Student Trainee (Financial Management)

Washington D.C.
Apr 01, 2019
Apr 01, 2019
Finance, Management
Full Time

Not required

Relocation expenses reimbursed No

  • Must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Must be enrolled at least half-time at a qualifying education institution.
  • Must submit transcript/proof of enrollment/acceptance.
  • Appointee must sign a DOL Pathways Intern Program Agreement.
  • Position requires a Public Trust-Low Risk background investigation.
  • The entire duration of the appointment constitutes a trial period.
  • Applicants must meet all legal and regulatory requirements. Reference the "Required Documents" section for additional information.

    The advancement of Interns to higher-graded positions, prior to conversion, is strictly at the agency's discretion. To qualify for promotions, the Interns must have the same level and type of experience and/or education usually required for an initial appointment.

    To be eligible for appointment to a position in the DOL Pathways Intern Program, an individual must meet the definition of a “student” based on the following criteria:

    1. Is enrolled or has been accepted for enrollment in a qualifying educational institution.
    2. Enrollment must be on at least a half-time basis.
    3. Enrollment is for the purpose of obtaining an academic degree or diploma, or a certificate program.


    Applicant's must meet minimum requirements to be considered for each grade level as follows:

    To qualify at the GS-3 grade level, applicants MUST have completed one full academic year of post-high school study; OR six months of general experience. General experience is described as progressively responsible clerical, office, or other work that indicates ability to acquire the particular knowledge and skills needed to perform the duties of this position to be filled.

    To qualify at the GS-4 grade level, applicants MUST have completed two academic years of post-high school study or associate's degree; OR one year of general experience.  General experience is defined as progressively responsible clerical, office or other work that indicates an ability to acquire the particular knowledge and skills needed to perform the duties of the position to be filled. 

    To qualify at the GS-5 grade level, applicants MUST have completed 4 academic years of post-high school leading to a bachelor's degree or equivalent degree; OR equivalent combinations of education and experience are qualifying; OR three years of general experience, one year which was equivalent to at least the GS-04 in the federal service. General Experience is described as an understanding of financial systems and procedures used in performing maintenance of accounts and verification of financial data.

    Special Provisions/or Interns with Previous Related Education or Experience: Previous education and/or experience may be evaluated to determine the highest grade level for which the individual is qualified.

    Any applicant falsely claiming an academic degree from an accredited school will be subject to actions ranging from disqualification from federal employment to removal from federal service.

    If your education was completed at a foreign college or university, you must show comparability to education received in accredited educational institutions in the United States and comparability to applicable minimum course work requirements for this position.   Click Evaluation of Foreign Education for more information.
    To be eligible for appointment, you must be currently enrolled or accepted for enrollment on at least a half-time basis at a qualifying educational institution, for the purpose of obtaining a diploma, degree, or certificate.

    Current students must have a grade-point average of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. If appointed, you must maintain such grade point average throughout the duration of the internship.

    You must submit with your application a current academic transcript and/or other official documentation from your academic institution demonstrating your eligibility for appointment. See the “Required Documents” section of this announcement.

    In addition, if you wish to use your education as a basis for meeting the minimum qualification requirements for this position, you must submit academic transcripts demonstrating that you meet the qualifying educational requirements.

    If specific course work is required to fulfill the minimum qualification requirements, you must supply transcripts from each academic institution in which the required courses were taken in order to receive credit for that course work. See the "Qualifications and Evaluations" section of this announcement for more details.

    If you do not submit sufficient academic documentation necessary to demonstrate that you meet the eligibility and minimum qualification requirements described in this announcement, your application will be deemed incomplete and you will be ineligible for further consideration for this vacancy.

    The United States Government does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, retaliation, parental status, military service, or other non-merit factor.

    The Department of Labor does not make unfavorable hiring decisions on the basis of an applicant's previous or current unemployment, or the fact that an applicant has experienced financial difficulty through no fault of his/her own and has undertaken good faith efforts to meet his/her financial obligations. Consideration is given to financial status in relation to appointments only where required by law, regulation, or Executive Order.


    Additional vacancies may be filled using this announcement, if authorized.

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    You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

    Applicants meeting the eligibility and minimum qualification requirements will be evaluated against the competencies described below and will be placed into one of the following quality categories, based on responses to the vacancy questionnaire:

    Category A - Best Qualified - Meets the basic qualification requirements for the vacancy and has successful experience in the same or similar job that has demonstrated superior proficiency in applying the critical competencies required by this position to work of increased levels of difficulty and complexity.

    Category B - Well Qualified - Meets the basic qualification requirements for the vacancy and demonstrates satisfactory proficiency in the critical competencies by this position.

    Category C - Qualified - Meets the specialized experience described in the minimum qualifications requirements section of this announcement and demonstrates proficiency in the basic competencies.

    Evaluation Factors (Competencies) - All qualified applicants will be evaluated on the following key competencies:

    Technical Competence – Knowledge of how to perform one’s job refers to specialized knowledge that is acquired through formal training or extensive on-the-job experience.

    Computer Skills – Uses computers, software applications, databases, and automated systems to accomplish work.

    Principles of Finance – Knowledge of the basic principles, practices, and methods of financial management to include requisitions, apportionments, allotments, investments, fiscal management, activity reporting, and fiscal year guidelines. and historical data

    The information you provide may be verified by a review of your work experience and/or education, by checking references and through other means (ex. interview). Your resume MUST provide sufficient information to substantiate your responses to the vacancy questions. If not, the HRO may amend your responses to more accurately reflect the level of competency indicated by the content of your resume. Your evaluation may also include a review by a Human Resources Specialist or panel and may include other assessments (ex. interview, panel review, written test, writing sample, etc.)

    Referrals will be made in accordance with applicable reemployment priority and/or veterans’ preference requirements. Click Application of Veterans Preference for Category Rating Jobs for more information.
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    Drug test required No

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