Student Support Center Coordinator

Alexandria, Virginia
Aug 20, 2019
Sep 05, 2019
Full Time
Job Description:

The Student Support Center Coordinator provides a structured Student Support Center Program that promotes positive academic, social, and behavioral performance in students assigned to the program.

This position reports to the Campus Administrator.

  • Education: Bachelor's degree preferred.
  • Certificates & Licenses: None required.
  • Experience: Job related experience working with diverse populations of high school students.

Essential Functions:
  • Effectively utilizes ACPS technologies appropriate to the position and assumes responsibility for attending district training needed to successfully perform designated responsibilities as directed by supervisor.
  • Collaborates with Attendance and Truancy Specialist and Academy Administrators to maintain and report regular absence for students assigned to the Student Support Center.
  • Participates in all levels of Restorative Practices and implements as necessary in the Student Support Center.
  • Complies with State Law and District policies and regulations regarding instructional support for students.
  • Maintains a safe environment for students, conducive to learning.
  • Uses effective Classroom Management techniques.
  • Schedules students assigned to the Student Support Center during the school day, after school, and through Saturday Learning Academy.
  • Monitors the academic, social, and behavioral performance of students assigned to the Student Support Center.
  • Conducts daily individualized meetings with students to help support the students in making positive decisions that will influence future behavior.
  • Collaborates with instructional staff to coordinate student assignments, ensuring completion and return.
  • Communicates effectively with teachers and administrators regarding assignments and behavior.
  • Seeks and provides tutoring and remediation support to students as needed.
  • Assists students with assignment completion.
  • Coordinates the food services program for the students in the Student Support Center.
  • Communicates with instructional staff regarding student progress.
  • Conducts data collection and analysis of students assigned to the Student Support Center and makes recommendations to the appropriate academy support teams.
  • Provides updates to administrative team on student progress.
  • Collaborates with social workers to provide students resources.
  • Communicates with parents and administrative team regarding progress of students assigned to the Student Support Center.
  • Other duties as assigned by Campus Administrator.

Please note: This is a 10 month, 200 day position.

Annualized salary range: $50,352-$61,920


Primary Location:
TCW Minnie Howard Campus
Salary Range:
$31.47 - $38.70 / Support SUP-32
Shift Type:

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