Program and Funding Manager

Rockville, Maryland
$75,000 - $85,000 per year + benefits
Sep 18, 2019
Oct 23, 2019
Program Manager
Full Time

Note: This is a full-time, salaried position which is funded entirely with Emergency Medical Services Transport (EMST) grant funds with the Montgomery County Volunteer Fire-Rescue Association (MCVFRA) – and is NOT a Montgomery County Government position.

Organizational Summary:

Incorporated in 1922, the Montgomery County Volunteer Fire-Rescue Association is an advocacy, non-profit organization representing the 19 local fire and rescue departments (LFRDs) throughout Montgomery County, Maryland. The Montgomery County Fire Rescue Service (MCFRS) is a combination fire, rescue, and emergency medical services system in the County providing all-hazard emergency response, education, and prevention with a combination force of volunteer and career professionally trained emergency responders.

Position Summary:

A full-time, salaried position within the MCVFRA. The successful candidate will be hands-on and participative high-level manager and a strategic thought-partner under the supervision of the President and the MCVFRA Board. Primary functions include: preparation, administration, advisement, oversight and management of the State of Maryland Amoss (508) funding and Montgomery County Emergency Medical Services Transportation (EMST) funds for the Association and the 19 LFRDs. This includes creating, monitoring, maintaining, and submitting financial records, applications, books, payments, and audits of the Amoss and EMST funds.  Additionally, the incumbent prepares reports, records, and procedures, and reviews and makes recommendations for financial functions of the Amoss and EMST funds. The position also manages Notice and Opportunity (N&O) review, responses, and records for the MCVFRA, program management, policy development and reports, as well as other duties assigned by the MCVFRA President and Board of Directors. 

Basic Position Responsibilities:

Uses computers and financial related software to proficiently and efficiently; develop, update, and manage procedures, programs, records and applications; conducts oral presentations; communicates in a friendly and informative manner with people from a wide variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds; communicates by phone or in person in a one-to-one or group setting; comprehend and make inferences from written material; produces written documents and financial reports with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation, and grammar; works independently and possess strong time management skills; identify  program needs; works cooperatively with other MCVFRA employees and volunteers, County employees and the general public; handles other related duties and responsibilities as required.  The incumbent shall:

  • Be responsible and report to the MCVFRA Board of Directors through the President.
  • Analyze and present Amoss and EMST reports in an accurate and timely manner, clearly communicate required financial statements, collate and secure financial reporting material to all LFRDs.
  • Assist the Treasurer as directed with financial needs, advice and data.
  • Establish partnerships in the LFRDS and County Government to ensure cooperation, proper reporting, and sharing of information.
  • Continually update Amoss and EMST required program materials, systems and processes and make recommendations to the President and Board of Directors.
  • Update and enhance the MCVFRA management systems and recommend updates, upgrades, and potential efficiencies.
  • Effectively communicate and present the critical administrative matters to the President and Board of Directors.
  • Assure compliance with all local, state and Federal financial reporting, record keeping, and transparency requirements for Amoss and EMST.
  • Produce required reports, records, data, analysis, checks, statements and correspondences.
  • Draft/disseminate/format program materials.
  • Conduct regular follow-ups with LFRDs, Board, and County government on Amoss and EMST interests and assigned programs.
  • Present data, reports, and trends to the membership and Board as required and identify potential opportunities and threats to funding, programs, and records.
  • Maintain required and past records in both electronic and paper format.
  • Prepare monthly reports for MCVFRA Board and membership.
  • Attend monthly MCVFRA membership and Board meetings.
  • Assist in preparation for collective bargaining.
  • Review, assess, comment, and manage review process for new MCFRS policies, procedures, and orders submitted to the MCVFRA from the County.
  • Monitor and review changes, updates and trends in applicable reporting requirements, local, state and Federal laws and regulations in regard to Amoss and EMST.
  • Build and maintain relationships with the Maryland Military Department officials who work with Amoss funds.
  • Build and maintain relationships with the County Government and MCFRS officials who work with EMST funds.
  • Represent the MCVFRA in meetings on Amoss and EMST and other charged responsibilities before the County Executive, County Council, and membership.
  • Maintain employees leave records, documents, update, and create reports for Board.
  • Ensure timely responses from LFRDs on financial data, records, information requests, funding questions, and compliance reporting to the MCVFRA, County and/or State in regard to the position responsibilities.
  • Ensure timely responses from LFRDs on proposed policy changes, draft policies, or other proposed items,
  • Represent the MCVFRA at events as directed by the President.
  • Provide recommended changes to serve in a more efficient manner for communication, reports, and development of assigned programs and projects under their charged.
  • Provide input support and assistance to the President on policy information and other information from the Montgomery County Fire and RescueService (MCFRS), as well as, other duties assigned by the President and/or Board of Directors.

Basic Competencies Include, and the Successful Candidate Shall:

  • Review, audit, and recognize spending trends, increased funding opportunities.
  • Manage programs, projects, policies, financial aspects, record keeping, and reporting, requiring high-level management experience, knowledge and ability.
  • Speak publicly with a high level of comfort and ability in speaking and responding to small and large diverse audiences of differing ages.
  • Speak publicly with a high level of comfort and ability in speaking to and responding to government officials and other organizations.
  • Relate well to people of diverse backgrounds, build appropriate rapport; build constructive and effective relationships; use diplomacy and tact; be capable of diffusing difficult situations comfortably.
  • Be results/outcome oriented - motivated by results; can be counted on to meet requirements and exceed goals, sets clear objectives and measures, and monitors process and progress.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Experience, knowledge and abilities in financial oversight, high-level management, reporting, record keeping, policy and program development.
  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in business administration, management, personnel management, finance or related field. At least four (4) years of overall professional experience in program and policy management, finance, business administration, or related fields. Possession of a Master’s degree or higher in a related financial, business administration, management, program development or related field is desirable, and may be substituted for two (2) years of experience.
  • Experience working with volunteers in an urban environment.
  • Ability to translate financial concepts and effectively collaborate with programmatic and fundraising colleagues who do not necessarily have finance backgrounds.
  • Experience and knowledge in the volunteer fire-rescue service.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must possess good computer skills.
  • Strong writing and oral communications skills, experience, and ability.
  • Knowledge, ability, skills and experience in record keeping, report writing, and making presentations.
  • Management experience in managing records, reports and financial donations.
  • Management experience in reporting to boards, leadership and senior management.
  • Strong administrative and organizational skills.
  • Experience networking with organizations in business and community.
  • Ability to work under stressful situations.
  • Ability to work within established deadlines.
  • A successful track record in setting priorities; keen analytic, organization and problem-solving skills which support and enable sound decision making
  • Proficiency in basic office software (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and basic database skills.
  • Must have a clean criminal history and pass a background check.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Be willing to travel regularly throughout Montgomery County.

Additional Desired/Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge and experience in Amoss funding and applicable State laws, EMST and related County laws, policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge and experience in MCVFRA, MCFRS, and Montgomery County Government policies, procedures, collectively bargained agreements, orders, laws, structure and history.
  • Fire, rescue, and EMS - volunteer emergency provider experience.
  • Ability to know or learn to update, review and know financial records, systems and processes, and other MCVFRA and County data systems.
  • Experience and proven record working with elected officials at local, state and Federal levels.
  • Experience in document layout and design, online records management, and/or willingness to learn.
  • Media relations experience desired.
  • A desire to be part of a busy public service organization undergoing change and seeking to maintain itself as a leader in its field.
  • Knowledge, experience and ability in applicable local, state and Federal laws, polices, and directives for financial reporting, record keeping, financial management and tax implications/reporting and/or willingness to learn.

Salary and Benefits:

The Program and Funding Manager will be paid in accordance with the MCVFRA budget with available EMST grant funds and is commensurate with experience and negotiable with a range of $75,000 - $85,000.

The Program and Funding Manager position is an at-will position within the MCVFRA, which dictates that the employment and compensation for this position may be terminated at any time. This is NOT a Montgomery County government position.

The MCVFRA contributes to premiums for health care coverage and to an employee Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan.

In accordance with MCVFRA policy, all full-time employees earn leave, sick leave and receive certain holidays off.


This position requires some nights, weekends and holidays and is based on the needs of the MCVFRA, and will be agreed upon by the Board of Directors of the MCVFRA and selected candidate.  The schedule can be flexible, but must coincide with the needs of the MCVFRA.  A routine Monday thru Friday, 8-hour work day is required. Worksite is located at 230 N. Washington Street, Suite 400, Rockville, Maryland 20850.

The Selection Process:

To apply, submit a cover letter, resume, and three references (two professional and one personal) to President Marcine D. Goodloe and Eric Bernard with the subject line: Program and Funding Manager. Email is preferred, but a hard copy may be mailed/dropped off at the MCVFRA office, to the attention President Marcine D. Goodloe, 230 N. Washington Street, Suite 400, Rockville, Maryland 20850.

The deadline for complete submission is Friday, October 4, 2019 - 5:00 PM.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to accept or reject any submission based on the meeting of basic qualifications and desired/preferred qualifications.