Warehouse Manager

Sterling, Virginia
Jan 11, 2019
Feb 15, 2019
Full Time

The warehouse manager will lead and direct the daily activities. He/she must be able to deal with general management and strategic planning while also able to involve themselves in practical work on the warehouse floor.

It is vital for the personal to be very well organized, attentive and detail oriented. He/she must possess great communication skills, able to create a team atmosphere, be a dynamic leader and act in the interest of the business. 

He/she will work actively along with the head of operations to plan and create schedules accordingly.

Warehouse manager will be the point of communication for the rest of the business, all queries will be directed through them.

Typical work activities 

  • Warehouse managers oversee the safe receipt of all materials, the following checks need to be carried out upon arrival of products and Material.
    • Cross Check PO with receiving. 
    • Reconcile Quantities, Style, Color and Size with PO.
    • Mark location and warehouse of the Products.
    • Sign and dated by the recipient.
    • Clearly label all Products in the warehouse upon rescript.   
  • The Storage off the material needs to be strategical planned according to install dates. The Manger should actively:
    • Create space in the warehouse.
    • Assure the warehouse is kept clean and clear to a high standard.
    • Forecast deliveries by monitoring PO’s and active Projects, in order to increase productivity and plan future capacity.
    • Utilize the space to its best capabilities.
  • Retrieval and timely dispatch of material, this is very important area where the warehouse manager will act as a filter to catch any mistakes.
  • Materials and products need to be pulled and staged as per PM work orders.
  • Work order will need to pulled a day in advance.
  • In absence you must assign college to finish all work orders.
  • Double check all material once pulled, pay close attention to Quantities, Style, color and size.
  • Organize productivity of pulling material by attentively monitoring the active Job Sheet and communicating with Head of Operations.
  • Ensure the installer cross checks the work order and sign the material out.
  • The Manger will need to safeguard the workplace monitor health and safety requirements and take responsibility for the security of the building and stock.
    • Keep warehouse staff updated with health and safety procedures.
    • Do not allow Installers to take anything form the warehouse without consent.
    • Take precaution to secure the warehouse.
    • Do not allow other staff member to use warehouse equipment or climb racks.
  • This Role will require you to be physically practical and have a 'hands-on' work ethic. Typical work activities include:
  • Off/ loading delivery.
  • Moving pallets of material around the warehouse.
  • Lifting boxes (70lb).
  • Facilitating warehouse space.
  • Cutting carpet when required.
  • Making deliveries.
  • Oversee stock Control and monitor stock replenishment.
  • All stock brought back needs to be palletized and labeled as either stock or Project balance. Installers should be strictly advised not to leave or drop material unlabeled.
  • Stock need to be monitored to avoid build up off dead stock, regular disposal should be made to create space.
  • Maintain accurate inventory records through the use of a computerized inventory system and Manuel tools provided
  • Actively work with Monica to return any material left over from Jobs. This can be incentivized if correct procedures are followed.
  • Create a log for stocked Inventory i.e patch, tape and stock glue.
  • Manager should Assigns duties to the team and insure commitment, dependability, professionalism and accountability. We value integrity, honesty and respect for others. We have high standards for how our employees conduct themselves at work.
  • Manager should be able to motivate, organize and encourage teamwork within the workforce to ensure set productivity targets are met.
  • Assign clear tasks on daily basis to your team and ensure they are completed in timely manner.
  • Training off staff and monitoring their performance and progress.
  • Briefing team leader on the issues for that particular day and insure task are set prior to leaving shift.

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