Information Technology Specialist, Junior Application Developer (APPSW) RECENT GRADUATE

Washington D.C.
Feb 25, 2019
Feb 25, 2019
Full Time

Occasional travel - You may be expected to travel for this position.

Relocation expenses reimbursed No

  • US Citizenship Required
  • Candidates may be required to work nights, weekends and holidays.
  • PUBLIC TRUST BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION REQUIRED. Selectee will be subject to an investigation for suitability determination.
  • Applicants must complete online questionnaire.
  • If selected, you will be required to complete a SF-86.
  • All qualification requirements must be met by the closing date of the announcement.
  • You must sign a Pathways Agreement.
  • This position is in the bargaining unit.
  • This position is in the excepted service. See Additional Information Section below for further details.
  • Unofficial college transcript must be submitted at time of application to receive consideration.
  • To be considered for this Recent Graduates position, applicants must have completed all requirements of an academic course of study leading to an associates, bachelor's, master's, professional, doctorate, vocational, or technical degree or qualifying certificate program from an accredited educational institution within the 2 years preceding the closing date of this announcement. Preference-eligible veterans who, due to military service obligations, were precluded from applying to the Program during any portion of the 2-year eligibility period are entitled to a full 2-year period of eligibility upon release or discharge from active duty. In no event, however, may the eligibility period extend beyond 6 years from the date on which the preference eligible veteran completed the requirements of an academic course of study. Proof of education must be submitted with your application package and received by the closing date of the announcement.

    Applicants must have one year of specialized experience which is directly related to this line of work AND IT related experience demonstrating the four competencies listed.

    1. Attention to Detail - Meticulous; thoroughly reviews and proofreads various IT related data/information; dedicates focus to accomplish tasks that are complete, precise and accurate to a given IT situation.

    2. Customer Service - Works with clients and customer (that is, any individual who use or receive the services or products that your work unit produces, including the general public, individuals who work in the agency, other agencies, or organizations outside the Government) to assess their needs, provide information or assistance, resolve their problems, or satisfy their expectations; knows about available products and services; is committed to providing quality products and services.

    3. Oral Communication - Expresses information (for example, ideas or facts) to individuals or groups effectively, taking into account the audience and nature of the information (for example, technical, sensitive, controversial); makes clear and convincing oral presentations; listens to others, attends to nonverbal cues and responds appropriately.

    4. Problem Solving - Identifies problems; determines accuracy and relevance of information; uses sound judgment to generate and evaluate alternatives, and to make recommendations.

    In addition, applicants for this GS-09 level position must possess at least one of the following:
    • A master's or equivalent graduate degree (e.g., LL.B. or J.D., if related) in computer science, engineering, information science, information systems management, mathematics, operations research, statistics, or technology management; or a degree that provided a minimum of 24 semester hours in one or more of the fields identified above and required the development or adaptation of applications, systems or networks; OR
    • At least 2 full years of progressively higher level graduate education (generally at least 36 semester hours) leading to a master's or equivalent graduate degree (e.g. LL.B. or J.D., if related) in computer science, engineering, information science, information systems management, mathematics, operations research, statistics, or technology management; or a degree that provided a minimum of 24 semester hours in one or more of the fields identified above and required the development or adaptation of applications, systems or networks; OR
    • Specialized Experience: If qualifying on education described above and experience, applicant must have at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-07 level that has equipped the applicant with the knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position. Experience must be IT related; the experience may be demonstrated by paid or unpaid experience and/or completion of specific, intensive training (for example, IT certification), as appropriate. Please submit a resume that directly relates to this position. If your application materials do not demonstrate the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience needed for this position, your application will be ineligible for consideration. Examples of such experience may include work that involves the design, documentation, development, modification, testing, installation, implementation, and support of new or existing applications software.

    All applicants must have completed program requirements for a bachelors, masters, professional, doctorate, vocational or technical degree or certificate from a qualifying educational institution within the past two years. (Preference eligible veterans who were precluded from applying due to their military service obligation begin their 2-year eligibility period upon release or discharge from active duty; however, eligibility cannot exceed 6 years from the date on which the degree (or certification) was completed.

    Proof of Recent Grad eligibility: A copy of your transcripts showing degree conferral. An unofficial copy is sufficient at time of application; however, if selected, an official college transcript will be required prior to entering on duty .Copies of degrees, certificates, and diplomas are not considered acceptable documents to determine Recent Graduate Program eligibility.

    FOREIGN EDUCATION: If you are using education completed in foreign colleges or universities to meet the qualification requirements, you must show the education credentials have been evaluated by a private organization that specializes in interpretation of foreign education programs and such education has been deemed equivalent to that gained in an accredited U.S. education program; or full credit has been given for the courses at a U.S. accredited college or university. For further information, visit:

    The successful applicant is placed on a one-year Excepted Service appointment and receives training and professional development, completes an Individual Development Plan (IDP), and is assigned a mentor. Under the formal training program, applicant will be provided a mentor and execute an Individual Development Plan outlining training requirements and program expectations. Participant who successfully completes the program may be converted to term or permanent positions, however, conversion is not mandatory or guaranteed. After program completion, recent graduate MAY be converted to a permanent position or to a term position.
    To be eligible for conversion to a permanent or term positions, Recent Graduates must:
    Be a United States citizen;
    Have successfully completed at least one-year of continuous service in addition to all requirements of the Program.
    Demonstrate successful job performance.
    Meet the Office of Personnel Management's qualifications for the position to which the Recent Graduate will be converted. Click here for more information on Pathways program:

    1. If you are an eligible Inter agency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP) applicant you may apply for special selection over other candidates for this position. To be well-qualified and exercise selection priority for this vacancy, displaced Federal employees must be rated at 85 or above on the rating criteria for this position. ICTAP eligibles must submit one of the following as proof of eligibility for the special selection priority: a separation notice; a "Notice of Personnel Action" (SF-50) documenting separation; an agency certification that you cannot be placed after injury compensation has been terminated; an OPM notification that your disability annuity has been terminated; OR a Military Department or National Guard Bureau notification that you are retired under 5 U.S.C. 8337(h) or 8456.

    2. If you are still on active duty, you may submit a statement of service from your Personnel Command which states the date you entered active duty, the date you are separating, and the campaign medals you have received.

    3. If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/59 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency.

    4. If selected, you will be subject to a security investigation to establish your suitability for federal employment. The security investigation will include, among other aspects, a review of your credit and legal history.

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    You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

    Once your resume or application is submitted a review of your qualification will be made to ensure you meet the job requirements and competencies required for this position.


    • Attention to Detail
    • Customer Service
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Oral Communication
    • Problem Solving

    Possession of competencies may be addressed in a cover letter and/or resume. To determine if you are qualified for this job, a review of your resume and supporting documentation will be made and compared against your responses to the occupational questionnaire. The numeric rating you receive is based on your responses to the questionnaire. If, after reviewing your resume and or supporting documentation, a determination is made that you have inflated your qualifications and or experience, your score can and will be adjusted to more accurately reflect your qualifications. Please follow all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your rating.

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    Drug test required No

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