Police Officer I (Announcement Only)

Alexandria, VA
$50,839.88 - $82,883.58 Annually
Aug 02, 2020
Aug 16, 2020
Full Time
  • Patrols a designated area of the City on foot, on a radio-equipped motorcycle, or in a radio-equipped car to preserve law and order, to prevent and discover the commission of crime, to direct traffic and to enforce motor vehicle operation and parking regulations;
  • Answers calls and complaints involving fire, automobile accidents, robberies, neighborhood disturbances and other misdemeanors and felonies;
  • Secures the scene of a crime, administers first aid, conducts preliminary investigations, gathers evidence, obtains witnesses and makes arrests;
  • Testifies as a witness in court in connection with arrests and citations;
  • Administers first aid at the scene of automobile accidents, interviews witnesses, gathers information and prepares detailed accident reports;
  • Interviews persons with complaints and inquiries, attempts to make proper disposition, or directs them to proper authorities;
  • Gives advice on laws and ordinances and general information to the public;
  • Conducts investigations of vice and narcotics activities, investigates reports of stolen automobiles and property stolen from automobiles, and conducts follow-up investigations of homicides and thefts;
  • Covers an assigned beat with primary emphasis on traffic law enforcement and provides specialized traffic control services in connection with parades and similar public events;
  • Investigates charges of fraud, forgery, embezzlement and bad checks;
  • Processes crime scenes;
  • Maintains evidence and other property;
  • Recruits applicants for police positions;
  • Investigates cases of runaways, assaults, larcenies, burglaries, sex involving juveniles, child neglect and abuse, and vandalism;
  • Provides back-up to Emergency Communications Technicians;
  • Conducts foot patrol and building searches, and tracks wanted persons as a K-9 official;
  • Responds to domestic trouble and civil dispute cases;
  • Investigates homicides, suicides, felonious assault and all sex-related cases when assigned as an investigator in the Criminal Investigations Division;
  • Educates the public in crime prevention;
  • Attends regular training classes in police methods, first aid, target practice and related subjects;
  • Keeps informed with respect to persons of known bad character and places of questionable legality within an assigned area;
  • Maintains records and prepares reports;
  • Performs related work as required.

Minimum & Additional Requirements

Minimum: High School Diploma or GED; one year of work experience involving public contact under varying circumstances; or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. Employees must possess a valid driver's license issued by the state of their residence. Candidates for this class are required to meet the minimum age and medical standards as established by the Human Resources Department. Good character and background are essential requirements.

Preferred Qualifications

Four-Year College Degree or equivalent, directly-related work experience.


Pre-registration is not necessary for the written exam. You must bring your driver's license, social security card, and proof of U.S. Citizenship (and a copy of each) in order to take the exam. Study guides will be provided immediately before the test.

An application for this position will be supplied upon successful completion of the written exam. Pending exam dates are listed below. Registration for the written examination is not required.

This position requires the successful completion of pre-employment testing to include: Written Examination, Mandatory Orientation, Background Questionnaire, Review Panel, Polygraph Examination, Background Investigation, Senior Panel Interview, Police Chief Interview, Psychological Examination, Medical Examination, Drug Screen, and Driver License Check. Successful completion of a body art screening process is required of all applicants.




  • Evidence that the applicant has willfully provided false or misleading information during the application or screening process, either orally or in writing.

  • As an adult, being convicted of a felony crime.
  • As an adult, being convicted of any crime felony or misdemeanor involving perjury, false statements or a crime of moral turpitude.
  • As an adult, commission of an unreported felony crime during the three year period immediately preceding the date of application.
  • Convicted of a crime of domestic violence.
  • Recent or ongoing affiliation with, and/or support of, an organization or group which advocates the violent overthrow of the United States government, or whose professed goals are contrary to the interests of public safety.

  • Illegal use of a controlled substance within one year of applying will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Illegal use of a controlled substance through injection into the body at any time.
  • As an adult, a pattern of illegal drug use within the previous year of applying that indicates ongoing, regular or recreational illegal use of a controlled substance.
  • As an adult, the selling, production or financing the production, sale or distribution of illegal controlled substances, or the obtaining of such substances through illegal use of a prescription(s).


Termination from or disciplinary action in any employment within five years from the time of application for misconduct, ethics violations, criminal conduct, falsification orally or in writing, or a matter of moral turpitude.

You must be at least 20 years old, a U.S. citizen or naturalized citizen and be able to provide proof of each prior to being allowed into the testing site.


The Background Packet is due two weeks after the examination.

An application for this position will be supplied upon successful completion of the written exam.

Applicant's identification, driver's license validity and proof of United States Citizenship will be verified prior to the test.

Please ensure that you bring your valid driver's license, Social Security Card and proof of United States citizenship. You will not be allowed to take the test without these items .

The Written Police Examinations will be administered on the following dates & times:

The next tests are scheduled for:
Saturday, February 8 at 0900hrs and 1300hrs
Monday, February 10 at 1700hrs

Validation of documents will begin 30 minutes prior to the exam starting time. No one will be allowed in after the testing has begun, so please plan your times accordingly.

The location for the examination is:
Alexandria Police Department
3600 Wheeler Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22304

Applicants will be admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will be allowed to line up no earlier than two hours prior to your scheduled exam.

Following the written exam there will be a mandatory, brief orientation session to explain the hiring process in detail, and afford applicants an opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

The estimated length of the hiring process may be anywhere from 4-6 months, due to the pre-employment requirements of a polygraph examination and background investigation.

You MUST be able to provide the following original documents listed below to take the exam. Please also have copies for us to keep. We will not keep your original documents, but will need to check them for accuracy .

*No copies will be made for you the day of the examination.*

You must bring all the necessary documents with you on the day of the examination .

  • Proof of US citizenship (Birth Certificate or Naturalization Paperwork or U.S. Passport).
  • Valid Driver's License (must be the state in which you presently reside)
  • Social Security Card

The following documents will also be needed for you to continue in the hiring process. You will not proceed in the process until all requested documents have been received. The following documents, however, are not required for entrance in to the examination:
  • High School Diploma or Certified High School transcripts or GED
  • College Degree or Certified transcripts from your College or University (if applicable)
  • DD Form 214 (Long form) if applicable (military discharge paperwork)
  • Certified transcript of your driving record. Depending on your state, a 5 or 7-year history is needed. If you resided in and obtained a driving permit in 2 or more different states during a 7-year period, we will need both certified transcripts.
  • Name change documents (if applicable)

*No copies will be made for you the day of the examination.*

You may park in our public parking lot which is located in front of Police Headquarters. Please note that our secured parking garage is for employees only. In the event the front parking lot is full, you can park at the parking lot which is just north of 3540 Wheeler Avenue; this is located near a softball field and a skateboard park.

If all spaces are full please utilize street parking located further south on Wheeler Avenue. Please review the parking signs, so that you park legally.

No weapons (which includes law enforcement officers from other jurisdictions) nor electronic devices (cell phones, pagers, palm pilots, etc.) will be permitted in the building.

*Please note that applicants who enter the building are subject to a search.*

If you have any questions, or need to request an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act , please contact:

Officer Andrea O'Leary
Police Recruiter
Alexandria Police Department
3600 Wheeler Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22304

Voice Mail: 703-746-6223

Listed below are several hotels close to the testing site:

Embassy Suites

1900 Diagonal Road

Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone: (703) 684-5900

Courtyard by Marriott Alexandria

2700 Eisenhower Avenue

Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone (703) 329-2323

Holiday Inn Alexandria

2460 Eisenhower Avenue

Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone (703) 960-0859

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