VP of Human Resources

Washington, DC
Jan 14, 2019
Jan 28, 2019
Human Resources
Full Time
The Vice President of Human Resources is responsible for developing and instituting the organizational culture in accordance with the organization's mission, vision and values. The Vice President acts as the strategic advisor and resource for all initiatives and directives related to employees. This position works closely with the Executive Office and senior leadership to develop a high-quality, diverse and modern workforce through retention and recruiting efforts, as well as providing guidance and analysis on staff development and advancement. The Vice President is also responsible for the evaluation, development and administration of all employee benefits and compensation policies and procedures. The Vice President will work with Corporate Counsel and the Chief Operations Officer (COO) in developing and implementing policies and processes throughout the organization as it relate to NAB employees, as well as providing guidance and counseling regarding employee relations issues; and ensuring compliance with all applicable employment and benefits laws and regulations. The Vice President of Human Resources reports to the COO and manages the Human Resources department.Specific Duties and Responsibilities:Works with senior leadership and the Executive Office to execute employee initiatives that support the organizations mission, vision and values.Manages HR team to create and maintain an employee-focused department.Serves as a resource for all employees when needed to address questions, problems that they may have in regard to human resources functions such as benefits, employment, counseling, etc.Oversees the creation of effective training programs for all staff including on-boarding, skills development, legal trainings and team trainings.Maintains and communicate NAB policies to staff.Administers benefits plans in a way that maximizes the value to staff and minimizes the cost to the organization.Acts as a liaison with NAB's financial advisor, Investment Committee and plan record-keeper regarding NAB's 401(k) and pension plan.Works closely with the Finance Department on matters pertaining to compensation planning and execution, payroll budget and execution, employee benefits, benefits and financial audits and other issues as they develop.Provides guidance and counseling to staff/management on all employment and compensation related issues.Oversees implementation and maintenance of an effective performance evaluation and compensation system.Acts as the main point of contact with vendors and consultants, ensure benefit programs are implemented based on contract provisions and ensure enrollment data is maintained accurately and timely.Reviews invoices on a timely basis.Provides assistance, guidance and recommendations on recruiting, interviewing and selection methods in order to choose the best possible candidate for each open position in a timely manner.Ensures consistency in the all employee processes throughout the organization to comply with all current labor regulations and HR best practices.Facilitates all necessary internal approvals and ensure all paperwork is completed prior to extending an employment offer.Ensures all sensitive information remains confidential.Ensures the policies are compliant with all federal and state regulations.Develops and manage budget for HR department, benefits and NAB payroll.Maintains employee records according to laws, regulations and best practices.Seeks best practices through available resources and organizations that will have a positive impact and improve the employment experience at NAB.Other duties as assigned.Core CompetenciesInterpersonal Relationships/InteractionsDemonstrates a genuine interest and sensitivity in the thoughts, opinions, values and needs of coworkers and customers and views differences in these areas as both inevitable and acceptable. Avoids speaking, writing or doing other things that could be seen as disrespectful, exclusionary, discriminatory or offensive in nature. Deals with others in a professional manner. Recognizes and shows respect for the strengths and contributions of others. This is in clear contrast to behaviors that leave people feeling that their thoughts, opinions, values and needs are of little interest or are somehow inappropriate and unacceptable; a tendency to habitually say, write or do things that are disrespectful to individuals who are not present or who are otherwise unaware what has been communicated; and/or a strong tendency to notice and recognize missed expectations and failures.Position-specific CompetenciesBudgetCreates and/or adheres to realistic budgets in a manner that helps achieve the organization's objectives. Tracks expenses against the budget frequently enough to make adjustments at the optimum time. Communicates budget concerns and adjustments to all appropriate stakeholders so that they can adapt their plans and expectations. Uses resources efficiently, strives to reduce cost. This contrasts with the behavior of individuals who either fail to create budgets or fail to stick to them; who let too much time go by before comparing actual expenses to budget projections; and/or who neglect to notify important stakeholders about budget concerns or adjustments. Such individuals frequently allow expenses to spin out of control.LeadershipArticulates a vision that others choose to follow. Models behaviors expected of others and inspires others to undertake challenging tasks and projects. Consistently demonstrates the ability to build effective working relationships as well as gain the trust of others. This is in contrast to those who fail to articulate a clear vision or whose vision is not compelling enough to generate enthusiasm or commitment; who expect specific behavior from others when they are not doing these things themselves; and/or whose attempts to lead that fail to inspire others. The latter conditions usually create a shortage of followers who voluntarily take on challenging assignments.Problem SolvingTakes a proactive approach to anticipating and preventing problems. Uses logic and methods to solve difficult problems resulting in effective solutions. Seeks a variety of resources and data as part of the problem solving process. The majority of the decision made result in correct and accurate results. Decides whether solving the problem should involve others. This differs from those who are not proactive, typically get surprised when problems occur, attempt to solve problems without the right mix of people involved, push too quickly for solutions or generate solutions that are not viable.Project ManagementManages each stage of a project to ensure that commitments are met in a manner that is timely and within budget. Clearly defines roles and responsibilities, determines necessary resources, and monitors project performance through appropriate systems and procedures. This is distinctly different from individuals who fail to assess and define roles needed to complete a project, do not secure adequate resources, do not monitor ongoing progress or spend too much time on one project and not enough on each of multiple projects.Internal/External RelationsDirectly reports to the COO. Serves as a resource and/or advisor to every NAB staff member from personal questions around benefits, compensation, employee relations to management inquires on appropriate recruiting strategies, performance management, and staff development. Ensuring communication is accurate, timely, open and confidential.Will be the first point of contact with applicants seeking employment with NAB. Ensuring they receive accurate information about NAB and the opportunity so they have a positive impression of the organization. Works directly with the various benefit vendor contacts and consultants to ensure the NAB benefit programs are operating smoothly without any problems. Will establish relationships with other Human Resources professionals such as at other associations, trainers, staffing agencies and/or management consultants that would be of a resource to enhance the NAB experience.Additional RequirementsMust be a people person.Excellent verbal and written communication skills in order to effectively communicate with all levels of staff.Excellent organizational skills and interpersonal skills, including ability to resolve disputes and observe confidentiality.Knowledge of laws and regulations regarding employment and benefits.Demonstrate knowledge of recruiting methods and effective selection techniques.Strategic planner with sound technical skills, analytical ability and strong operational focus.Willingness to make decisions, exhibits sound and accurate judgment and makes timely decisions.Ability to coach and mentor employees on training, staffing, recruiting, employee relations and benefits issues.Ability to administer benefits plans in a way that maximizes the value to staff and minimizes the cost to the firm.Technical expertise in all HR knowledge areas.Must have a strong background in managing and administration of employee benefits.

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