Director of Outreach and Person Centered Planning

Bowie, Maryland
Dependent upon experience
Aug 23, 2019
Sep 13, 2019
Executive, Director
Full Time

A Little About Ardmore

As an established non-profit, we’ve been supporting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1963! Our mission of empowerment is acted out daily in the lives of the 200+ people who participate in our customized employment, community learning, and community living programs. We believe every person has the right to determine the direction of their life – a concept that has historically been denied to many people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our team members work together to promote voice, choice, and empowerment for the people we support.

Overview of Position: This position is responsible for person centered programming for people throughout their entire association with Ardmore, from the point of marketing, to application and admission, and continuously during the time they receive supports including discharge. This position markets and is the primary point of admission for Employment Supports, Community Supports, and the Residential Program, and is responsible for building relationships with families, Resource Coordination systems at all levels, school systems including transitional coordinators and teachers, DDA and DORS, as well as other professionals and organizations across our community. Responsible for organizational growth through marketing, recruitment, intake, and community outreach, transition school outreach, and speaking/presentation opportunities. Seeks and analyzes opportunities for growth by networking, being aware of and managing capacity, promoting the organization emphasizing person centered thinking. This position is responsible directing all the agency’s person centered planning efforts including person centered plans, supervision of the Person Centered Planning Specialists to develop Person Centered Plans in conjunction with Ardmore staff at various levels and submitting them to CCS entities and DDA. Assists with coordinating on-going funding for each individual. Manages the Admission Review Discharge process.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Community Outreach

  • Build awareness of our program with organizations (such as DDA, Resource Coordination agencies, school, etc.) through which families identify services for people who can benefit from the services Ardmore offers in Prince George’s and surrounding counties.
  • Coordinate, plan, advertise and host a minimum of 4 Open House events per year.
  • Develop and implement outreach campaigns to relevant local professionals, families, and organizations.
  • Develop strong referral relationships with resource coordination systems and specific resource coordinators.
  • Participate in public speaking engagements.
  • Professionally represent the organization at relevant conferences and fairs.
  • Cultivate strong relationships with public schools, special education teachers and transition coordinators.
  • In conjunction with the employment program staff, the people we support, and a DORS staff, formulate a formal DORS program at Ardmore. Including securing and monitoring funding that would support vocational programming and create new opportunities for people such as the PETS program for students.
  • Partner with local high schools and CRI programs to recruit for summer employment and vocational programs funded by DORS. The 8-week summer program will focus on job-readiness and training, which will secure a future relationship with Ardmore once the student turns 21.
  • Respond to inquiries from potential families, and support families through the in-take process, including explaining our services.
  • Proactively meets with parent groups, and provides tours of Ardmore programs and host parent information sessions to assist current admits with any additional questions/concerns.
  • Continue to provide ongoing support to families, either directly or through delegation to Person Centered Specialist.
  • Serve as liaison between family, Resource Coordinator and Ardmore prior to and up to start day of services.

Person Centered Planning

  • Maintain and monitor all Person Centered Plans for the entire agency.
  • Train and supervise Person Centered Specialists (PCS) in all their efforts to help develop Person Centered Plans.
  • Train and supervise PCS in all their efforts to work with program staff to formulate the agency plan to meet person centered plans.
  • Monitor documentation, external submissions and subsequent follow up of submitting plans to the required agencies as needed so as not to cause any lapses in funding.
  • Work with the PCS and Program Directors to ensure that documentation is kept that substantiates program supports and funding efforts.
  • Work with Program Directors and the Finance Department to ensure consistency and reliability of support needs, resources and funding.
  • Train and supervise PCS in all their efforts to provide case management, such as documentation, record reviews, family contact, interagency and interagency coordination and communication, crisis intervention, etc.
  • Function as an expert in person centered thinking philosophy and tools.
  • Function as an expert in rate setting systems of the State of Maryland.


  • Develop and run the Admission Review and Discharge (ARD) process and chair the ARD committee keeping an interactive database/spreadsheet for all leadership to access.
  • At the direction of the CEO, expand Ardmore’s programs into targeted surrounding counties through rigorous partnerships with DDA area schools, and CCS companies in the area.
  • Meet regularly with Director of Community, Day and Employment and the Director of Community Living to keep them aware of deadlines, and assist with any additional services needed and trends that may affect necessary funding or programmatic change. Develop strategies that will increase Ardmore’s funding sources, as well as ways to assist each program in practical ways through community services.
  • Collaborate with Program Directors (Community, Day and Employment and Community Living Services) to determine specific recruitment needs.
  • Develop a comprehensive intake process to include completion of general discovery.
  • Establish relationships with DORS counselors.
  • Track and ensure letters of acceptance or denial are completed.
  • Ensure the requisite documents and paperwork is completed for admission.
  • With the departmental directors, writes and submits PCP’s to DDA in a timely fashion.
  • Collaborate with Program Directors (Community, Day and Employment and Community Living Services) and other staff members to provide input on organizational improvements, especially based on person centered thinking, and feedback from people and their families/support networks.
  • Work with the Director of Development and Communication to host High School/College interns or volunteers who may be interested in pursuing a study of Human Services, which will increase visibility in the community, and also build the morale of the people we serve.
  • Model current and appropriate language when referring to Ardmore services and those who are utilizing its services.
  • Promote self-advocacy on all levels.
  • Model appropriate, adult interpersonal communication and interactions when communicating with colleagues, family members, employers and the general public.
  • Promptly and actively participate in required training and professional development opportunities.
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding and dedication to Ardmore’s mission. Actively promote and represent organization’s philosophy through all interactions with both internal and external customers.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned necessary to fulfill the mission of Ardmore.
  • If necessary, due to expansion supervise staff performing duties in other areas.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Bachelor’s degree or experience in Sales, Marketing, Business or Communication or Special Education/Vocational Rehabilitation degree strongly preferred.
  • Experience with public speaking, promotions, or marketing strongly preferred.
  • Must possess strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Interest or passion supporting people with intellectual disabilities in achieving their dreams required. Must believe everyone can work.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and daily access to reliable transportation, as necessary, to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the position. Position is community based with minimal office time. Requires daily travel throughout assignment region.
  • Must have excellent time management and customer service skills. Strong ability to think creatively and develop strong internal and external relationships and resources is required. Must be confident and comfortable working in the field independently.
  • Must be available to work 40 hour work weeks, to include evenings and weekends as necessary.

Required Conditions of Employment

  • Must be able to provide or arrange for the assistance and transfer of an average adult in and out of a wheelchair.
  • Must be able to drive and possess a good driving record.
  • Must meet eligibility for employment in the United States. (Provide appropriate I-9 documentation on first day of employment).
  • Must have a clean criminal history.
  • Must be able to pass a drug screening.
  • Knowledge of augmented communication strongly preferred.
  • Must be able to professionally, intelligently and tactfully represent Ardmore as the first point of contact with the organization

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