards and procedures.. Preparing complete sets of drawings, which involve multiple views, and assembly drawings of equipment, facilities, or systems where minimal information is provided by rough sketches and/or verbal outlines of requirements. CAD Drafter may be required to utilize either manual or computer-assisted drafting/design techniques. Reviews manufacturers' or fabricators' prints for conformance with contract specifications.. Preparing wiring and layout diagrams used by installers who will need to erect, install, and repair security systems' equipment and wiring in a variety of sites. The Drafter shall be responsible for drawing architectural and structural features as needed.. Cataloging and maintaining the security systems documentation. This shall include, but is not limited to, maintaining the security systems' operating procedures documentation; manufacturers' specifications; installation and maintenance documentation; and operator's manuals to reflect any changes in security system equipment configuration, policies or other changes.. Maintaining the security system configuration inventory including the details of equipment status, manufacturer, model number, serial numbers, significant dates, locations, and warranty information.. Performing complex drafting assignments.