Compliance and Data Specialist

Alexandria, Virginia
May 14, 2019
Jun 04, 2019
IT, QA Engineer
Full Time
Job Description:

The Compliance and Data Specialist is responsible for assisting the executive director with ensuring compliance with State and Federal regulations. The Specialist coordinates training related to development of individualized education programs (IEP) and, as a member of the instructional specialist team, provides guidance relative to instructional best practices. The Specialist will work with school-based administrators to ensure IEPs are being implemented as written. The Compliance and Data Specialist assists the executive director in fulfilling state and federal reporting requirements. This position reports to the Executive Director of Specialized Instruction.

  • Education: Master's degree in Special Education.
  • Certificates & Licenses: Valid Virginia Department of Education Postgraduate Professional license with an endorsement in Special Education. Endorsement in Administration and Supervision, PreK-12 preferred, not required.
  • Experience: At least 5 years of experience as a special education teacher or specialist

  • Demonstrates knowledge of and ability to keep current of all Federal, State and local mandates for special education to ensure that the school division is in compliance.
  • Experience with data collection methods and analyzing data pertaining to special education for purposes of reporting to state and federal agencies, and for planning and evaluating special education services.
  • Possesses the essential skills to work collaboratively with school division personnel to implement and monitor special education services.
  • Exhibits exceptional written and oral communication skills to respond to parents and advocacy groups and to serve as a representative of the school division.
  • Possesses strong management and problem solving skills.

Essential Functions:
  • Provides guidance and leadership to assigned central office and school-based personnel regarding policy, procedures and implementation of instructional services.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of special education policies and procedures.
  • Interprets Federal and State regulations relative to the impact on special education.
  • Monitors compliance with Federal, State and local special education regulations.
  • Responds to concerns of parents, teachers, school and central office administrators.
  • Prepares and submits state reports related to the State Performance Plan indicators.
  • Administers appointment of surrogate parents, when appropriate, to act as advocates to serve the education interests of children whose parents and/or guardians are unavailable, unwilling or unable to act for them.
  • Acts as coordinator for the School Division in due process hearings brought by parents for alleged violations of rights of the children with disabilities.
  • Monitor IEP Development and Implementation
  • Monitors the development and implementation of Individual Education Programs.
  • Coordinates training for teachers on development of quality IEPs including specific and measurable annual goals.
  • Conducts audits of IEPs for assurance of quality and implementation.
  • May perform other additional duties or tasks as designated by supervisor.


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Central Office
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