Senior Cloud Architect

Think Tank, inc
Silver Spring, MD
Aug 21, 2019
Aug 23, 2019
IT, IT Architect
Full Time
Think Tank, Inc., a small women-owned IT company located in Silver Spring, MD, with contracts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has an immediate opening for a Senior Cloud Architect(s) with following expertise:1) Cloud Architecture: a) Expertise with CSP cloud services and knowledge of serverless and microservices architecture b) Expertise with CSP cloud tenant architecture c) Expertise with Identity Management in support of the cloud d) Knowledge of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML)2) High Performance Computing (HPC) cloud computing expertise: a) Execution of HPC related high throughput data analytics b) Parallel processing c) Creating massively scalable (vertically and Horizontally) and highly available processing system 3) Data Management in the cloud:a) Understanding of enterprise management taxonomy & structure b) Managing scientific data setsc) Developing and managing a metadata catalog, schema and massively scalable analytics platformd) Expertise with data lakes and data warehousing techniques in the cloude) Expertise with object storage4) Containerization of algorithms: a) Expertise in container framework with a focus on scientific applicationsb) Knowledge of acceleration of software implementation with containers 5) Optimal configuration of containerize framework in HPC environment: a) Understanding of performance of applications in containersb) Expertise in cloud automation, infrastructure as a code and cloud-based configuration managementc) Expertise in Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline and modern DevOps concepts of Software development in the Cloud environment6) Network Engineering - cloud focused: a) Experience with cloud based networking technology (routing, firewalls, subnetting, and connections) from on-premise (on-prem) systems to Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) b) Experience with cloud-based Virtual Private Network (VPN), dedicated direct connections and third party connection service between on-prem data centers and the CSPs.7) Cloud Operations Management: a) Knowledge of how to standardize Federal requirements of Cloud management in Configuration Management, System update processes, Network management, Applications management, provisioning management, Dashboard presentation. b) Knowledge of how to standardize Federal requirements of Cloud management of performance reporting and dashboard.8) Costing: a) Knowledge of how to determine costs for on-premise solutions that will utilize innovate technology/solutions (including and excluding the Cloud) b) Knowledge and direct development/calculation experience with the three biggest cost centers related to a cloud environment: network, compute and storage. c) Knowledge of cloud cost management to facilitate with determining if waste is occurring. accomplished Proposal Writer/Manager. The successful candidate would be responsible for the entire proposal life cycle and response to NOAA Request for Information (RFIs) and Request Proposals (RFPs), and occasional IDIQs. Past performance at NOAA is preferred. Notes from Hiring ManagerSuscessful candidate(s) will provide input for an upcoming opportunity, and will receive an offer contingent upon a successful win.

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