School Nutrition Assistant Manager

Alexandria, Virginia
Dec 05, 2018
Mar 05, 2019
Full Time

Job Description:

The School Nutrition Assistant Manager assists in the day to day management of an individual school or kitchen in Alexandria City Public Schools. This job reports to the Food Service manager of the school.


  • Education: High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Certificates & Licenses: Food Safety and Sanitation certificate.
  • Experience: Experience in quantity cookery.
  • Key Competencies:
    • Demonstrated ability to manage a school food service operation and the ability to exercise good judgment at all times.
    • Ability to maintain good working relationships with administration, staff and students.
    • Desire to continue career improvement.
    • Willingness to work in a team environment.
    • General knowledge of computers.
    • Knowledge and ability to work all areas and phases of operation to include computers and POS terminals.

Essential Functions:

  1. Financial Management:
    • Completes daily accountability reports and submits by established deadlines.
    • Follows established price list for all sales to students, staff and patrons.
    • Works with food service associates to assure accurate and timely daily reporting.
    • Strives to achieve established goals for food and labor by utilizing labor and resources efficiently.
    • Merchandises and markets the school food service program as directed by the Nutrition Services Administration.
  2. Material and Facilities Management:
    • Assists manager in ordering weekly supplies by established due dates based on resources on hand and forecast production requirements.
    • Assists manager as needed in checking quality, quantity, and accuracy of weekly deliveries and invoices.
    • Assists manager in forecasting, sets production needs and planning employee work schedules to ensure each meal meets requirements as established by USDA and ACPS School Nutrition Services.
    • Organizes the preparation of food for assigned department and meets time schedules for that department. Oversees as needed that other departments are on target for time.
    • Follows menus using standardized recipes. Accurately weighs, measures, and portions foods according to recipe or portion chart. Maintains legible and accurate recipes for all departments.
    • Reports equipment failures and breakdowns immediately. Works within established guidelines in maintenance and preventative care of equipment.
    • Maintains accurate daily portion records.
    • Maintains high standards of sanitation and safety according to guidelines of State and Local authorities, and the Food and Nutrition Services Department.
    • Maintains high quality of product, storage, and preparation techniques.
  3. Staff Management:
    • Works with School Nutrition Supervisor and department heads on training and orienting new employees.
    • Keeps all staff informed and aware of matters that affect their position and work environment.
    • Handles employees' complaints and grievances and maintains lines of communication with Director.
    • Conducts performance appraisals within established School Nutrition Services policy.
    • Provides training and assistance to employees for food, production, serving and equipment use.
  4. General Management:
    • Assists in maintaining a disciplined work group, deals fairly with staff without discrimination.
    • Communicates fairly and pleasantly with district personnel, students, and the community.
    • Supports the value of continuing education by attending meetings, classes, in-services and workshops as required by the School Nutrition Service Administration.
    • Supports the Mission Statement of Alexandria City Public Schools, the assigned school, and the Nutrition Services Department.
    • Follows Division and School Nutrition Services policies and procedures.
    • Reports to work as designated in the employee handbook &/or manager's handbook.
    • Demonstrates the willingness to work as a team with kitchen, school, and administrative staff.
    • Identifies personal goals for upcoming appraisal period and works toward the achievement of these goals.
    • Assists food service personnel in identifying goals for upcoming appraisal period and provides opportunity for achieving these goals.
    • Establishes and maintains a line of communication with building Principal.
    • Works with school staff and students to promote healthy food choices for all.
    • Maintains an accurate inventory of all kitchen supplies.
    • Follows all established guidelines as identified in the School Nutrition Services employee handbook.
  5. Performs other related duties, as assigned, to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.

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