Expanded Professional Associates Program (EPAP) Professional Associate

Washington D.C.
Apr 29, 2019
Apr 29, 2019
Full Time
Relocation expenses reimbursed No


-- Must meet the definition of AEFM as described in 3 FAM 7120;

-- Must be able to obtain/maintain the appropriate level of security clearance;

-- If selected, AEFMs are expected to complete required training within the first year of their appointment.

Please refer to the 2019 EPAP Qualification Standards at www.state.gov/flo/epap. Each EPAP area and its corresponding grade lists the minimum requirements, which are a combination of education and professional or specialized experience.

Prior EPAP experience in lieu of EPAP Qualification Standards:  Applicants who are able to demonstrate that they have at least 12 or more months of successful work experience in an EPAP position will be considered to have met the EPAP qualification standards for the same EPAP position at the same grade.  Applicants must submit in the application package: 

(a) Notifications of Personnel Action (at the minimum two SF-50s) documenting 12 or more months of experience in an EPAP position; and,

(b) Employee Performance Report (Form JF-57) documenting fully satisfactory or better performance for 12 or more months in an EPAP position.  

Please note that the prior EPAP experience in lieu of EPAP Qualification Standard rule only applies to the same EPAP area. (Exceptions:  Prior EPAP Facility Manager and Medical position work experience will not serve in lieu of meeting the 2019 EPAP qualification standards.)

See 2019 Qualification Standards, which are a combination of education and professional or specialized experience per the selected EPAP area.

Although the series and grade level above indicates a default FP-07 grade level, the actual pay grades range from FP-07 to FP-01.  The list of advertised positions posted on www.state.gov/flo/epap indicates the specific grade levels at which the individual positions may be offered.

Although the duty location indicates “Many Vacancies in Washington, DC” – all EPAP positions are only available at U.S. Missions abroad.

Applicants do not need to currently hold a security clearance at the time of their EPAP application, nor do they need to be a member of the Foreign Service Family Reserve Corps (FSFRC) to apply. However, selected candidates must obtain the appropriate level of security clearance for their specific position before they are appointed.  Applicants who are members of the FSFRC and whose current security clearance level meets or exceeds that of the position for which they have been selected, may be appointed upon completion of an anti-nepotism review.  Applicants who are members of the FSFRC and whose current security clearance level does not meet or exceed that of the position for which they have been selected must work with post’s HR office to initiate the security clearance process.  The FSFRC member must obtain a minimum of an interim security clearance at the appropriate level before they are appointed. 

EPAP employees will complete the functional training necessary for their EPAP position through Foreign Service Institute (FSI) or at the Bureau of Medical Services (MED) as the case may apply. Completion of functional training before arriving at post is optimal; however, functional training may also be completed during the next available session.  In this case, the Department of State will fund any necessary costs associated with travel, per diem, and salary during the functional training.

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You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

EPAP applicants must submit an application package (see section “How to Apply” and “Required Documents”) which must include a USAJobs resume.

The USAJOBS resume serves as a basis for determining whether a candidate meets or exceeds the minimum qualification standards for EPAP positions.  Therefore, candidates who are applying for multiple EPAP positions should ensure that their USAJOBS resume completely addresses each position’s required EPAP qualification standards. Only one USAJOBS resume (which must be created with the USAJOBS resume builder) will be accepted, even if the candidate is applying for several EPAP positions. In this case, address each EPAP’s qualification requirement by creating different sections related to the chosen EPAP area(s) in the resume.

Click on the tab “Documents” and then on the icon “Upload or Build Resume”. Be sure to include the following information: 

Section “Add Work Experience” MUST include the following: 

(a) paid and non-paid work experience, position titles, dates worked (include month and year), number of hours worked per week, and salary (optional);

(b) specific duties performed (i.e., fully describe the level and complexity of the work); and,

(c) name and contact information for current and/or previous supervisors.

Section “Add Education” MUST include the following: 

(a) school or program name, country, major, minor, degree/level attained; and,

(b) relevant coursework, licensures and certifications.

For tips on writing a USAJOBS resume, please visit the USAJOBS Help Center and see our Step-by-Step Guide to Complete an EPAP Application on USAJOBS.gov on www.state.gov/flo/epap.

The regional bureaus will review application packages to confirm that applicants are eligible. Upon this confirmation, applications will then be forwarded to posts, or IRM, or MED, or OBO (as the case may apply) to confirm that applicants meet or exceed the EPAP qualification standards for each EPAP position for which they are applying.   Only education and experience (professional or specialized per the chosen EPAP area), as documented and included in the application package will be considered. Incomplete application packages will be ineligible and no additional documents will be accepted once the vacancy announcement is closed.

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Drug test required No

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