Production / CSR

Each independent restaurant within the ADF brand of companies
Gainesville, VA
Aug 09, 2019
Aug 23, 2019
Accountant, IT
Full Time
General Purpose of the Position: Responsible for all production processes within the restaurant, including food preparation, customer care and cleaning.Essential Duties and Responsibilities of the PositionPerforms the following duties and responsibilities as the workload necessitates:Prepares food items for cooking - Adds or removes food product from freezer, cooler, or proofer - Labels and dates food items appropriatelyMakes food products in accordance with spec charts - Prepares food items (may include spraying, pinching, or manipulating with fingers) - Places food items into oven or fryer, removes after cooking process complete - Finalizes food preparation (may include cutting, spraying, adding sauce) Takes customer orders - Answers the phone or greets customers at counter - Keys order into computerMaintains production area - Operates dishwasher using hand controls to wash soiled dishes and cooking utensils, including loading of dirty dishes and removal of clean dishes - Changes soap and or sanitizes containers as needed - Receives incoming product and stores in appropriate areas (cooler, freezer, shelves)Assists with other restaurant functions as directed by manager - Maintains cleanliness of restaurant (empties trash, sweeps and mops floors, cleans restrooms, picks up parking lot, etc.) - Collects payment from customersExpectations of the EmployeeUpholds the following standards of employment:Consistently reports to work on time prepared to perform essential duties and responsibilities of the positionPerforms duties as workload necessitates and accomplishes all tasks assignedAdheres to company policies and proceduresMaintains a positive and respectful attitudeCommunicates regularly with supervisor