Senior Software Engineer

BlueLabs: Analytics, Data, Technology
Arlington, VA
Aug 20, 2019
Aug 23, 2019
Full Time
Who We AreA cents € |Based in Washington DC, BlueLabs was formed in early 2013 by senior members of the Obama for America analytics team. We help organizations personalize their engagements with individuals, optimize communications, and achieve their strategic goals. Our team includes more than 40 data scientists, engineers, and strategists from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for using data to solve the worldA cents € (TM) s greatest social and analytical challenges. Through our work, weA cents € (TM) ve directly and measurably improved the health and financial security of millions of Americans.Since 2013, weA cents € (TM) ve served more than 300 organizations, run more than 1,000 randomized experiments, built hundreds of models, generated over 6 billion touch points, reached virtually every contactable person in the United States, and driven significant improvements in some of the highest-profile private sector, advocacy, and government programs around the world. Along the way, weA cents € (TM) ve developed some of the most innovative tools available in media optimization, reporting, and influencer outreach.Our clients range from political campaigns to advocacy groups, unions, government agencies, and international groups, as well as global companies in the automotive, travel, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, healthcare, media, telecom, and other industries.Who You AreA cents € |You are an experienced software engineer, and you want to make a difference. You want to work at an organization where the people care about what they are doing and work hard to achieve it.WeA cents € (TM) re not building a team for a dayA cents € "we are building a collaborative community of engineers and data scientists. More than anything else, weA cents € (TM) re looking for people who are excited by our mission, love to create, are honest about what they know, fascinated by what they donA cents € (TM) t, and relish the opportunity to work with people who value the same.We know that the best candidate may not fit neatly into the boxes we define here so if this sounds like a place you want to work, even if youA cents € (TM) re not confident you perfectly match our posting, we still encourage you to apply! We welcome diverse, out-of-the-box thinking, and we strive to provide an ecosystem for innovation and development. If you want more information about who we are as a team, check out our Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram.As part of the engineering team at BlueLabs, youA cents € (TM) ll Design. WeA cents € (TM) re working on some challenging engineering problems, and our engineers are driving the process of solving those problems. You'll need to understand the problem and define it. Your own expertise and experience will help us design the solution we need.Collaborate. Every project benefits from diverse viewpoints from the very beginning, and so youA cents € (TM) ll work closely with our clients and with our analysts, data scientists, and other engineers to develop the technology that empowers them to run data-driven programs.Explore. TechnologyA cents € "especially around data and analyticsA cents € "is moving fast, and we need to stay nimble. That means trying new things. They wonA cents € (TM) t always be the ultimate solutions, but theyA cents € (TM) re an important part of the path to getting there.Build. You wonA cents € (TM) t just write code. YouA cents € (TM) ll build apps, systems, and solutions that are challenging, exciting, and long-lasting.As aA' Senior SoftwareA' Engineer at BlueLabs, you'll Work on important problems at the intersection of data science and engineering.Be a trusted, experienced engineer and leader, turned to for guidance on technical matters.Work directly with our clients and our data scientists to craft solutions to their needs.Dive in to our tech stack and platform to understand how we can use it to build those solutions.Design and build extensions to that platform that can be used over and over by future projects and clients.Be a key voice during code reviews, guiding us towards the right abstractions and away from premature optimization.Help design and implement the tools and infrastructure that are behind the day-to-day work of our analysts and many others.Work with our analysts to create sophisticated tools and engines to acquire, transform, analyze, and present data to solve real customer problems.Roll up your sleeves andA' work directlyA' on those problemsA' as part of a cross-disciplinary analytics team working with a client.You should Understand the basics of a specialty - eg, web frontend, API backend, data engineering.Have experience with multiple programming languages A cents € " and be excited to dive into new ones (our core languages are Python and JavaScript)Love to learn about new technologies and be dedicated to expanding your skills every dayGet excited about data, visualization, analytics or just plain problem solvingYou will stand out as a candidate if any of these apply to you (donA cents € (TM) t worryA cents € " we arenA cents € (TM) t looking for all of them!):Demonstrated interest in using data and technology to advance social good in areas like health, education or civic engagementExperience building microservice-backed single-page apps with a modern Javascript framework like React (which we use extensively)Worked with SQL databases in the past, especially if you have built complex SQL pipelines (with analytic functions, nested queries, and more) on a columnar SQL database system, such as Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, or VerticaExperience deploying applications in an AWS or other cloud environment using automation tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Chef, or Puppet, and cluster management/orchestration software like Kubernetes and Docker.Experience building distributed data processing systems using tools like Spark, Kafka, Storm, or HadoopBe able to pass the Public Trust background investigation that our clients in the federal healthcare world require.At BlueLabs, we're more than just a team of innovatorsA cents € "we're a community ofA' mission-driven individuals who are willing to invest, collaborate, and engage at high levels to make our team and the world a better place.At BlueLabs, we celebrate, support and thrive on differences. Not only are they to theA' benefit our services, products, and community, but most importantly, they are to theA' benefitA' of our team. AsA' an equal opportunity workplaceA' and an affirmative action employer, BlueLabsA' isA' committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.