Threat/Intrusion/Data/Intelligence Analyst

McLean, Virginia
Jan 12, 2017
Apr 03, 2019
Analyst, Intelligence
Full Time

Threat/Intrusion/Data/Intelligence and Counter Intelligence ANALYST Level 4

Active TOP Secret Clearance Required

Location: Mclean, Fairfax, VA

Long-term contract

Analyst working closely with threat and intelligence analysts monitor current attack and threat information to identify those that are relevant to the enterprise. Identify traffic patterns that define potential attacks, differentiate between anomalous traffic patterns caused by misbehaving, and create a timeline of intruder activity. These analysts capture digital data from media and varied devices, conduce incident analysis all with an understanding of legal issues and techniques that will allow the work to be accepted as evidence in courts of law. These experts have knowledge of firewall and other security policies and functionality to block unwanted traffic and dealing with attackers.


Effectively communicates technical information to non-technical audiences. Influences others to comply with policies and conform to standards and best practices.

Designs and organizes working information security systems operations and maintenance strategy and methodology to comply with the organization's cyber security standards and mission.

Attends and participates in professional conferences to stay abreast of new trends and innovations in the field of information systems and or cyber security.

Independently manages, plans, evaluates, and advocates for information security compliance systems, plans and functions. Is responsible for the management of complex projects, programs and initiatives with high threat and large scope with on going systems monitoring.

Minimum requirements:

Bachelor Degree and 9 years of experience related to information technology, cyber security, security control evaluation, and implementation on information technology. systems, and programs or transferable skills related to information security, incident and risk management.

or Degrees from a designated CAEIAE and 9 years of experience

Demonstrated experience leading an Information Security/IA compliance group.

Possession and demonstrated application of relevant certifications:

Relevant Skills:

-Network Architectures, protocols, and standards (e.g. TCP/IP, IPSEC, ATM, SNMP)

-SW Programming (e.g. C, Java, Perl, XML)

-Systems Engineering

-x86 assembly

-SharePoint Moss

-function calling conventions

-IDA Pro, IDA Pro plugins

-Executable packing, malware analysis

-Anti-virus and intrusion detection


-Binary files formats, runtime debugging

-Windows and/or Linux environment

-FISMA guidance

-NIST SP800-16 Revision 1

-ODNI Cyber Subdirectory compentencies

-CNSS policies, directives, and reports


-Additional competencies for senior management position: Leadership and People Management, Written and Oral Communication, Creative Problem Solving


-Secure operation systems, workstations, data management, web technology, protocols, secure wireless networking and mobile computing, attack sensing and warning, intrusion detection and event investigation and response, host and network security auditing, computer and network forensics, cyber situation awareness, penetration testing and exploit analysis, insider threat analysis and protection, cryptography theory and protocols, cryptography hardware, software and applications, security and privacy policy, boundary protection and enclaving, biometrics, authentication and access management technologies, enterprise security engineering and secure system management, embedded systems security engineering, security certification and accreditation, security risk modeling, metrics and management, security architectures, code analysis.

Trusted product assessment, COTS integration, high-assurance hardware and software, distributed/delegated end-user administration, granular access control implementation, computer network defense, information assurance.