Concrete Finisher Asphalt Worker

Washington D.C
Sep 16, 2019
Sep 29, 2019
Full Time
As a Concrete Finisher and Asphalt Worker, you will maintain, repair, and construct asphalt or concrete pavements, including roadways, runways, taxiways, ramps, sidewalks, and curbs.

Concrete Finisher and Asphalt Worker

Serves in the Airport Structures and Grounds Division of the Engineering and Maintenance Department at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA).

Operates a variety of construction equipment, including dump trucks, asphalt pavers, tampers, vibratory rollers, concrete mixers, and spreaders to perform roadway maintenance and repairs. Performs related functions.


Performs emergency and planned repairs of asphalt and concrete pavements.

Mills, breaks up, cuts, and removes damaged or worn pavement areas to proper measurements and angles.

Heats asphalt tack coat to proper temperature and sprays or sweeps over foundation.

Drives dump truck to plant for hot asphalt and ensures proper mix, grade, and charges.

Spreads asphalt with rake or level loop and applies top sealer.

Mixes and prepares concrete in accordance with specifications, ensuring proper consistency.

May assist in installation of road signs and fences by making post holes with post hole digger or auger attachment and filling with cement.

Clears potential obstructions to traffic on roadways and runways; may operate and sweeper to periodically clean runways to prevent aircraft damage.

Operates dump truck to load, haul, and stockpile stone, topsoil, sand, and similar materials; uses front-end loader to load dump trucks.

Conducts daily vehicle and equipment inspections, including operational checks for oil, water, and tire pressure; reports malfunctions or damage to the supervisor.

Operates, on a regular basis, all concrete- and asphalt-related hand and power tools and equipment including handsaws, shovels, chainsaws, drills, trowels, and floats.

Maintains clean work area; takes proper care of tools and equipment.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Three years of progressively responsible experience in maintaining and repairing concrete and asphalt pavements.

Knowledge of asphalt and concrete paving procedures and skill in preparing to prepare sub-surfaces to the proper depth and firmness, breaking up pavement, inspecting asphalt and concrete for proper mix and grade, and producing a level, sealed pavement.

Skill in using tools, technical manuals, schematics, blueprints, manufacturer's materials, and other equipment and guides in journey level concrete and asphalt trade work.

Skill in operating concrete and asphalt equipment such as dump trucks, jackhammers, backhoes, air compressors, and tampers, including the ability to interpret changes in sound, vibration, and feel of equipment.

Skill in using concrete and asphalt trade hand and power tools, including saws, shovels, picks, asphalt rakes, levels, trowels, concrete mixers, concrete vibrators, and floats.

Ability to work safely and knowledge of the safety rules, regulations, and procedures needed to do so.

Ability to perform basic analyses of data and information.

Ability to speak and write effectively.

Skill in using a computer, computerized work order, and time and attendance system.


Licensed as a Class B Commercial Driver (CDL) by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.


A high school diploma or a Certificate of General Education Development (GED).


Licensed as a Class B commercial driver (CDL) within 90 days of hire, promotion, or placement into the job.


Work is typically reviewed in progress and upon completion for quantity, quality, timeliness, teamwork, customer service, and other factors.

Operates vehicle landside and airside (requires AOA permit).

Is subject to hold over and recall on a 24-hour basis for essential services and emergencies, including snow removal.

Is exposed to adverse weather conditions and dust, dirt, loud noises, hot asphalt, odors, and potentially hazardous materials.

Wears personal protective equipment, as needed, at work sites.

Work requires moderate to heavy physical exertion (such as frequently moving heavy items weighing 80 pounds and sometimes moving up to 100 pounds).

Is subject to the vibrations of operating equipment, such as a jackhammer.


A background security investigation will be required for all new hires.

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer.| Follow us on Twitter @MWAAcareers.

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