Training Curriculum Development Specialist/Manager

Elegant Enterprise Wide Solutions
Washington, DC
Aug 18, 2019
Aug 20, 2019
Full Time
SCOPE CLIENT is a mature system for which Operations and Maintenance (OM) services are required to ensure the system continues to be available to users and other stakeholders when needed. System Development and Enhancement services (SDE) are needed to a) createupdate interfaces, b) createupdate custom validations, c) implement new COTS modules, d) perform various developments and updates to handle user requests and adhere to changing regulations, and e) make advancements in other areas such as training, web portal, and support software. IT Program Management services are required to manage all program activities and ensure successful delivery of all OM and SDE services. OM are recurring, known tasks that will be included in the base contract. SDE items will be handled in a separate optional line item to be exercised annually based on need. IT Program Management services are also recurring, known tasks that are industry standard and necessary to successfully deliver the IT services required in this contract. Therefore, except for project management tasks specific to the projects associated with the optional SDE line items, the IT Program Management services will also be included in the base contract. Separate contracts exist for system security and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) A-123 requirements, but the scope of this PWS includes supporting activities for those requirements. Requirements The Offeror shall demonstrate that the key technical staff has the appropriate relevant technical skills Installing and upgrading Unison Contracting, Configuring and maintaining Unison Contracting, Oracle EBS, and IPP (including approval workflow), Experience with software languages and tools listed in Tasks Tasks The Offeror shall implement and maintain a comprehensive program to provide the CLIENTIPP user community with training to perform their CLIENTIPP role-based duties, including the following responsibilities CLIENTIPP Training Management Plan - Develop, maintain and execute plan that contains both current year and future year plans. Continuous Improvement within the CLIENT Training Program Identify and incorporate industry best practices and changing technologies, needs of user community, and provide recommendations for establishing additional training offerings via "distance" learning technology. Conduct the following training (either planned or by special request) o Minimum of four (4) instructor led hands-on training of iProcurement and Unison Contracting offerings in the Washington DC metro area. o Minimum of thirteen (13) instructor led hands-on training iProcurement and Unison Contracting offerings at training sites away from Washington DC metro area. o Minimum of two (2) classroomlive webinar Introduction to CLIENT courses. o Minimum of two (2) classroomlive webinar CLIENT Reporting Tool courses. o Minimum of five (5) classroomlive webinar IPP courses. Manage training laptops - Engineer, install, operate, maintain, and support the CLIENT Training lap-top computers (30). Routinely evaluate assetsequipment providing recommendations to the CLIENT Program on needed improvements to ensure effective delivery of training. Manage and maintain CLIENT Training environment - Create student accounts, load data necessary for students to be able to process transactions. Update curriculum (existing classroom and self-paced courses) to account for changes to CLIENT, information obtained from previous classes, and input from the CLIENT Help Desk. Coordinate with facilities in order to schedule classes in Washington DC and locations away from Washington DC. Maintain an inventory of CLIENT training sites, liaison with training sites, maintain demographic information on the potential audiences of each site, and research and negotiate with CLIENT facilities to add new training sites. Execute course registration through CLIENT's AgLearn. Support procurement of outside services o Coordinate with the CLIENT Program Business Office to obtain necessary services. o Obtain printing services from the CLIENT Printing Office for materials needed for the conduct of classes. o Obtain services for the shipmentdelivery of printed materials needed for conduct of classes. o Obtain services for shipping computers as necessary to conduct training at sites away from Washington DC. Develop and execute communication program o Communications to students registered for classes. o Communications to CLIENT Agency Leads and CLIENT Community regarding training availability. o Manage e-mail account. o Manage telephone inquiries to CLIENT Training Team phone line o Provide scheduled training and status of reservation. information for posting on the CLIENT Website.

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