Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA)-Early Intervention

Tender Touch Rehab Services
Washington, DC
May 17, 2019
May 23, 2019
Full Time
Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) Job Description Qualifications 1.Graduate of an accredited university or college with a Masters or Doctoral Degree in conferred in Education, Human Services ,Natural Sciences, Engineering or Medicine 2.225 Hours of Board approved course work 3.1000-1500 of Board Approved supervised experience 4.Experience hours as defined by the Board or have a minimum of 1 year teaching appointment at a college or university Job Responsibilities 1.Provide a comprehensive, descriptive and systematic behavioral assessments , including functional analysis to clients 2.Develop assessments to be used in unfamiliar situations and varied cases 3.Define behaviors in measurable and observable measurements 4.Interpret results of assessments, state intervention goals and make recommendations regarding behaviors to be established m maintained, increased or decreased 5.Design behavioral analysis interventions and treatment plan including long and short term goals, frequency, duration of intervention required 6.Select intervention strategies based in task analysis and client preferences , clients current repertoire and environment 7.Provide comprehensive treatment to clients utilizing principles of learning including operant and respondent conditioning to address behavioral needs for varied individuals in varied settings. 8.Apply fundamental elements of behavior change interventions and implement change systems, procedures and methods. 9.Use dimension of applied behavior analysis to evaluate the client's response to intervention and modify as indicated 10.Provide ongoing documentation as per policy with measurable dimensions of behaviors. 11.Document any caregiver or parent training as indicated 12.Complete any and all other documentation forms required by Sunrise/Tender Touch. 13.Attend meetings as indicated by supervisor and/or regional manager. 14.Educate other members of the team to implement BA interventions based on published research 15.Supervise behavioral analytic interventions for Board Certified Assistant Behavioral Analyst (BCaBA) and clinical psychologists. Offer technical assistance to BCaBA 16.Observe behavioral skills training and give appropriate feedback, provide case management as necessary 17.Review written documentation, materials and provide oversight and evaluation of Behavioral Analysis program 18.Model ethical behavior 19.Complete billing and bill clients ethically and accurately for Behavioral Analysis services rendered. 20.Cover other BCBA caseload during absence as necessary 21.Maintain professional relationship with co-workers, facility staff, patients and patient families 22.Provide in-service education services to staff, facility staff, and/or community as needed 23.Comply with all Sunrise and Tender Touch policies and procedures 24.Comply with client confidentiality and privacy 25.Report to work on time, adhere to scheduled hours and project a professional image at all times. 26.Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor, clinical coordinator or clinical director or regional director 27.Adhere to any and all other Sunrise or Tender Touch written and oral policies and procedures. 28.Be available to travel when request to multiple facilities as requested Physical Demands Employee should be able to physically and emotionally work with children and families. Must be able to travel distances. Tender Touch is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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