Fair Employment Practices Officer

Washington D.C.
Apr 18, 2019
Apr 18, 2019
Full Time

Occasional travel - You may be expected to travel for this position.

Relocation expenses reimbursed No



  1. All information is subject to verification. Applicants are advised that false answers or omissions of information on application materials or inability to meet the following conditions may be grounds for non-selection, withdrawal of an offer of employment, or dismissal after being employed.
  2. Selection for this position is contingent upon completion of OF-306, Declaration of Federal Employment during the pre-employment process and proof of U.S. citizenship for competitive status positions or conversion to a competitive status position with the Administrative Office of the US Courts. In instances where non-citizens are considered for hire into temporary or any other position with non competitive status or when it is confirmed by the AO's Human Resources Office that there are no qualified U.S. citizens for a competitive status position (unless prohibited by a law or statue), non-citizens must provide proof of authorization to work in the United States and proof of entitlement to receive compensation. Additional information on the employment of non-citizens can be found at http://ww.usajobs.gov/Help/working-in-government/non-citizens. For a list of documents that may be used to provide proof of citizenship or authorization to work in the United States, please refer to Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification.
  3. All new AO employees will be required to complete a FBI fingerprint-based national criminal database and records check and pass a public trust suitability check.
  4. All new AO employees must identify a financial institution for direct deposit of pay before appointment.
  5. You will be required to serve a trial period if selected for a first-time appointment to the Federal government, transferring from another Federal agency, or serving as a first-time supervisor. Failure to successfully complete the trial period may result in termination of employment.
  6. If appointed to a temporary position, management may have the discretion of converting the position to permanent depending upon funding and staffing allocation.
  7. More than one selection may be made from this announcement.
  8. All requirements must be met by the closing date of this announcement.

Applicants must have demonstrated experience which shows competence in the qualifications as listed below. This requirement is according to the AO Classification, Compensation, and Recruitment Systems which includes interpretive guidance and reference to the OPM Operating Manual for Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions. Applicants must have at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-15/JSP-15/CL 31, or PB-2F level which is in or directly related to the line of work of this position.

Bar Membership Requirements: Applicants must be an active member in good standing of the bar of a state, territory, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or a federal court of general jurisdiction.

Applicants are responsible for citing minimum qualifications such as J.D. and Bar membership information (institution name, state for bar, and dates) in their respective cover letters or resumes. Failure to supply details will result in an incomplete application. Relevant experience is defined as an attorney, law clerk, or other legal experience which was obtained subsequent to graduation from law school. All qualification requirements must be met by the closing date of this announcement.

Minimum Qualification Requirements
: In addition to the Basic Qualifications, applicants must have at least five years of post J.D. experience.

Specialized Experience:To qualify for this position, you must possess senior level specialized experience in a legal capacity with responsibility for providing executive leadership to a large and diverse organization which clearly demonstrates the ability to manage people and resources. This experience must be evidenced by sophisticated legal and analytical skills, superior written and oral communication skills, sound judgment, and successful collaboration with interdisciplinary, multi-office teams.

Applicants must have at least one year (preferably five years or more) of specialized experience which is in or directly related to the line of work of this position. Specialized experience for this position is demonstrated experience providing legal advice and guidance in:
  1. Employment law, especially as it pertains to the judicial branch; and
  2. Highly sensitive, complex factual contexts to judges, judiciary executives, supervisors and employees at all levels.
Additional Assessment: Applicants who meet the specialized experience requirements also will be assessed on the following Mandatory Technical Qualifications (MTQ) and Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ). The Mandatory Technical Qualifications should be evident in your resume, and no narrative response is required for them. However, a narrative response for each Executive Core Qualification is Mandatory. A space will be provided in the online assessment questionnaire. Exception: Applicants currently serving under a career Senior Executive Service (SES) appointment, eligible for reinstatement into SES, or have successfully completed a SES Candidate Development Program (CDP) approved by OPM are not required to submit a narrative response for the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ).

Mandatory Technical Qualifications: The ideal candidate will have:
  1. The ability to manage a large national federal program and to function as an organizational representative providing integration of internal and external program or policy issues as they relate to administrative operations.
  2. The ability to establish large scale program/policy goals and the structure and processes necessary to carry them out.
  3. The ability to select, develop, train and manage a professional civil rights staff.
  4. Significant experience in financial, accounting and budget planning, development, preparation, and analysis, including developing program and position justifications, periodic reports, and long-range forecasts.
  5. Extensive knowledge of organizational problems, experience in alternative dispute resolution, experience in developing timely and economical solutions, and experience in managing workforce data collection, collation, and analysis.
Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs): These are important factors that should be demonstrated in the application.
  1. Leading Change: This core qualification involves the ability to bring about strategic change, both within and outside the organization, to meet organizational goals. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to establish an organizational vision and to implement it in a continuously changing environment. (Leadership Competencies: Creativity & Innovation. External Awareness, Flexibility, Resilience, Strategic Thinking, Vision.)
  2. Leading People: This core qualification involves the ability to lead people toward meeting the organization's vision, mission, and goals. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to provide an inclusive workplace that fosters the development of others, facilitates cooperation and teamwork, and supports constructive resolution of conflicts. (Leadership Competencies: Conflict Management, Leveraging Diversity, Developing Others, Team Building.)
  3. Results Driven: This core qualification involves the ability to meet organizational goals and customer expectations. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to make decisions that produce high-quality results by applying technical knowledge, analyzing problems, and calculating risks. (Leadership Competencies: Accountability, Customer Service, Decisiveness, Entrepreneurship, Problem Solving, Technical Credibility.)
  4. Business Acumen: This core qualification involves the ability to manage human, financial, and information resources strategically. (Leadership Competencies: Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Technology Management.)
  5. Building Coalitions / Communication: This core qualification involves the ability to build coalitions internally and with other Federal agencies, State and local governments, nonprofit and private sector organizations, foreign governments, or international organizations to achieve common goals. (Leadership Competencies: Partnering, Political Savvy, Influencing/Negotiating.)

Applicants must possess a law degree (J.D.) from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). Qualifying education must have been obtained from an accredited college or university recognized by the Department of Education. Additional information on the qualification requirements is outlined in the OPM Qualifications Standards Handbook of General Schedule Positions. It is available for your review on OPM's website at http://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/classification-qualifications/(http://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/classification-qualifications/).

The AO is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

We will review your resume and supporting documentation and compare this information to your responses on the occupational questionnaire to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for this job. If you meet the minimum qualifications for this job, we will evaluate your application package, to assess the quality, depth, and complexity of your accomplishments, experience, and education as they relate to the requirements listed in this vacancy announcement.

You should be aware that your ratings are subject to evaluation and verification. If a determination is made that you have rated yourself higher than is supported by your resume and/or narrative responses, you will be assigned a rating commensurate to your described experience. Failure to submit the mandatory narrative responses will result in not receiving full consideration and/or rating credit. Deliberate attempts to falsify information may be grounds for not selecting you, withdrawing an offer of employment, or dismissal after being employed.

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Drug test required No

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