Release/DevOps Engineer, SysAdmin

Washington D.C.
Jan 17, 2019
Feb 21, 2019
Full Time

Power Auctions is a leading provider of innovative software and services for custom high-stakes online auctions.  Our system is used for licensing of telecommunications spectrum for the Federal Communications Commission, selling of 6% of the world's rough diamonds, and many other unique projects across 6 continents.

Our software team works closely with the world's leading experts on auction design, implementing innovative ideas from an academic environment in real-world applications of high economic and social impact.  

Almost all of our projects are provided using a SaaS approach, hosted on cloud based Linux servers running on AWS, or dedicated servers at Rackspace.  We primarily develop applications in Ruby on Rails using several different JavaScript frameworks, hosted using git.

We are looking for a diligent and detail-oriented software and systems engineer proficient with Linux, and with basic programming and script abilities.  Knowledge of Ruby and Rails software stacks is helpful.  You should be very comfortable working with git, and able to learn new tools quickly.  You should have a solid understanding of general Unix system concepts such as file permissions, services, sockets, and users.

You will be writing scripts and integrating different tools in order to support the release cycle - from development and integration testing to full production and live auction events.  You will be provisioning new server instances and maintaining existing ones.

Security of our systems is of paramount importance to us and our clients.  You should be keeping on top of the latest security issues and versed in best practices.  You will be assisting in producing implementation documentation needed to meet security requirements of our clients.

This position involves a normal workload, but it's not ideal for someone with a 9-5 mindset - our team and our customers and in many different time zones, and although it's rarely needed, availability during off-work hours for emergencies is important.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Required Qualifications and Skills

  • Proficiency using unix command line and grasp of general unix concepts (permissions, file system, processes) and how they applied to system configurations on a typical Linux system
  • Experience managing unix systems responsibly in an environment where mistakes can be catastrophic (2 years min)
  • Experience using git in a team of at least 5 people (2 years)
  • Deployment of systems in a Cloud based environment (2 years)
  • Basic programming abilities and problem solving mindset
  • Understanding of security fundamentals and best practices
  • Solid oral and written English communication skills and ability to express complex ideas clearly and succinctly in writing
  • Enthusiasm to work in a fast-paced and dynamically changing environment
  • Proven ability to multi-task
  • Able to work autonomously with minimal supervision
  • Ability and patience to pay attention to detail
  • US Citizen preferred


Desired Experience

  • Experience with AWS cloud environment
  • Experience configuring NGINX and other Unix network services 
  • Experience with FISMA / FedRAMP
  • Administration of Red Hat Enterprise and CentOS servers
  • Programming experience in Ruby on Rails