Content Lead

Alexandria, Virginia
Apr 17, 2019
Apr 17, 2019
Full Time
The Motley Fool's mission is "to give outstanding business and investing advice, at scale." For 25 years that has meant providing impartial and informed investment recommendations with a healthy dose of personal finance guidance on the side. Ever the insatiable Fools that we are, our coverage continues to expand as we seek to empower everyone with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to attain financial freedom and achieve success in business.

The Motley Fool has launched a new venture that focuses on providing executives and entrepreneurs with sound business advice cultivated over the course of our 25+ year history. This new solution will connect members with The Fool, with one another (peer-to-peer), and with industry experts in order to solve problems, take advantage of emerging opportunities, and successfully grow their businesses. Ultimately, we hope to leverage our expertise, the expertise of our membership, and our talented network of thought leaders in order to build an exciting and thriving business advice solution.

So now that you know who we are, let's talk about you.

We are looking for an experienced Content Lead with a passion for results, a commitment to data-driven decision-making, and a relentless focus on connecting with our members. In this role, you are responsible for owning all elements of our startup's content and editorial strategy. This includes creating, updating and maintaining our sanctuary of trusted and vetted content amidst a world wide web that is plagued with a lot of noise. You will manage a scrappy operation, publishing content across a range of entrepreneurial business topics while optimizing for organic search and on-site engagement. You will also have to be resourceful. While The Motley Fool is a well-established brand, you will have to work creatively with the team to build this new brand into something equally as significant. Tools at your disposal include social media, a separate brand name and site, a network of writers, and developers you can coordinate with to design and optimize the on-page experience.

To be successful in this role, you must be highly innovative, versatile, and comfortable driving content and editorial strategy from conception through execution in a fast-paced environment. While the Content Lead role is well-defined, we are looking for someone with experience in (or a strong interest to join) a startup environment where working together seamlessly and cross-functionally delivers the best outcomes. Our team is nimble and highly responsive to the needs of this burgeoning business, and we are excited to add another ambitious, ego-free, and solution-oriented member to our ranks!

Primary Responsibilities:
  • From the get-go, your primary objective will be to work with our product and leadership team to create a content strategy for the next seven months in preparation for the first live event. This will include defining relevant topics and then sourcing the writing to topic experts that could include freelancers, current contract writers, and/or internal Fools.
  • Use member feedback, data/analytics, user reviews, and metrics to analyze content effectiveness and to help aid future engagement strategies.
  • You will create a monthly editorial calendar and should be able to source, edit, organize, and publish the content (potentially in multiple channels).
  • You will have to develop an expertise in many areas of entrepreneurship. You should help our content 'level-up' by thoughtfully improving how it is expressed to members. Whether it's presenting our message in text, audio, video, infographic, or something else entirely, our content's expression will be for you to determine. You are a strategic voice in the team.
  • While you'll have a lot of flexibility to pursue strategies based on instinct, we expect you to be well versed in Google Analytics and other home-built dashboards to hone your operations. Publishing decisions should be strategic and data-driven.
  • You must be able to effectively search for SEO terms worth covering, get comfortable with optimizing for conversions, understand how to spot an opportunity (or know when to walk away from one) based on what the data is telling you.
  • Must be able to hold yourself to some key metrics which could include traffic, ecaps, or engagement - should be familiar with lead gen strategies and product "stickiness."
  • Establish relationships and/or explore opportunities to partner, collaborate, or leverage content from other respected brands (Forbes, Knowledge@Wharton, Inc., TechCrunch, etc).

  • Proven track record of successfully leading an editorial calendar and strategy: owning content creation and performance and adjusting tactics to meet objectives and budgets.
  • A passion for metrics, ability to turn analysis into actionable programs, and ability to use data to optimize day-to-day performance.
  • Experience managing projects on a large scale, with the ability to consider multiple stakeholders (both internal and external).
  • Incredibly organized and process-driven; self-starter, flexible, driven.
  • Avid learner and passionate student of all things business / entrepreneur.
  • Experience managing an editorial budget and a team of well-respected experts, leaders, and content creators.
  • Can communicate, both verbally and in writing, with both speed and effectiveness.
  • Undergraduate degree in finance, economics, journalism, or a related field. Substantive experience can be substituted.
  • Experience using inbound marketing solutions, CMS, analytical tools, automation tools, etc (Marketo, Hubspot, WordPress, Google Analytics, Tableau, etc).
  • Continuing personal education in business - tangible evidence of passion for entrepreneurship and/or studying great companies.
  • Bonus: Knowledge of / experience with site publishing, site design, social media strategy, paid marketing campaigns, SEO.
  • Bonus: Love of persuasive marketing, design, copy, and A/B testing.

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