Assistant Director of Athletics and Student Activities - Strategic Outreach

Alexandria, Virginia
Jun 03, 2019
Jun 26, 2019
Full Time
Job Description:

The Primary responsibilities include the day-to-day office management that ensures the planned activities, events and department tasks are occurring with the proper supports in place. The Assistant Director assists the Director in the following areas:

• Upholds and develops policies that support the ACPS 2020 Health and Wellness Goals through school sports, clubs, activities and events at four of the ACPS campuses.
• Leads and manages the growth of the sports and club programs at the secondary campuses.
• Develops and expands the program and management through the skills of designing, coordinating, and executing the quality controls for all facets of school activities to ensure alignment with the instructional program and school operations.
• Contributes to the educational growth of students to be responsible citizens by developing processes that monitor student's academic status and provides resources to help them be successful.
• Creates and encourages professional development programs to ensure the staff acquires the requisite knowledge, skill and abilities to meet the changing needs of students and society.

  • Education: Bachelor's in related area. Master's Degree preferred.
  • Certificates & Licenses (Preferred, but not Required): Virginia Postgraduate Professional License with an endorsement as a secondary principal.

  • Possess 2-5 years of leadership or partnership management in a non-profit, municipal sector, or education setting.
  • Able to execute on and contribute to department level strategic plans
  • Demonstrated leadership experience necessary to work effectively with students, teacher, administrators, families, and community members.

Key Competencies:

The Assistant Director will assist the Director in the management and execution of the following areas:
  • Responsible for developing and overseeing the execution of strategic social media and digital initiatives for T.C Williams Athletic Department, including developing and managing marketing campaigns, creating and supervising the posting of stories/team stats/player stats, and integrating interactive applications into overall business strategies.
  • Create processes for daily communications using various methods regarding upcoming events, results, and any other related athletics and student activities news.
  • Updates website and social media using advanced skills in the area. Finds new and innovative ways of social media outreach.
  • Acts as direct liaison to the ACPS Communication Office to ensure that all aspects of social media related to athletics and student activities are fully realized.
  • Works with Director in staffing the student activities positions and advertising student activities to all students.
  • Point-of-Contact for all student activities in ensuring that needs of the various groups and clubs are met.
  • Works with Finance and School Treasurer to support and process all transactions for clubs and other student activities.
  • Develops process for vetting requests for student activities.
  • Maintains calendars or events and communicates with stakeholders about events.
  • Supports the Director in developing guidelines for support of clubs and other activities/events.
  • Supports the Director in the eligibility process of athletes.

Essential Functions:

  • Assumes a leadership role in all facets of school program management and coordination, including emerging programs and best practices in adherence of the ACPS 2020 mission and goals.
  • Works collaboratively with staff to ensure the effectiveness of ongoing and job-embedded professional development programs and practices.
  • Assists with the budget development for program implementation, professional development, partnership contributions, and facilities and equipment maintenance.
  • Provides support for the achievement of goals articulated in the ACPS 2020 strategic plan and benchmark metrics specified in the ACPS Education Plan.
  • Serves as liaison to staff and stipend members to ensure their understanding of ACPS policies and regulations related to all aspects of the Activities office's work.
  • Assists the DSA with such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as may be required to ensure an efficient and effective work environment.


Primary Location:
TC Williams High School
Salary Range:
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