Revenue Strategy Program Manager

Arlington, Virginia
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Feb 15, 2019
Mar 04, 2019
Full Time
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Opening Date: February 15, 2019

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As a Revenue Strategy Program Manager, you will perform a full range of strategic planning functions to help position the Airports Authority for competitive advantage and success and increase revenue.

Revenue Strategy Program Manager

Serves in the Office of Marketing and Consumer Strategy, in the Office of Revenue at the Headquarters Office.

Performs strategy formulation, development, implementation, and evaluation to help position non-airline business activities/ventures within the Airports Authority for competitive advantage and success and to increase non-airline business revenue. Performs related functions.


Assists the Revenue Strategy and Analysis Director (Director) and other key Airports Authority decision-makers assess the current state of the organization, its operations and services, internal and external dynamics, and other factors, to make forecasts, to identify the desired end state and to develop and implement the ways and means to reach it.

Assists the Director and other key decision-makers integrate the objectives and activities of non-airline revenue business activities/ventures to achieve unit/function-specific and Airports Authority-wide organizational, programmatic, and revenue goals.

Develops proposals and advocates for an integrated strategic business revenue planning process; assists in identifying new business opportunities to drive non-airline revenue while meeting the needs of Airports Authority customers.

Monitors and assists in the review of internal business intelligence to assess internal strengths and weaknesses in terms of current/future non-airline business revenue strategies and to provide a systems-based perspective on business revenue strategic issues.

Analyzes internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats (SWOT), establishes long-term organizational objectives and strategies to achieve these objectives; develops supporting action plans and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress, recommends allocation of resources to work toward objectives, monitors and facilitates deployment of approved resources (such as capital, labor and equipment, including technology); reviews/refines strategies, and implements corrective actions, as appropriate.

Conducts environmental scans and compiles business intelligence (including competitor intelligence) to help enhance visioning and forecasting. Assists in identifying high-potential, sustainable business opportunities and additional revenue streams, as supported by (appropriate) broad-scope or narrow-scope analyses including an analysis of trade-offs.

Researches and recommends new or expanded revenue streams or revenue service/support operations, pricing formats, specially-targeted and multi-faceted service offerings, as well as continuing and sustainable service offerings, and other high potential revenue ventures.

Monitors and assists in the review of external factors to provide a systems-based perspective on business revenue strategic issues, including information about changing regulations, demographics, economics and other key external factors.

Identifies and recommends strategies to address resistance and threats to the successful implementation of business revenue initiatives.

Prepares and presents formal briefings and presentations to the Airports Authority's Board of Directors, Federal agencies, aviation industry groups, etc., and written materials on business revenue strategic planning.

Collaborates with other Offices, particularly the Office of Air Service Development, Office of Finance, Office of Technology, and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport to identify and develop business recommendations.

Develops balanced scorecards for non-airline revenue business/activities/ventures and works with offices and departments to execute management reporting and performance monitoring.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Six years of progressively responsible experience in business or revenue analysis including assessing the current state of an organization, its operations and services, and other factors relating to business revenue activities/ventures.

Knowledge of business, business management, business planning, and operational process analysis and flow process analysis techniques as applied to business revenue (such as business intelligence gathering, assessment, simulations, and other quantitative and non-quantitative analyses) and ability to analyze inter- and intra-organizational programs/operations/services to help identify options for improvement, innovation, etc., in business revenue activities.

Skill in strategic business revenue planning for competitive advantage, altogether to perform a full range of strategic business planning functions.

Knowledge of and ability to apply economics theory and analysis (such as ROI and TCO analyses), including economic modeling and forecasting, to prepare analyses for strategic business revenue planning purposes, review economic impact studies, and develop business revenue policy.

Ability to perform mathematical and statistical analyses of financial, economic, managerial, and operational data to assist in planning and decision making.

Ability to speak and write effectively, with emphasis on creating business strategy reports and presentations .

Skill in using a computer, modern office suite, accounting, and use of statistical analysis applications, and financial systems/software and ability to learn new software/systems.


A Master's Degree in Business Administration or related field.

Experience performing statistical analysis of large amounts of data utilizing advanced features of Microsoft Excel, or specialized statistical tools such as SAS, SPSS, R, or an equivalent tool.


A Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance or related field.


A state driver's license in good standing.


Work is typically reviewed during progress and upon completion for quantity, quality, timeliness, and customer service and is expected to be thorough, accurate and consistent with professional guidelines and standards.


A background security investigation will be required for all new hires.

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer.| Follow us on Twitter @MWAAcareers.

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