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UK, United Kingdom
Oct 31, 2018
Apr 17, 2019
Full Time
Freelance Credit Card / Personal Finance Writer - Fool UK

Finance - UK, United Kingdom

Freelancer: Motley Fool UK

Do you love bragging about the great credit card rewards you're racking up? Do you get giddy at the idea of helping friends or family find the best credit card or current account? Do you love to write?

Well then, you may be a great freelance contributor for our Motley Fool UK personal finance team!

The Motley Fool is known worldwide as a destination for investors looking to invest better. But we want to help even more people make better financial decisions, and you can help us.

We are currently building our personal-finance writing team that will help readers all over the UK make better, more informed decisions about all things personal finance. That said, right now we are specifically focusing on credit cards and people can find the best credit cards for their needs (and avoid bad credit cards, and unhealthy credit-card usage!).

The Motley Fool UK freelance team has two goals:

- To share your sharp analysis and compelling writing with many thousands of readers.

- To help you develop your analysis and writing to become a regular contributor.

Our freelancers are encouraged to build a partnership with our editors and other writers and build expertise in personal finance, storytelling, and the Foolish writing style that has served as the foundation of our company's success.

We offer a pay structure that is clear, transparent, and, we hope, generous. If you write an article that is thoughtful, well-written, and helps people make better decisions about credit cards and other personal-finance matters, we'll publish it and pay you £45 per article.

If you're ready to get started, send us a cover letter, and resume.

As part of your application please submit the following writing sample with your cover letter:

Please write 500-800 words about your favorite credit-card offer currently available. The sample should describe why the offer is great, who it's a particularly good fit for, and any special considerations to take into account (like a balance transfer fee, annual fee, limit on collecting points, etc.). The sample should be accurate and informative, but also interesting, engaging, and low on jargon. To get an idea of the “Foolish” style, you can visit and read some of our investing-focused articles.

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