Chef De Cuisine

Columbia Country Club
Chevy Chase, MD
Mar 15, 2019
Mar 18, 2019
Food Service, Chef
Full Time
Responsibilities: Ensure that consistent level of quality, portion control and plate presentation is adhered to. Consistently develop systems to check preplists and "expect what you inspect" in all areas of kitchen to include culinary preparations, recipes, HACCP standards, ordering, food and labor cost monitoring. Ability to prepare a variety of cuisines using skill and creativity. Enjoys walking the dining rooms getting to know our members and developing rapport with them. Supervise and double check all daily food preparations for multiple menus. Maintains all records concerning accident reporting. Informs the Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef on all accident reports and issues regarding member satisfaction. Experience in budgeting, food cost, labor cost and scheduling. Effective and adept at ordering, forecasting and stocking all areas of the kitchen's culinary and non-food needs. Conduct daily line ups with culinary and front of the house team to communicate internal club goals along with member feedback and daily tastings. Costing of all menus using chef tec inventory management system Effectively communicate culinary standards by creation of recipes, SOP's and hands-on training. Daily demonstration of ability to lead by example. Work closely with Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef in creation of seasonally inspired and daily changing menus. Works closely with local farmers, and purveyors to stay on top of local products to feature Columbia Country Club members Reports and assists in resolving any maintenance related issued to the Chief Engineer, Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef. All other duties as assigned. Working Conditions This position requires standing for long periods of time and working around equipment that emits a good degree of heat This position will be required to work a varied scheduled that includes evenings, nights and weekends. Essential Qualifications: Culinary Degree or related ACF culinary apprenticeship ACF Certification Preferred Serv Safe Manager Certified High School Degree or Equivalent Clear, concise written and verbal communication skills Experience making presentations in front of groups The ability to demonstrate team building experience Ability to sell concepts and ideas to management, peers and team. Capable of analyzing cost and quality of food production, managing costs and adherence to budget. Proven experience in coaching, developing and motivation of others for knowledge, skill and behavior development. Solid career progression through culinary ranks Strong culinary technical skills Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook Excellent safety and sanitation skills Understanding of basic asset management and forecasting Creative Can lift and carry 75 pounds Benefits: Employee Meal and Uniforms provided. Vacation - One (1) week after six months (6), then escalating to two (2) weeks paid vacation after completion of one year of service. The two (2) week entitlement will remain until you reach your fifth (5th) year of continuous service. At that time, you will be entitled to three (3) weeks paid vacation. After the completion of three (3) months employment, you will be eligible to participate in our Health Benefits Program. The program is an Employee Contributory plan. Dental and Vision programs are available at a discounted rate to the Employee. A Holiday gift based on the continuance of our "Employee Holiday Fund" and actual member contributions will be considered annually in December. You will be eligible to participate in the Club's 401(k) Plan once you have worked at least one thousand (1,000) hours and completed one (1) full year of continuous service. After you have fulfilled the previously mentioned requirements, you will be eligible to join during one of our Semi-Annual Enrollment Periods (January and July). The Club will contribute three percent (3%) of your annual salary into your own 401K plan. 8