Supervisory Program Manager

Washington D.C.
Feb 22, 2019
Feb 22, 2019
Full Time

Not required

Relocation expenses reimbursed No

  • Must be at least 16 years old and an U.S. Citizenship.
  • Requires a supvy probationary period if the requirement has not been met.
  • Subject to financial disclosure requirements.
  • Appointment to this position may require a background investigation.
  • Position requires Public Trust-Moderate Risk Background Investigation.
  • Applicants must meet all legal and regulatory requirements.  Reference the "Required Documents" section for additional requirements.

    Applicants must have 52 weeks of specialized experience equivalent to at least the next lower grade level, GS-14.

    Specialized Experience is defined as experience that includes: managing or overseeing transition assistance programs and/or services; providing expert advice, senior level counsel and extensive recommendations regarding implementation of an organization and/or agency’s mission.  

    Education cannot be substituted at this grade level.

    DOL seeks to attract and retain a high performing and diverse workforce in which employees’ differences are respected and valued to better meet the varying needs of the diverse customers we serve. DOL fosters a diverse and inclusive work environment that promotes collaboration, flexibility and fairness so that all individuals are able to participate and contribute to their full potential.


    The information you provide may be verified by a review of your work experience and/or education, by checking references and through other means (ex. interview).  The examining Human Resources Office (HRO) makes the final determination concerning applicant ratings.  Your resume MUST provide sufficient information to substantiate your responses to the vacancy questions.  If not, the HRO may amend your responses to more accurately reflect the level of competency indicated by the content of your resume.  Your evaluation may also include a review by a Human Resources Specialist or panel and may include other assessments (ex. interview, panel review, written test, writing sample, etc.)

    INFORMATION FOR ICTAP/CTAP ELIGIBLES ONLY: If you are eligible for special priority selection under ICTAP/CTAP, you must be well-qualified for the position to receive consideration.  ICTAP/CTAP eligibles who are placed into Category B or higher will be considered "well-qualified".

    Click Application of Veterans Preference for Category Rating Jobs for more information.

    Additional vacancies may be filled using this announcement, if authorized.

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    You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

    If you meet the minimum qualifications, you will be evaluated against the evaluation factors below and will be placed into a category based on your vacancy question responses.


    Category A Best Qualified- Meets the basic qualification requirements for the vacancy and has successful experience in the same or similar job that has demonstrated superior proficiency in applying critical competencies required by this position to work of increased levels of difficulty and complexity.

    Category B Well Qualified- Meets the basic qualification requirements for the vacancy and demonstrates satisfactory proficiency in the critical competencies required by this position.

    Category C Qualified- Meets the specialized experience described in the minimum qualifications requirements section of this announcement and demonstrates proficiency in the basic competencies.

    Evaluation Factors (Competencies) - All qualified applicants will be evaluated on the following key competencies:
    Strategic Thinking - Formulates effective strategies consistent with the business and competitive strategy of the organization in a global economy. Examines policy Issues and strategic planning with a long-term perspective. Determines objectives and sets priorities; anticipates potential threats or opportunities. 

    Decision Support - Knowledge of decision support theories, methods, and tools for Identifying, synthesizing, representing, and evaluating the Important aspects of a decision situation and prescribing the recommended course for decision makers and other stakeholders.

    Operations/Operations Support - Knowledge of engineering or physical science disciplines to support training or planning. Knowledge of procedures to ensure production or delivery of products and services, Including tools and mechanisms for distributing new or enhanced software.

    Education and Training- Knowledge of teaching, training, research, making presentations, lecturing, testing, and other Instructional methods.

    Internal Controls/Organizational Performance Analysis - Knowledge of the principles, methods, and techniques for establishing internal control activities (for example, authorizations, verifications, reconclllatlons), monitoring their use, and evaluating their performance (for example, Identification of material weaknesses or significant deficiencies).

    Stakeholder Management- Knowledge of the concepts, practices, and techniques used to Identify, engage, Influence, and monitor relationships with Individuals and groups connected to a work effort; Including those actively Involved, those who exert influence over the process and Its results, and those who have a vested Interest in the outcome (positive or negative).

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    Read more Security clearance Other

    Drug test required No

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