Oracle RBAC Subject Matter Expert

Information International Associates, Inc.
Alexandria, VA
Aug 19, 2019
Aug 23, 2019
Accountant, IT
Full Time
RBAC Subject Matter Expert (SME) Overview This is a Full-Time position and work location will be in Alexandria, VA. Primary Responsibilities 1. Provide technical services and expertise for Oracle Identity Management suite software. 2. Provide services for administration, troubleshooting, configuration, installation, deployment, operation, maintenance, upgrades and high availability of Oracle Identity Management suite related software products. 3. Provide day-to-day operational support including responding to incidents, troubleshooting, and executing corrective action. ITSM Problem Records will be assigned to the Contractor following the initial triage that has been performed by the OS Operations Section, CIO Command Center Branch (C3) or the Service Desk. Problem resolution may involve identification of complex system problems, restarting failing services, a complete software reload, andor system level file recovery. 4. Interact with software vendors to reach problem resolution. This may include opening a service call with the vendor, providing logs, and responding to advice received by phone call or email. 5. Interact with other groups to troubleshoot and resolve problems. This shall include providing logs, and responding to advice received by phone call or email. 6. Support testing, evaluation, installation and configuration of new software vendor releases and will use Operational Support Plans, Secure Configuration documents, Best Practice white papers and other tools to determine if there are potential issues before implementation. 7. Perform approved production maintenance activities that include development of automated scripts and scheduled tasks, applicationsystem monitoring, softwaresecurity updates and patching, archivingdisposition of system logs andor data records for RBAC systems. 8. Analyze issues as they relate to the environment. The analysis shall include a written document along with an action plan to remediate the problem, initiate a new process or procedure, roll out products andor enhance current operations. 9. Prepare support documentation as needed, including a. Installation procedures b. Rollback procedures c. Troubleshooting assistance that includes common problemsissues d. Knowledge packs e. Root cause analysis f. Application administration guidance such as log file location, regular monitoring and troubleshooting procedures and system restart procedures g. Application procedures for basic functionality testing (Smoke Test) 10. Support integration of Next-Gen and legacy applications with RBAC. 11. Support and maintain FIMILMMIM product. 12. Follow documented processes and procedures that reflect 24x7x365 production facility operational support plan, including continuity operations implementation and planning, which are critical to future 24x7 operations in the event of a disaster. These processes and procedures shall include, but are not limited to, step-by-step procedures for bringing critical processes back on-line. 13. Create new or improve existing operational processes and procedures. Processes must be described in operational documents. The documents will include, but not be limited to, software installation procedures for Oracle Identity Access Management (IAM), disaster recovery plans, maintenance plans and Secure Configuration Baseline deviations for each system. The documentation will be specific to the environment. 14. Provide operational support in the deployment of software applications. This may include off-hours deployments. Take appropriate steps during deployments to minimize outage time occurring as a consequence of deployment activities, and resolve issues arising from software deployments, including a. Support pre-deployment planning leading up to deployment. b. Send out notification of deployment after verifying approvals prior to deployment consistent with communication standards. c. Provide regular communication with government personnel, support groups, business area, product owners, during deployment coordination activity, to include possibility of setting up phone conference, email, instant messaging, and virtual presentations. d. Escalate, as needed, if deployment exceeds reasonable threshold parameters for a successful deployment, as agreed to prior to deployment. e. Communicate final deployment status after the deployment activity has concluded, to include notification of appropriate support and customer groups as indicated by government personnel. f. Provide post-deployment write-up on issues, successes, failures, anomalies. g. Perform rollback h. Perform smoke tests for application verification after the deployment. 15. Perform tuning of RBAC products to have optimal performance and stability. 16. Perform resiliency and failover testing of RBAC systems. 17. Perform routine evaluation of RBAC software as requested. 18. Perform approved production maintenance activities that include development of automated scripts and scheduled tasks, applicationsystem monitoring, and archivingdisposition of system logs andor data records for RBAC products. 19. Maintain upgrades, updates, Service Packs, Patch Set Levels, Hot Fixes, Security Updates and all relative to Software Service functionality for RBAC products. 20. Provide services for administration, troubleshooting, configuration, installation, deployment, operation, maintenance, upgrades and high availability of Layer 7 API Gateway software and hardware. Desired Experience 1. Hands-on experience with Java, WebLogic, and Apache installation and configuration on UNIXLINUX environment. 2. Five (5) years hands-on experience in Oracle IAM products suites, including the Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Identity Analytics, Oracle Directory Services, Oracle Mobile Security, Oracle Identity Federation, API Gateways, Oracle databases, and Oracle Entitlements Server Security module for RBAC subject matter expert. 3. Five (5) years hands-on experience with LDAP directory services. 4. Hands-on experience with Password Management, Password Synchronization systems not yet integrated, User provisioningde-provisioning of systems not yet integrated, and bulk user provisioning to replace the current manual process. 5. Hands-on experience on integrating COTS and custom developed enterprise class applications with RBAC to provide authentication and authorization services. 6. Experienced in Linux platforms and scripting language experience including shell (bash, korn), python, puppet and Perl. 7. Identity and Access Management experience within large-scale high redundancy enterprises for installation, configuration and operation. 8. Hands-on experience with web services for implementation of the single sign-on, authentication and role data via RESTSOAP. 9. Thorough understanding of Java, J2EE, JBoss EAP 6, Spring 3, Spring Security, Spring Data, RESTJSON web services, SOAPXML web services, Apache, and WebLogic. 10. Hands-on experience in AgileScrum methodology. 11. Have expertise in operation, maintenance, upgrade, and troubleshooting Domain controller related issues. 12. Have expertise in integrating COTS and custom developed application for authentication and authorization services with Oracle IAM. 13. Possess expert level knowledge of OUs, User, Computers, Group Policies, and Groups. 14. Possess working level knowledge of management tools and software. 15. Possess expert level knowledge of Meta data directories such as FIMILMMIM to synchronize objects among different directories. Desired Skills, Experience and Technologies 1. Mission-Critical COTS Software Services Enterprise COTS Software Microsoft Exchange Email (On-Premise and Microsoft 365 Cloud), Blackberry, Active Directory, Good, , SharePoint (On- Premise and Microsoft 365 Cloud), Lync (On-Premise and Microsoft 365 Cloud), and Group Chat 2. RBAC Enterprise class Role Based Access Control system to include, but not limited to, the following sub-components a. Oracle Identity Manager b. Oracle Access Manager c. Oracle Identity Analytics d. Oracle Directory Services e. Oracle Mobile Security f. Oracle Identity Federation g. API Gateways h. Load balancers i. Oracle databases j. Oracle Entitlements Server Security 3. Microsoft Active Directory Enterprise class Microsoft Active Directory to include, but not limited to, the following sub-components a. Domain Controllers b. DNS c. DHCP d. WINS e. FIMILMMIM f. Integrating COTS and custom developed application with Active Directory g. Group Policies h. Active Directory objects (users, computers, groups, etc.) i. Active Directory sites and replication 4. Non-Mission Critical Enterprise COTS Software Symantec Anti-Virus, Layer 7 (XML Appliance), Quest (Active Roles, Change Auditor, Recovery Manager), TeamQuest, DCFMSAperture, GEARSTroux, Altiris, MindLink Anywhere, Sonar, and RightFax Education Bachelors Degree or 8 years of equivalent work experience in IT related work HoursShift On-Site M - F 0500 am 600 pm On-Call Planned after-hour support only. Clearance Requirements You do not need a currentactive clearance to apply, but must be able to pass and hold a government Public Trust (SF-85) background investigation. You must either be a US Citizenship or Green Card Holder to be eligible. IIa is proud to be an EEOAA employer MFDV. We maintain a drug-free workplace and perform pre-employment and random substance abuse testing.