Wastewater Maintenance Technician Trainee (2 Vacancies)

Arlington, Virginia
$50,835.20 - $77,708.80 Annually
Aug 09, 2019
Aug 30, 2019
Full Time
Position Information

Arlington County is hiring Wastewater Maintenance Technician Trainees for the County's Wastewater Pollution Control Plant (WPCP). This on-the-job training/work program offers a career path to the highest level of mechanic at Arlington County's WPCP.

The WPCP is a state-of-the-art highly automated advanced wastewater treatment facility capable of treating more than 40 million gallons per day of high quality effluent via wastewater treatment systems and equipment such as automated de-watering centrifuges and influent lift stations.

The apprenticeship program is a structured, defined four-year process for training, certifying, and compensating employees as they move through four trainee levels to the full-performance Wastewater Maintenance Technician (WMT) position within four years of hire date. Permanent status is achieved with the County only after completing all training and certification requirements for full-performance WMT.

The apprenticeship program includes:
  • Extensive County-paid internal and external training;
  • Technical courses using the TPC training system, wastewater systems overview, safety training, CMMS training, CDL license, WEF pump computer training, backflow preventer training, crane truck/backhoe/skidloader/rigging/overhead crane training operation, multiple laser alignment training, structural and pipe welding certification, vibration analysis, root cause failure, oil analysis, and may include other required training not listed;
  • Clearly-defined expectations of accomplishment at each level or subject to separation from training; and
  • A compensation plan based upon the achievement of new skills as recognized through comprehensive testing and certification and demonstrated application of those skills.
The full performance Maintenance Technician is responsible for technical, skilled trades and project management work. This includes installing, maintaining, repairing and overhauling or rebuilding complex industrial systems and equipment in the WPCP and the Water and Sewer Lift Stations which are operated, maintained and managed within the Department of Environmental Services.

Specific duties include:
  • Examining equipment to determine the viability of replacement or repair of parts or equipment;
  • Coordinating maintenance or repair work with other agencies or contractors;
  • Performing predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance using a variety of diagnostic tools, historical data, blueprints, factory specifications and the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS);
  • Analyzing system failure or condition to determine root cause or potential for breakdown;
  • Evaluating problems or work assignments to determine scope of project, to set priorities, to project resource needs and to plan follow-up activities; and
  • Assisting in the training of staff and monitoring work and systems to ensure compliance with Federal, State, and County codes, regulations, standards and mandates.

Selection Criteria


Apprentice Level 1: Completion of the requirements for graduation from a standard senior high school or vocational school, a GED certificate, or the equivalent, plus one year of mechanical experience.

Apprentice Level 2: Completion of the requirements for Apprentice Level 1plus one year of experience in wastewater maintenance; CDL (Class B) license; forklift certification; first aid and CPR certification; and IMI Wastewater Maintenance Technician I License or equivalent.

Apprentice Level 3: Completion of the requirements for Apprentice Level 2 plus one additional year of experience in wastewater maintenance; backflow preventer license; IMI Wastewater Maintenance Technician II License; and plate and pipe welding certification.

Substitution: One year of directly related technical school training beyond the high school level or a college degree in Engineering or a directly related field may be substituted for one year of experience requirement.

Desirable: Preference may be given to candidates with one or more of the following:
  • Experience working in an industrial environment;
  • Wastewater maintenance mechanic experience;
  • Experience in troubleshooting and repairing pumps, blowers, mixers, conveyors, and/or gearboxes;
  • Rigging and material handing experience;
  • Plate and pipe welding certification; and/or
  • CDL class B.

Special Requirements

Applicant must possess, or obtain by time of appointment a valid motor vehicle operator's license from the applicant's place of residence. The applicant must authorize Arlington County to obtain, or the applicant must provide a copy of the applicant's official state/district driving record.

Applicant must be eligible for and must obtain, or keep current, a Class B Commercial Driver's License (CDL)within one (1) year of employment.

Any offer of employment may be contingent upon a favorable review of the applicant's driving record.

Work is performed in an industrial environment and involves exposure to hazardous chemicals, strong odors, drafts, noise, dust, grease, and dirt with extended periods of standing, walking, bending, crouching, lifting light to very heavy objects and equipment, climbing ladders, and climbing to elevations of 100 feet. This position requires working outside for long periods of time with exposure to adverse weather conditions that includes rain, snow, wind and temperature extremes.

Applicants must be able to pass a respirator fit test and work in confined spaces.

Additional Information

Work hours: 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Must be available for holdover and/or call-back in emergency situations.

The Wastewater Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship Program is a pay pilot within the Arlington County Government. The salary listed at the top of the announcement is reflective of the entry at the trainee level to the top of the full performance level. Entry pay and pay progression is based on meeting training, certification, licensing and experience requirements.

Permanent status with the County is not obtained until completion of training and certification requirements for the full-performance position. All employees in the program must complete all stated requirements within the specified time frames, or they will be subject to separation from County employment.

Your responses to the supplemental questionnaire are considered part of the selection process and are required for this position. Please do not give "see resume" as a response to the questions. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Arlington County Government employee benefits depend on whether a position is permanent, the number of hours worked, and the number of months the position is scheduled.

Specific information on benefits and conditions of employment can be found on the Arlington County Human Resources Department website: www.arlingtonva.us/pers.

Permanent, Full-Time Appointments
All jobs are permanent, full-time appointments unless otherwise stated in the announcement. The following benefits are available:

Paid Leave : Vacation leave is earned at the rate of four hours biweekly. Leave accrual increases every three years until eight hours of leave are earned biweekly for twelve or more years of service. Sick leave is earned at the rate of four hours biweekly. There are eleven paid holidays each year.

Health and Dental Insurance : Three group health insurance plans are offered - a network open access plan, a point-of-service plan, and a health maintenance organization. A group dental insurance plan is also offered. The County pays a significant portion of the premium for these plans for employees and their dependents. A discount vision plan is provided for eye care needs.

Life Insurance : A group term policy of basic life insurance is provided at no cost to employees. The benefit is one times annual salary. Additional life insurance is available with rates based on the employee's age and smoker/non-smoker status.

Retirement : The County offers three vehicles to help you prepare for retirement: a defined benefit plan, a defined contribution plan (401(a)), and a deferred compensation plan (457). The defined benefit plan provides a monthly retirement benefit based on your final average salary and years of service with the County. You contribute a portion of your salary on a pre-tax basis to this plan. General employees contribute 4% of pay; uniformed public safety employees contribute 7.5% of pay. Employees become vested in the plan at five years of service. The County also contributes to this plan.

For general employees, the County also contributes 4.2% of pay to a defined contribution plan (401(a)) . The County also matches your 457 contribution, up to $20 per pay period, in this plan. The 457 deferred compensation plan allows you to set aside money on either a pre-tax (457b) or post-tax (457 Roth) basis up to the IRS annual limit. New employees are automatically enrolled with a pre-tax contribution equal to 2% of your base pay.

Other Benefits: The County also offers health, dependent care, and parking flexible spending accounts; long-term care insurance; tuition assistance; transit and walk/bike to work subsidies; a college savings plan; wellness programs; training opportunities; and a variety of other employee benefits.

Permanent, Part-Time Appointments:
Part time employees who work ten or more hours per week receive paid leave and benefits in proportion to the number of hours worked per week.

Limited Term Appointments:
Benefits are the same as permanent appointments except that the employees do not achieve permanent status.

Temporary Regular Appointments:
Temporary regular employees who work 30 hours or more per week are eligible for health, dental, and basic life insurance as described above. They are also eligible for vacation, sick leave, and paid holidays.

Temporary Seasonal and Occasional Appointments:
Temporary employees who work on a seasonal basis or variable hours receive sick leave, but do not normally receive other paid leave or benefits. Exceptions are noted in individual announcements.


I have earned at least a high school diploma, GED, or the equivalent.
  • Yes
  • No


How much full-time experience do you have as a general mechanic or in the mechanical repair trade?
  • None
  • Less than one year
  • More than one year but less than two years
  • More than two years but less than three years
  • Three or more years


How much experience do you have in wastewater mechanical maintenance or in the maintenance of a wastewater treatment facility?
  • None
  • Less than one year
  • More than one year but less than two years
  • More than two years but less than three years
  • Three years or more


Describe in detail your experience in wastewater mechanical maintenance or the maintenance of a wastewater treatment facility. Be sure to include where you obtained this experience and your specific duties. If you do not have this experience, type "N/A."


Please check the box(es) for any experience you have with any of the following: Check all that apply
  • Working in an industrial environment
  • Troubleshooting and repairing pumps, blowers, mixers, conveyors, and/or gearboxes
  • Rigging and material handling experience
  • None of the above


Please check ALL of the additional valid certifications or licenses you currently possess.
  • IMI Wastewater Maintenance Technician I License
  • IMI Wastewater Maintenance Technician II License
  • Commercial Drivers License (class B)
  • First-aid or CPR certification
  • Forklift operation
  • Backflow preventer license
  • Plate or pipe welding
  • WEF pump training
  • Crane truck operation
  • Advanced rigging
  • Material handling
  • Crane operation
  • TPC training systems
  • None of the above

Required Question

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