Paraprofessional II - Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders/Intellectual Disabilities

Alexandria, Virginia
Feb 06, 2019
Mar 05, 2019
Full Time

Job Description:

The job of citywide paraprofessional (Special Education) was established for the purposes of assisting in the specialized instruction of students with severe disabilities under the supervision of a licensed teacher in a special education classroom; observing and documenting student progress; implementing plans for instruction and reinforcement of skills. The citywide paraprofessional will be responsible for observing and documenting student progress; implementing plans for instruction, and implementing behavioral plans as directed by the teacher.


  • Education: 48 college credits or an AA degree, or be able to demonstrate college level skills in spelling, reading, writing and math by passing a proficiency test.
  • Certificates & Licenses: Formal training or certification in ABA is highly preferred.
  • Experience: Position requires experience and/or additional training in the instruction of students with autism spectrum disorders.

Essential Functions:

  • Adapt classroom activities, assignments and/or materials under the direction of the teacher for the purpose of providing an opportunity for the student to participate in classroom activities.
  • Implement intervention strategies and supports (visual aides, prompting strategies, reinforcement systems, communication tools, etc.) as directed by the teacher to address student goals.
  • Document student progress or behavioral observations using objective measures and record data as directed by the teacher.
  • Confer with teachers on a regular basis for the purpose of assisting in evaluating student progress and/or implementing IEP goals.
  • Implement academic instruction taught by a teacher for the purpose of meeting learning goals, as described by an IEP.
  • Implement strategies to maximize practice opportunities for social and communication skills and emotional regulation for the purpose of short and long term independence as directed by the teacher.
  • Implement behavioral plans designed by IEP team for students with behavior concerns or other special conditions for the purpose of assisting in meeting special education students needs and providing a consistent environment.
  • Maintain instructional materials and/or student files/records (e.g. adapting instructional materials) for the purpose of ensuring availability of the appropriate instructional supplies.
  • Assist other personnel as may be required for the purpose of supporting them in the completion of their work activities.
  • Assist students for the purpose of helping students with breakfast, lunch, snack, clean-up, lavatory, clothing, personal hygiene and wash-up.
  • Accept feedback from teachers and related service providers to ensure accurate and consistent implementation of educational techniques or strategies.
  • Communicate and collaborate to foster a positive learning environment.
  • Effectively communicate with adults and students.
  • Attend meetings and in-service presentations for the purpose of acquiring and/or conveying information relative to job functions.

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