System Support and Performance Engineer

Washington D.C.
Feb 26, 2019
Apr 17, 2019
Full Time

Application Instructions

Please list all professional experience and explain any gaps in employment history.

Job Description

Position: System Support and Performance engineer - Full-time or Contractor

Reports to: Director CMS Platform support

Location: Washington DC


  • You thrive on the challenge to figure out root causes in a complex system environment.  Your excellent analytical skills, attention to detail - together with team working skills will help you to be successful.
  • You are interested in new technologies as well as taking time and patience to understand and maintain legacy environments.
  • Junior as well as Senior candidates might apply for this role. Motivation is key


  • This role is a mix of a systems engineer (run, support and optimize a complex environment of high availability systems) and working with development team to optimize operability and resiliency of the overall service.
  • On the support/ system administration level the successful candidate will join a small team responsible for the uptime of Publishing systems for Digital and Print products.
  • The role includes a Performance engineer component related to monitoring and alerting.


  • Day-to-day operation of high availability internal applications, services, and infrastructure.
  • Monitoring (create, update, fine tune), incident response and resolution, investigation and root cause analysis.
  • Work with development teams to optimize performance and operability, test and improve resiliency, and implement long term remediation either through code or architecture.
  • Bridge gap between L1 support and Solution developers
  • 24/7/365 on-call rotation required for this position.

Required skills

  • Analytical skills, attention to detail, teamworking.  Medium speed - exact, vs. fast and barely working.
  • 3-5 + years' experience - install, config and support application servers (Dedicated and cloud) platforms.
  • Scripting: Expert Bash and Shell scripting.
  • General monitoring and alerting experience
  • Advance troubleshooting and performance tuning skills.

Optional skills

  • Familiar with Docker, AWS, Mongo
  • Good knowledge in Apache, Tomcat, or other Web/Application servers and containers
  • Good knowledge of Network stack, protocols and internet technologies.
  • Ability to understand various basic coding languages, including, Python, Java, JavaScript
  • Familiar with the following search, monitoring, alerting and analytical tools: Datadog, Cloudwatch, Splunk, OpsGenie, Catchpoint, Soasta, NewRelic, Sumologic, Nagios, ServiceNow, Cachethq, Grafana.
  • Agile methodology.

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