Executive Director

American Psychiatric Nurses Association
Falls Church, VA
Jul 01, 2019
Jul 17, 2019
Full Time
The Executive Director (ED) of APNA is the chief of staff for the organization, responsible for providing support to the Board (BOD), managing the programs and operations of the organization, leading and managing staff resources, and coordinating professional relations. The ED reports directly to the BOD and works in partnership with the BOD and other volunteer leaders to guide and develop the objectives, services, projects, and activities of the Association. All aspects of the ED's position and related activities must be aligned with APNA policies and procedures and BOD directives and carried out with the approval of the BOD. This position is contract-based. APNA's BOD does a contract-based performance review at its June BOD meeting every year. To apply for this job, please send resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to APNA Director of Communications Meaghan Trimyer at inform@apna.org. KEY DUTIES APNA Board of Directors (BOD) Partnership Work with the APNA BOD to: Develop annual goals for the Association in accordance with the approved strategic direction, subject to BOD review and approval Identify and develop critical issues for BOD deliberations Develop agendas for BOD meetings Oversee administration of BOD meetings and actions Oversee preparation of BOD agenda books to facilitate the work of the BOD Coordinate a scan of the environment for current and future trends in healthcare policy as it may affect PMH nursing Ensure that materials to facilitate BOD analysis of issues and decision-making are provided for BOD meetings in a complete and timely manner Arrange for accurate documentation and recording of votes and deliberations at all BOD meetings as delegated by the Secretary Track all recommended BOD actions and maintain a reporting process to the BOD Ensure that all agenda items have appropriate and adequate input from relevant committees Support the leadership development of individual APNA members who serve on the BOD Ensure that all meetings and activities are conducted in accordance with state and federal laws/policies, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Governance Policies Leadership and Management of APNA Programs and Operations Ensure that the actions of the BOD are implemented and that the results of actions are reported to the BOD in timely, concise reports Develop, implement, and monitor policies determined by the BOD; provide regular, clear, and concise reports on the impacts of policies Ensure that appropriate services and support are developed and provided to APNA members Develop an annual budget for APNA to be approved by the BOD Provide clear, concise reports to the BOD at each regularly scheduled BOD meeting that assess the attainment of organizational goals Ensure the financial affairs of the Association are conducted in accordance with policies and guidelines established by the BOD and generally accepted accounting principles Ensure that the Association operates in a fiscally sound and prudent manner, within the boundaries of budget constraints approved by the APNA BOD within a ten percent variance of budgeted line items Ensure that an optimum level of communication exists among APNA staff, volunteer leaders, and members to promote smooth development and implementation of the APNA projects and services Ensure that sound risk management policies are in place Demonstrate substantive knowledge of APNA's mission, programs, and services Guide revenue-generating activities to provide adequate income to the Association Lead, direct, and monitor all governmental agency relationships APNA Staff Management Ensure that effective mechanisms are in place to determine staffing needs. All association staff will report either directly or ultimately to the ED and the ED will conduct the annual performance and compensation review of all staff positions. As necessary, conduct employment interviews and be primarily responsible for the hiring of new staff Ensure appropriate personnel policies and procedures are developed and maintained Ensure adequate staff support for all APNA programs, operations, councils, and committees and consider future human resource needs Supervise APNA staff Report staff accomplishment and progress, as a group, to the BOD at regular scheduled BOD meetings during executive session Professional and Community Relationships Work with the APNA BOD to identify, establish, and maintain relationships with other professional and community organizations involved with or interested in mental health promotion, and mental illness and substance use disorders care Review human resource policies with the BOD biannually with help from APNA outside legal counsel Work with the APNA BOD to identify, establish, and maintain liaisons with: Professional organizations and other associations Community groups as they become important for the future of the Association Government agencies as they become important for the future of the Association PandoLogic. Keywords: Chief of Staff - Healthcare, Location: Falls Church, VA - 22042

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