Data Engineer

Washington, DC
Sep 06, 2019
Sep 21, 2019
Engineer, IT, QA Engineer
Full Time
We know that data engineer isn't a blanket statement. There are tons of nuances, and each individual possesses depths of knowledge that cover diverse platforms and data sources. At InterWorks, what truly matters to us is that you're hardworking, smart and love what you do. Your overall data and programming skills outweigh niche experience with a certain database platform. Whether you've worked primarily in SQL Server, Postgres or something else, all we really ask is that you have a strong understanding of building data pipelines and are ready to apply your skills within our fast-paced and agile approach.While some companies may hide their data engineers away in some dungeon, those found at InterWorks are social, friendly creatures, which is why being able to communicate with clients day in and day out is especially valuable. Our data engineers must be able to work closely with users in order to understand their unique needs and support them with the best solutions possible.Some people think that having a job means doing the same tasks on repeat. Not at InterWorks. Our data engineers can expect to work on diverse projects that range in duration from a few days to a few months. Their responsibilities include solving data-acquisition, integration and management problems for some of the largest organizations in the world. They also work with disparate data sources (relational databases, flat files, Excel, HDFS/Big Data systems, high-performance analytical databases, etc.) to unify client data, creating ETL processes based on client needs and managing client expectations. These data engineers need to be ready to go anywhere with data-including data warehouses, data lakes and the cloud-and not shy away from data modeling.So, what can you expect from InterWorks? Well, it's crucial to us that we provide an exciting work environment with a unique (and sometimes straight-up nerdy) company culture. InterWorks employees are some of the friendliest, most intelligent people you will ever meet, and they're the main ingredient in the secret sauce of our success. Joining the InterWorks team means you're throwing a one-of-a-kind flavor into the mix, and we love that new team members continually keep us fresh.As a data engineer, we are seeking candidates with skills in the following areas:Required Excellent SQL fluency Programming (Python, Java, C#, PHP, etc.) Strong ETL proficiency using GUI-based tools or code-based patterns Understanding of data-modeling principles Excellent verbal and written communication Business acumen Strong problem-solving skills Adaptability and flexibility in changing situations Passion for delivering compelling solutions that exceed client expectations Highly Desired Experience with software engineering practices Experience with modern data-engineering practices and frameworks Experience with integration from API sources Matillion / Talend / Informatica / SSIS AWS / Microsoft Azure Snowflake / Amazon Redshift / Google BigQuery / Azure SQL Data Warehouse About InterWorksInterWorks is a people-focused tech consultancy delivering premier service and expertise in collaboration with strategic partners. Our clients trust us to guide them toward the best solutions to maximize their data. We empower people at every step of the analytics experience, from management and storage to communicating insights with visualization.Click here for the InterWorks Privacy Policy

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