Anticipated - Director, Safety & Security

Leesburg, VA
Mar 05, 2019
Apr 02, 2019
Executive, Director
Education, Security
Full Time

The Director of Safety and Security provides leadership for the total operation of the Safety and Security Services program. Develops and implements proposed initiatives to further improve school safety and security in a changing environment. Plans, organizes, and administers direction for the Division of Safety and Security Services in a large, growing, and diverse county. The Director will be responsible for all division-wide safety and security guidance, establish operational procedures, training, and preparedness to enhance the safety and security of all LCPS students, staff, and facilities. The Director develops, analyzes, and reviews the appropriated budget.
Provides information to and serves as a resource for district administrators. Leads a team of
diverse safety and security professionals to ensure practices, procedures, infrastructure, and
communication capabilities are current and effective in today's diverse and dynamic school
campus environment.

* Develops annual goals, strategies, and objectives for the Division of Safety and Security.
* Leads and oversees the continuous improvement, innovation, and enhancement of school
safety and security in a rapidly evolving environment.
* Builds and maintains relationships and partnerships with key intergovernmental stakeholders, including law enforcement organizations, as well as the community at large, advancing the district's professional image.
* Develops and administers budget and staffing model based on industry best practices for
schools to ensure optimal effectiveness.
* Reviews and recommends revisions of School Board policies and budget initiatives affecting school safety and security.
* Plans, coordinates, and provides 24/7 management of response and operations of the
Division of Safety and Security.
* Develops policies and procedures for the department in consultation with the Assistant
Superintendent of Support Services to ensure efficient and economical operations; evaluates
results of policy implementation to ensure compliance to and identify deficiencies.
* Coordinates completion and compliance with state mandates around surveys and safety
audits, including the management of the Superintendent's Safety Audit Committee to
accomplish all state mandates and audits.
* Researches and explores the feasibility of implementing new methods, technologies, or
programs to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of departmental
* Coordinates the LCPS District-Wide Emergency Response Team in order to support and
respond to an emergency incident.
* Coordinates with the Transportation Director in the operation of a full-time (24/7/365)
dispatch center.
* Collaborates and advises the Department of Instruction and Director of School Administration on all matters related to school-based safety and security events/incidents.
* Serves as the law enforcement liaison in all matters. Establishes and maintains critical
relationships with ranking offices, as well as public information officers.
* Collaborates and advises the LCPS Public Information Office on all matters of safety and
security communication division-wide.
* Represents LCPS in federal, state, and local coordinating councils (council of government, law enforcement).
* Acts as the designated emergency manager for the state, ensuring coordinated training and
response to emergencies.
* Meets regularly with peers from Region IV to discuss relevant school safety issues.
* Works with the central office and school administrators on school safety and security issues.
* Provides leadership and structure for the Principals Safety Task Force.
* Provides Incident Command System training and first responder coordination for
* Oversees the preparation and implementation of the budget for the Division of Safety and
* Provides briefings to senior staff and other appropriate staff on practice recommendations,
events, and incidents that impact LCPS.
* Maintains and distributes up-to-date information from the Virginia Sex Offender Registry.
* Manages a diverse team with expertise in sensitive security technology and communications
engineering, as well as security patrol operations involving a law enforcement liaison.
* Coordinates multi-department emergency communications workgroup to provide an efficient and comprehensive district-wide radio communications system.
* Oversee the installation and maintenance of all security-related equipment in all school
district facilities.
* Assists the Office of the Superintendent in the coordination of all materials in civil tort actions as it pertains to video surveillance and evidence retention.
* Provides essential personnel to respond to, advise, and provide resources for incidents
involving schools, students, and staff.
* Performs other duties as assigned.

* Holds a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university in a related major.
* Ten years of progressive management experience associated with safety and security, with two years of director-level experience is highly desirable.
* Has significant education and/or experience in emergency management.
* Possesses a strong working knowledge of local, state, and federal laws, regulations, and best practices related to school safety and security programs and emergency management.
* Maintains knowledge of security, camera, and DVR equipment technology.
* Has knowledge of and a background in radio communications and related infrastructure.
* Has demonstrated expertise in managing court documents, subpoenas, and search warrants.


The Director of Safety and Security reports to the Assistant Superintendent, Support Services.


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly talking. expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word. Those activities in which they must convey detailed or important spoken instructions to other workers accurately, loudly, or quickly. The employee must possess normal cognitive abilities including the ability to learn, recall and apply certain practices and policies.
Frequently sitting and/or remaining in a stationary position for long periods of time. Exerting up to 25 pounds of force occasionally and/or negligible amount of force frequently or constantly to lift, carry, push, pull or otherwise move objects.

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