Criminal Investigator (DE/CR)

Washington D.C.
Apr 22, 2019
Apr 22, 2019
Full Time

50% or less - Position requires frequent domestic and/or international travel.

Relocation expenses reimbursed No

  • You must be suitable for Federal employment.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen.
  • If your resume is incomplete, you may not be considered for this vacancy.
  • You must be registered for Selective Service if applicable (
  • Pre-placement physical/medical clearance required prior to appointment .
  • Urinalysis required to screen for illegal drug use prior to appointment.
  • Applicants must meet all qualification requirements by the closing date of this announcement.

    WORKING CONDITIONS: The duties of positions in this series require moderate to arduous physical exertion involving walking and standing, use of firearms, and exposure to inclement weather.  Manual dexterity with comparatively free motion of finger, wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, and knee joints is required.  Arms, hands, legs, and feet must be sufficiently intact and functioning in order that applicants may perform the duties satisfactorily.  Sufficiently good vision in each eye, with or without correction, is required to perform the duties satisfactorily.  Near vision, corrective lenses permitted, must be sufficient to read printed material the size of typewritten characters.  Hearing loss, as measured by an audiometer, must not exceed 35 decibels at 1000, 2000, and 3000 Hz levels.  Since the duties of these positions are exacting and responsible, and involve activities under trying conditions, applicants must possess emotional and mental stability.  Any physical condition that would cause the applicant to be a hazard to themselves or others is disqualifying.

    Security Clearance: You must be able to obtain and maintain a special sensitive Top Secret-SCI clearance.

    LICENSE: Will be required to operate a motor vehicle, and must possess and maintain a valid state operator’s license. 

    FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE: May be required to submit a Form OGE-450 annually.

    Applying to this position may require the completion of additional forms and/or the submission of supplemental materials.

    You must possess 52 weeks of specialized experience at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the next lower grade level GS-9 or ZA-II in the Federal service that has equipped you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position. Specialized experience is defined as experience such as:  

    • Conducting national security and criminal investigations related to suspected or alleged violations of laws, regulations and policies;
    • Presenting impartial, clear and concise investigative findings to Federal prosecutors/senior officials and/or testifying findings in Federal court proceedings; and
    • Working effectively with government stakeholders to prevent, mitigate, or otherwise address threats to national security or public safety.


    Substitution of Education in lieu of Experience: Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree or 3 full years of progressively higher-level graduate education leading to such a degree that provided you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the work of a Criminal Investigator.


    Combination of Education and Experience: Possess a combination of education and experience which is qualifying to meet total qualification requirements for the GS-11 or ZA-III grade level. The total percentages must equal at least 100 percent to qualify. For GS-11 or ZA-III level positions, only graduate education in excess of 36 semester hours is creditable toward meeting the specialized experience requirement. (TRANSCRIPTS REQUIRED)

    For those qualifying based on education: If you meet any of the education requirements listed in the announcement within nine (9) months from the date of your application, your application can be accepted. However, you must submit documentation that includes specific information on the classes you will complete within the next 9 months. List the title and course number of the class, the department and college/university offering the class, the number of semester or quarter hour credit given for the class, and the date you expect to complete the class.

    Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community, student, social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience.

    MEDICAL EXAM/DRUG TESTING: All applicants tentatively selected for this position will be required to submit to urinalysis to screen for illegal drug use and satisfactorily pass all required pre-placement physical/medical examinations prior to appointment.

    Selectee must be able to successfully pass annual and periodic physical/medical examinations, drug screenings, and psychological screenings to maintain a level of physical fitness in accordance with the standards and policies of this agency.

    FIREARMS. Selectee will be required to carry and use a firearm, demonstrate proficiency on a recurring basis, and not be in violation of 18 USC 922 (Lautenberg Amendment). NOTE:  LAUTENBERG AMENDMENT – This position authorizes the incumbent to carry a firearm.  Any person who has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor crime of domestic violence cannot lawfully possess a firearm or ammunition (Title 18, USC Section 992(g)).  A felony or misdemeanor crime of domestic violence is generally defined under the statute, as any offense involving the use or attempted use of physical force, or the threatened use of a deadly weapon, committed by the victim’s current or former domestic partner, parent or guardian.  The term convicted, as defined in the statute, excludes any person whose conviction has been expunged, set-aside or pardoned, or any person whose civil rights have been restored, so long as such restoration does not restrict the shipping, transport, possession or receipt of firearms or ammunition.  Candidates who have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor crime of domestic violence within the meaning of the referenced statutes are not eligible for the position. 

    MAXIMUM ENTRY AGE. This position is covered by the special retirement provisions for Federal Law Enforcement Officer (LEO).  Candidates without previous LEO service must be under age 37.  Those with current or prior federal LEO coverage will be considered only if they can demonstrate that they will have completed 20 years of covered service by mandatory retirement age of 57.  (This requirement is waived for Veterans (please see link below).

    If you have current or prior Federal Law Enforcement Officer coverage you must submit appropriate SF-50’s that shows period of coverage. Failure to provide proof of Federal LEO coverage may result in removal from consideration.

    Must maintain requirements to qualify for LEO retirement coverage (5 USC 8336(c) and 5 USC 8412(d)).

    MANDATORY COMPLETION OF BASIC TRAINING: Applicants who have satisfactorily completed a basic law enforcement training program provided by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, or an equivalent training program which provided instruction in the laws of arrest, search and seizure as they relate to investigating offenses against the United States should provide a copy of your certification during the hiring process. Selectees who do not possess such certification will be required to successfully complete the course after entrance on duty.

    Selectee may be required to successfully complete division-specific basic agent training.

    CTAP and ICTAP candidates will be eligible if it is determined that they have exceeded the minimum qualifications for the position by attaining at least a rating of 85 out of 100. Information about CTAP eligibility is on the Office of Personnel Management's Career Transition Resources website at:

    CTAP applicants MUST submit the following documents:

    1. A copy of your RIF separation notice, notice of proposed removal for failure to relocate; a Certificate of Expected Separation (CES); or certification that you are in a surplus organization or occupation (this could be a position abolishment letter, a notice eligibility for discontinued service retirement, or similar notice).
    2. A copy of your SF-50 "Notification of Personnel Action", noting current position, grade level, and duty location;
    3. A copy of your latest performance appraisal including your rating; and
    4. Any documentation from your agency that shows your current promotion potential.
    ICTAP applicants MUST submit the following documents:
    1. A copy of your RIF separation notice, notice of proposed removal for failure to relocate; notice of disability annuity termination; certification from your former agency that it cannot place you after your recovery from a compensable injury; or certification from the National Guard Bureau or Military Department that you are eligible for disability retirement.
    2. A copy of your SF-50 "Notification of Personnel Action", documenting your RIF separation, noting your positions, grade level, and duty location, and/or Agency certification of inability to place you through RPL, etc.;
    3. A copy of your latest performance appraisal including your rating; and
    4. Any documentation from your agency that shows your current promotion potential.
    The following links provide information on various hiring authorities that do not fall under competitive examining procedures; however, they may enable you to apply through merit assignment procedures, or be eligible for a non-competitive appointment.

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    You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

    We will review your resume, optional cover letter and supporting documentation to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for the position.  If you meet the minimum qualifications stated in the vacancy announcement, we will compare your resume, optional cover letter and supporting documentation to your responses on the scored occupational questionnaire (True/False, Yes/No, Multiple Choice questions) and place you in one of the three pre-defined categories.  The categories are “gold”, “silver” and “bronze”.  However, your resume or optional cover letter must support your responses to the scored occupational questionnaire, or your score may be lowered.  Candidates placed in the “gold” category will be identified for referral to the hiring manager and may be invited for an interview.

    How you will be evaluated for preference eligibility:  Within each category, those entitled to veterans’ preference will be listed at the top of the pre-defined category for which they are placed.  Preference eligible with a service-connected disability of 10% or more will be listed at the top of the highest quality category (gold) depending on the position and grade level of the job. For more information on Category Rating, please go to Category Rating.

    The scored occupational questionnaire will evaluate you on the following competencies; please do not provide a separate written response:

    1. Skill in applying reasoning, objectivity, initiative, ingenuity, and judgment in planning, conducting, and coordinating investigations that recognize, develop and verify facts, chronologies and relationships, including skill in developing sources of information; performing interviews, surveillance, and undercover assignments; and properly obtaining physical, documentary and testimonial evidence.

    2. Knowledge of Constitutional rights, Federal criminal statutes, rules of evidence and criminal procedure, precedent court decisions, and other laws and regulations related to criminal investigations and law enforcement activities.

    3. Ability to apply threat and/or risk management principles.

    4. Knowledge of the organization and practices of the U.S. Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities, including skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships.

    5.  Ability to effectively communicate in a variety of verbal, written and multi-media formats through briefings, memoranda, investigative plans, operations orders, reports, presentations, and testimony.

    To preview questions please click here.

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    Drug test required Yes

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