Director of Anti-Racism and Racial Equality

Silver Spring, Maryland
Up to $70,000 per year + benefits
Sep 03, 2019
Sep 27, 2019
Executive, Director
Full Time

The Director of Anti-Racism and Racial Equality will serve a key role as the strategic leader in an inaugural role for the Institute Leadership Team and Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. Int his role, the Director will guide our organizational vision and structure for dismantling racism, promoting racial healing and assist us in moving forward ina manner that reflects an anti-racist congregation and organization.Collaborating with the IARTT, the Director will align work to build an organizational plan that will dismantle structural racism by developing education resources,coordinating with the Institute Justice team to organize action responses in partnership with sisters, associates, companions and ministry partners. This new position will primarily work on site in Silver Spring, Maryland for proximity to the ILT , the Justice department and Human Resources Officer as well as external partners in this arena of work in the Washington, DC area.

Ideal candidates will have at least 5 to 7 years of progressively responsible experience in anti-racism, diversity and inclusion an/or social justice work. Requires a bachelor’s degree or will substitute 4 years experience for degree in addition to work experience required.We need someone with thorough knowledge and understanding of anti-racism and cultural diversity frameworks. Must be able to facilitate a restorative justice or circle process for repairing racial harm and promoting healing.


  • Provide strategic vision and direction, operational oversight and guidance to forge the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas’ pathway for dismantling racism within the Institute and healing racial harms done.
  • Lead an organizational assessment and analysis of the scope of our structural antiracism competencies within our organization.
  • Guide the planning,prioritization and development of strategies and practices that engage Mercy in the work of anti-racism and dismantling racist structures within the Institute.
  • Work collaboratively with the senior leadership team (both sisters and staff) of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas to set and advance strategic priorities and policies related to anti-racism.
  • Initiate and ensure the continuation of the building of strategic working relationships within Mercy (Justice, Human Resources, New Membership, Association, Communications, Alliance of the Sisters of Mercy of Color network, etc.) and with
  • groups and coalitions with similar interests to collaborate on efforts that will assist with the dismantling of racism within the Institute.
  • Collaborate with the Institute Human Resources Officer to promote anti-racist, diverse and inclusive recruitment, retention and development strategies specific to staff.
  • Build rapport and knowledge about and with regional cultures as well as the different realities of member countries.
  • Promote a vision using Restorative Justice practices to repair harms, promote healing and build racially equitable relationships within the Institute.
  • Develop education and action resources and coaching strategies for implementing dialogues that address specific issues, concerns and harms; educational experiences; and communication opportunities to further the Critical Concern of anti-racism.
  • Coordinate with the Institute Justice Team the organizing of Mercy partnerships with sisters, associates,companions and ministry partners for action responses to the Critical Concern of anti-racism that will impact personal, collective and systemic
  • transformation.
  • Direct and coordinate the work of the Institute Anti-Racism Transformation Team (IARTT) to align with the organizational plan to dismantle structural racism, repair harms done and realize our anti-racist identity:
  • Guide, lead and facilitate planning of the IARTT mandate with the Core Team and Extended Team in implementing Institute-wide initiatives on anti-racism.
  • Provide leadership in the development of IARTT annual goals, materials, timelines, yearly budget and implementation of plans for anti-racism initiatives.
  • Interview, initiate and facilitate training of newly appointed IARTT members (Core and Extended Team members).
  • Oversee the work of IARTT members in planning and implementation of the education, advocacy and facilitation of communication efforts.
  • Organize the Mercy network in repairing harms done and dismantling racism within the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.
  • Collaborate with the Institute Leadership Team (ILT) on Core and Extended Team member recommendations and decisions.
  • Accomplish all tasks as appropriately assigned or requested.For further information and to obtain additional position requirements, please use this link: