Customer Service Representative

Alexandria, Virginia
Apr 23, 2019
May 17, 2019
Customer Service
Full Time
Customer Service Representative

Do friends and family commend you for your cheerfulness, adaptability, and fantastic listening skillz? Do you get a rush of adrenaline when helping people and solving problems? Can you patiently stand behind someone in the self-checkout lane when they have 50+ items in their cart, including produce? (We know - that last one is tough!)

The Motley Fool is looking for a highly adaptive, fun, and compassionate Fool to join our Customer Service team in delivering world-class support to our highly-engaged customers, potential customers, and fellow Fools. We field hundreds of phone calls and emails every day to answer inquiries ranging from login assistance to product guidance. Like a well-oiled call center (but not your typical call center!), our team rises to every challenge to deliver amazing customer service. The best part? Our customers love us and our services!

So if you're looking to kickstart the engine on your career and join one of the best (and most humble) teams at the Fool, this role may be perfect for you. Whether you're hoping to grow your current skillset or find a new passion project, we encourage Fools to embrace learning. From marketing and retention to business intelligence and investing (of course!), Fools can build skills and elevate the team. In turn, we can better help our members get the most out of their Foolish experiences with us.

With a retention rate of over 90% over the past four years, our team members continue to help our members years after joining the Fool or transition to roles across the entire company. So send us your Foolishly written cover letter and ultra-impressive resume. We're ready to be wowed!

What you will do in this role:
  • Answer a wide variety of customer inquiries (via phone and email) about stock picking and real-money portfolio services, account management and billing, sales, renewals and cancels, access issues, and login errors.
  • Calmly diagnose and resolve basic computer and smartphone issues.
  • Employ various techniques to improve customer retention and track key performance metrics.
  • Debrief with your Customer Service Team Lead on the number and types of questions, concerns, and complaints and discuss suggestions for opportunities to top it!
  • Embody the Motley Fool core values. (Five points if you can name all six on the spot!)
  • Figure out how to wear a jester cap AND a headset while riding a scooter around the office. It's a skill - trust us.

What qualities you need to have:
  • Sincere interest in our customers and their experiences with us.
  • Interests in personal finance and investing coupled with a heaping helping of empathy.
  • Strong listening and problem solving skills to properly diagnose customer problems and investigate further if necessary.
  • Patient, respectful, and kind demeanor.
  • Adaptability and flexibility in a fast-changing environment.
  • Ability to plan ahead and stay on track while juggling multiple projects.
  • Sense of humor is a must. (Five more points for each pun or joke in your application!)
  • Strong email, phone, and computer capabilities to process around 50 emails and 50 phone calls per day.
  • Ability to work with an innovative team of problem solving, great-idea-generating Fools.
  • Technical savvy to assist members with varying degrees of computer and smartphone issues. (Not all cookies are edible, unfortunately.)
  • Fantastic written and verbal communication skills.

What qualities are great to have, but not required:
  • Investing knowledge and Zendesk experience are huge pluses, like the I-just-found-$20-in-my-coat-pocket kind of pluses.
  • Experience working with large customer data sets and presenting findings in clear, concise, and actionable ways.
  • Background in or experience with Customer Retention strategies and key principles.
  • Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, or related fields.
Salary: $50k (in addition to all of our Foolish Benefits! )

The Motley Fool Holdings, Inc., provides equal opportunity to all employees on the basis of individual performance and qualification without regard to race, sex, marital status, religion, color, age, national origin, non-job-related handicap or disability, sexual orientation, or other protected factor.

We should, however, make you aware that there is one notable exception to this policy. It is our strict and earnest intention - and the company's historical record will bear this out - we will never hire any of the following: robots, replicants, or morlocks. Now keep in mind we are well aware that all of the aforementioned have intentions of world domination in the future, but as of now we have no place for them at The Motley Fool ... unless the year is 2122 and the revolution has already occurred. If that is the case we welcome our new robot, replicant, or morlock rulers!!! Perhaps we have said too much?

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