Field Service Technician

Baltimore, Maryland
Jan 04, 2019
Feb 08, 2019
Full Time

The individual will primarily support ProVia Sales and Customer with resolution of product warranty issues. 

Job Responsibilities: Essential Duties & Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Receive Field Service Requests with directives for service and/or services.
  • Schedule service dates and times in their service region in an efficient manner travel and time wise.
  • Load product needed for services according to reorder numbers and needs stated on service order. Calculate travel time according to scheduled appointments arriving promptly and if there is/are unforeseen changes communicate promptly with affected homeowners.
  • Set up and operate hand and power work tools as needed on the service job site.
  • Disassemble product as needed and makes diagnosis of what needs to be done to bring product to manufacturer's standards.
  • Install door units, windows, glass and various parts as needed to bring product to the standard of all parties involved within reason.
  • Make suggestions to Director of Field Service on product improvement and repeat product problems that may occur.
  • Maintain service truck tools and equipment as needed.  Schedule service truck for regular maintenance at approved garage.  Keep the inside and outside of service truck clean and orderly in appearance.
  • Modify and prep service van with shelving, new tools and etc. as needed.

Job Requirements: The position requires a self-motivated, team-oriented, detailed individual with excellent communication, organizational, computer and carpentry skill sets.

  • Communication Skills: Verbal/Nonverbal, convey easily and quickly, speak clearly, listen attentively and seek clarification; respond well to questions: maintain professional skills in any and all situations.
  • Organizational Skills: Plan and prioritize work schedule; efficient time management; meets commitments prompt responses.
  • Computer Skills: Ideally proficient or a willingness to learn Microsoft and entry Link systems.
  • Carpentry Skills: Established carpentry skills which ideally include experience in door and window installation and adjustment.